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Michela Fantinel

Michela is a passionate traveller and outdoor enthusiast who has travelled solo for +35 years between Italy, Australia, South East Asia and more countries. Through her adventures and knowledge, she has been inspiring and helping women over 50 to travel solo and independently. Michela is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rocky Travel & Tours For Over 50.


  1. Kathy Marris
    September 28, 2014 @ 5:00 am

    I did a similar road trip last year to Tropical North Queensland, but only went up as far as Cape Tribulation. I was gob-smacked by the raw beauty of The Daintree . Did you go to Mossman Gorge? It was very impressive as well.


    • rockytravel
      September 29, 2014 @ 4:23 am

      Yes I did go to Mossman years ago. This time I skipped it, unfourtunately. I did not they have opened a new visitors centre with a guided rainforest tour. I think I missed out….but there will be a next time, I am sure 🙂


  2. Linda ~ Journey Jottings
    September 28, 2014 @ 8:32 am

    What a great trip you’ve done – Can’t wait to read the more detailed posts coming up 🙂


    • rockytravel
      September 29, 2014 @ 4:19 am

      Yes, it was a special trip with adventures, encounters and discoveries 🙂


  3. Savi of Bruised Passports
    September 30, 2014 @ 11:24 am

    What an amazing trip – how was your experience with Juicy Crib? Was the campervan comfortable for a 15 night journey?


    • rockytravel
      October 1, 2014 @ 11:41 pm

      Hi Savi! The campervan Jucy Crib is a small, compact one, suitable for one or max 2 people. I had to stow my bag on the sleeping compartment. I am small and thin, so I had enough room to move comfortably, however I think it is going to be a bit too small for 2 persons, you are better off with a 4berth (Penthouse), as there is much more space on top of the camper. I travelled 7 days with it and I cannot complain. I was looking for a small compact campervan and Jucy had all the features I wanted. As for comfort, you sleep on the unfolded rear seats of the campervan.If you travel as a couple and have luggage with you, I would definitely suggest to rent out the 4th berth campervan. I hope this helps. Where are you heading next?


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