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The Best Solo Travel Tours For Over 50 and Seniors in Australia

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As much as I love travelling around Australia alone, I’d recommend visiting many places in Australia on tours. Certain regions are hard to reach or bring complications that aren’t worth dealing with. With an Australian solo travel tour for those over 50, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Sit back and enjoy the experience.

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Why go on a Group Tour For over 50 in Australia?

Exploring Australia on Tour is part of any travel solo in the BIG country. While Travelling Solo in Australia is the most exciting thing you can do, it can sometimes be challenging, even for the most experienced soloist.

Reasons to join small group tours for seniors in Australia 50+

There are many good reasons for going on group tours if you are single and over 50. Here are the three main positive reasons for going on tour in Australia:

  1. Many single travellers after 50 prefer joining organised guided tours to travelling alone in Australia. It comes with no work since the tour company takes all the work off you and they plan, organise and look after every aspect of the trip.
  2. Seniors and retired solo travellers want to get to know new people and love travelling with a small group of like-minded travellers. It also offers an opportunity to break from a solo adventure in Australia. And create a bond with people of the same age group, which may turn into friendships.
  3. The opportunity to see remote places: some remote regions in Australia can only be accessed by local tour operators and indigenous people who can guarantee the conservation of those fragile ecosystems.
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How to choose the best-guided tours in Australia for seniors and 50+

When choosing the right tour for your 50+ adventure travel in Australia, I recommend using comparison websites Get Your Guide (for day trips) or TourRadar (for multi-day trips). Check what the tours include and don’t and whether they match your group size and travel style criteria. Also, read reviews on social media or TripAdvisor before booking a tour for an honest assessment of the experience other travellers had.

The Australian Outback is one of those places where you’re better off going on a guided tour. The Outback isn’t just a single region in Australia. Instead, it’s a name for the remote areas with little population and overwhelming nature. It covers about 75% of the country, so there are plenty of opportunities for an Australian Outback Tour from any large city. The Outback is a destination that’s hard or impossible to explore on your own, especially if you don’t have any 4WD experience. If you book just one tour during your trip, this should be it.

Crossing the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Australia

Outback Tours in Central Australia (Red Centre)

For many people, the Australian Outback is a synonym for the Red Centre. You might imagine a remote destination, and it is, but because of Australia’s symbol, Ayer’s Rock, you don’t even need a 4WD to get to Uluru from Alice Springs. Going on a tour in the Red Centre will allow you to dive deeply into the Aboriginal culture and the wilderness of King’s Canyon and the West MacDonnell Ranges. Here are the Uluru Tours we recommend:

Uluru Tours

Uluru, the gorgeous monolith known as Ayers Rock, might be Australia’s most famous symbol. On a day tour, you’ll watch the sunset over Uluru and admire the indigenous paintings at Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. On more extended tours, you’ll also explore Kings Canyon and the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Uluru Guided Trek Of Ayers Rock Base (day trip)

5 Days Outback Highlights (Yulara/Yulara)

Red Centre & Uluru Explorer (Yulara/Alice Springs, 6 days)

Larapinta Trek (West MacDonnell Ranges)

I recommend joining a small-group guided tour to make the Larapinta Trek, a 223 km long trail from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder—one of the best walking experiences in the world through the rugged desert landscape.

Classic Larapinta Trek (Alice Springs/return 6 days)

Outback Adventure from Darwin to Uluru (Darwin/Uluru 9 days)

North West Australia Kimberley Tours

One of the most impressive Outback adventures in Australia is the Kimberley. It’s almost impossible to explore this area alone, even if you are an expert four-wheel driver. And even then, there’s always a significant risk of damaging the rental car or getting flat tyres (not uncommon when driving in Australia). Tours are the better option here, ranging from shorter 5-day trips to extended tours that take nearly a month. I went on an 8-day epic camping trip crossing the Kimberley from Broome to Kununurra.

