Solo Travel in Australia

Reasons for going it Solo in Australia

Land down under is an amazing destination for those who love travelling alone and enjoy the slow pace, backpacking, hiking and being in the nature. Especially for women who are willing to set off on the first trip on their own and are looking for easy and safe travel destinations.

Look no further than Australia is the country to travel solo for the first time!

Solo Travel in Australia - How to travel alone in Australia
Michela travelling alone on Kangaroo Island Australia

Among the countries I have been to, Australia in my opinion the most friendly country for women who want to travel solo. This is the reason why I love Australia and I've been spending a long time there. It's a country that makes me feel good and I truly cannot get enough of it. My first solo trip was in 2004, while I was on a gap-year. Since than I have been travelling around Australia on my own for over 13 years.

On this blog you will find hundreds of blog posts about solo travel adventures and hope that will inspire you to do the same.

Why solo travel in Australia – Benefits of travelling alone

Many people ask me why I travel alone.

Diving in the natural environment is one of the top attractions for the curious solo traveller. At the same time you have the opportunity to get to know the locals, their traditions, their culture, their lifestyle and make new friends. The more you travel solo the more people you get to know. It's much easier to meet people when you travel alone than in a group or with family or friends. This is one of the reasons why I love travelling alone and I warn you: if you travel solo in Australia by, you may become addicted!

How is it to travel alone in Australia

Some people think that solo travel is boring and not gratifying. I can tell you that travelling by yourself – at least for me – is the best way to experience new places. You get close to places in a very straightforward way. You break barriers and relate to other solo travellers from other parts of the world¬† in a very genuine way, with no prejudice and exchange thoughts and tips. It's the best way to learn and grow that you get for free. In fact you don't have to pay for self-growth counselling and courses! ūüôā

I can highly encourage any woman who wants to travel solo not to think too much about it: just do it. Although it may sound daunting at the beginning, you will see how easy it actually is. If you decide to get started with an easy solo adventure, then Australia is truly a top country for women travelling alone.

On this blog post I explain the the basic for the solo traveller in Australia.

How to travel alone for the first time

It's quite normal to feel anxious. We all do before a trip. But if you venture on your frist solo trip, it's natural to feel afraid and ask yourself how will it be to travel alone. Australia is a country that will immediately relax you. People are very welcoming and like solo travellers. There will be plenty of people everywhere who spontaneously approach you and you will see how easy it is to strike up a conversation. Moreover since Australia is an easy country to get around, there are many travellers going solo. So don't be afraid if you travel alone in Australia, you will bump into many women who do the same.

If you are on your first solo trip I would suggest staying in hostels as these are the best social aggregators when travelling by yourself. It will be easier to start with this type of accommodation. This is how I started too and found hostel stay really a great resource for socializing and getting to know other like-minded travellers.

Travelling solo to Australia for the first time

There are many places to travel solo in Australia and this is why it makes it to my favourite country when it comes to exploring new places, meeting interesting people from a multicultural background.

This is a short list of my favourite places to visit in Australia:

  • Australian Cities
    If you are just starting to travel by yourself, it would be a good idea to build your solo trip itinerary around cities, like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. There are many short day-trips that you can build into your travel plan without having to rent a car. Australian cities are well connected in metropolitan areas by public transport.
  • Australian Tropical North and the East Coast
    If you love to spend time on the East Coast of Australia, you have 4.000 km of coast to choose from. I personally would suggest the Gold Coast which is close to Brisbane and connected by train. This region offers many opportunities for outdoor activities as well as entertainment and cultural experiences. Another great region is a trip to Cairns from where you can go on day-tours or easy road trips by yourself.
  • The Australian Outback for the solo travel beginner
    You don't have to venture on demanding road trips across the country if you want to see some of the Australian Outback. By train you can go from Sydney to Broken Hill to visit a less known and beautiful outback town of Australia. All the major attractions are also doable on easy road trips like Uluru and Kings Canyon.

What to know about Australia on your first trip

There aren't many warnings that come to mind when I think of Australia as a solo traveller. While the country gives you this immense feeling of freedom, when you travel alone you must be sure that you know where you are going and know how to get around.

It's very much different from a populated countries like Europe where you are always close to urbanized areas. In Australia once you are in remote areas you are cut off from civilization and often times there is no internet nor phone coverage. To give you an in-depth advice on how to get started with your solo trip I have put together a solo travel guide.

If you plan your first solo trip down under check out the Guide for Women Travelling Alone in Australia.

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Australia Solo Travel Book

How to get started with your Solo Adventure in Australia

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If you plan to travel to Australia here is my eBook for Your Australia Itinerary that will be no. 1 travel tool get started with your solo adventure.

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