Kimberley Tours

Broome to Kununurra Kimberley Tour (Broome/Kununurra; 9 days)

Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Darwin Broome (Darwin/Broome; 10 days)

Kimberley Complete Tour (Broome/Broome; 15 days)

Broome to the Bungle Bungles(Broome/Broome; 5 days)

Western Australia Tours

Outback tours in Western Australia are typically overland from Perth to Exmouth or Broome. Along the way, there’s time to explore the many beautiful sights of the region.

Tours From Perth

Perth To Exmouth Explorer Tour  (Perth return, 7 days)

Perth To Exmouth Coral Coaster Tour (one way, 6 days)

Perth to Broome Overland Adventure (Perth, one way, 10 days)

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia on the central coast of WA, is a part of the World Heritage-listed Shark Bay. It’s famous for its unique encounters with wild dolphins. A natural attraction is the Francois Peron NP, the marine safaris, Dirk Hartog Island, where the Europeans first set foot on Australia in 1616 and the stromatolites, one of the world’s oldest living lifeforms.

Perth to Monkey Mia Coastal Loop (4 days)

South Australia Outback Tours

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South Australia is home to some of the best outback tours in Australia. From 4WD safaris through desert terrain to hiking and camping in national parks, Adelaide offers a good base for all kinds of adventures.

Flinders Ranges Outback Tours

Flinders Ranges Outback Tour

Flinders Ranges is one of the most ancient Outback areas in Australia. With breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife, it is the perfect destination for an Outback adventure in Australia. There’s so much to do here that I recommend booking a multi-day tour that welcomes 50+ seniors. I went on a 3-day Flinders Ranges adventure for a journey through some of the most spectacular landscapes of Australia, including the iconic Wilpena Pound and some interesting rock art sites.

Flinders Ranges Eco Safari Adventure (Adelaide/Adelaide; 8 days)

Eyre Peninsula & Flinders Ranges adventure (Adelaide/Adelaide; 6 days)

The Eyre Peninsula, located on the southern coast of Australia, is a must-see for solo travellers over 50 looking for an adventure. The peninsula’s rugged coastline and pristine beaches offer plenty of exploration opportunities. Whale watching, playing with sea lions or cage diving with sharks, it’s all about the ocean wildlife in this region. You can self-drive the legendary Eyre Highway from Adelaide to Perth (crossing Nullarbour on the way) or join a small group tour to combine the Peninsula with the Flinders Ranges.

Eyre Peninsula adventure (Adelaide/Adelaide; 9 days)

Northern Australia Tours (Darwin area)

In the far north of Australia, where the Outback meets the ocean and the rainforest, you have spectacular waterfalls, rugged mountain ranges and deep gorges. Darwin is the capital city of Northern Australia and the perfect base to explore this part of the country called the Top End.

Although you can explore this remote region independently, you won’t be able to access many sights without a 4WD. If you’re uncomfortable driving one, here are the best trips to join as a group tour: Then 3 columns: 1. Kakaud N.P + Arhnem, 2. Litchfield. 3. Nitmiluk.

Darwin to Kakadu Self Drive Trip

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is the most well-known National Park in the Top End of the Northern Territory and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s one of the most spectacular places in the country and offers a combination of extraordinary nature and rich Aboriginal culture. Although day tours are available, I recommend spending at least a couple of nights because of the larger size of the park and the many sights.

Remember that many places in Kakadu aren’t accessible during the wet season. Read more from my 3-day Kakadu Camping Tour. A trip to Kakadu National Park is often combined with a visit to Litchfield NP or Nitmiluk NP. Here are tours that I recommend taking if you plan to visit these places.

Kakadu, Katherine Gorge and Tiwi Island (Darwin/Darwin; 3 days)

4-day Kakadu Outback trip (Darwin/Darwin; 4 days)

Kakadu, Litchfield & Billabong Cruise (Darwin/Darwin; 5 days)

Litchfield National Park Tours

Litchfield is a National Park in Australia’s Top End located about 1,5 hours from Darwin. Its compact size makes it perfect for day trips to waterfalls, rockpools, and impressive giant termite mounds.

Litchfield & Jumping Crocodile Cruise (Darwin/Darwin; day trip)

Kakadu & Litchfield 4WD Camping Tour (Darwin/Darwin; 3 days)

Arnhem Land Tours

Arnhem Land is a bit of a hidden gem in Australia’s Top End region. Not many tourists make it here, but that doesn’t mean Arnhem Land isn’t worth a visit. Arnhem Land can be visited from Jabiru and is home to the Yolngu people. You need a permit to visit this vast wilderness area, so I recommend booking a tour to explore the rock art of Injalak Hill with an Aboriginal guide.

Arnhem Land from Jabiru (Jabiru/Jabiru; day trip)

Top End and Arnhem Land adventure (Darwin/Darwin; 5 days)

Nitmiluk National Park Tours

The Nitmiluk National Park was formerly known as the Katherine Gorge National Park because the gorge is its most famous sight. You can discover the region through bushwalks, boat tours and scenic flights. The park is often combined with the other highlights of the Top End region.

Jatbula Trail (Darwin/Darwin; 6 days)

Non-Outback Australian Tours For Seniors And Over 50s

Tours in South Eastern Australia are the perfect way to explore this vast and rugged region. Many Australia Tours can be done as escapes from Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road Tours

The Great Ocean Road is an iconic Australian road trip that takes visitors along the breathtaking southeastern coast from the surf capital Torquay to Warrnambool. You’ll stop at the famous Twelve Apostles viewpoint and the Loch Ard Gorge, but there are many more sights along the way.

If a Great Ocean Road as a self-drive is not your thing, a small group tour allows you to discover the region with an experienced guide who can provide interesting stories and insights about the area. I also recommend it if you’re uncomfortable driving or looking to go on a day trip from Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road & Wildlife tour (Melbourne/Melbourne; day trip)

2-day Great Ocean Road Tour (Melbourne/Melbourne; 2 days)

Ultimate Great Ocean Road tour (Melbourne/Melbourne; 4 days)

The Grampians National Park

The Grampians National Park is one of South Eastern Australia’s most spectacular natural environments. Located in the western part of Victoria, the park is known for its majestic sandstone mountains, rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife.

There are many walking trails, including the Grampian Peaks Trail, a challenging 160-kilometre track that traverses some of the most spectacular scenery in the park. Going with a guide will allow you to spot the local wildlife more easily, and you’ll be able to visit the best spots all in one go.

Grampians great wilderness escape (Melbourne/Melbourne; day trip)

Overland Melbourne to Adelaide with Grampians & Great Ocean Road (Melbourne/Adelaide; 2 days)

Grampian Peaks Trail (Grampians/Grampians; 4 days).

Tasmania Tours

Tasmania is an island off the southeastern coast of Australia with natural beauty like no other. I recommend visiting Tasmania on a 10-day self-drive, but booking a guided tour to the island is an excellent alternative if you’re uncomfortable driving around or short on time. The main sights include Franklin River, Wineglass Bay, Russell Falls and encountering the iconic Tasmanian Devil.

Highlights of Tasmania (Hobart/Hobart; 6 days)

Cradle Mountain Overland Track (Launceston/Launceston; 6 days)

Tasmania Complete (Hobart/Hobart; 12 days)

Queensland Tours

Queensland has so many places to discover that I recommend going on a guided tour to make the most of your time. It’s a versatile destination with red-hued deserts, tropical rainforest and dramatic mountain ranges. Both Cairns and Brisbane serve as hubs for the region.

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree rainforest is part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area. It’s the largest continuous tropical rainforest in Australia, covering an area of approximately 1200 square kilometres, and it’s also one of the world’s oldest continuously surviving rainforests, with parts of it estimated to be over 180 million years old. Although driving alone in some parts of the national park is possible, you’ll need a lot of driving experience. Not to mention that only a small part is accessible with a regular car. I don’t recommend visiting the Daintree Rainforest by yourself. You can visit Daintree on a day trip from Cairns or Port Douglas, and most tours will also include a visit to Cape Tribulation and the Mossman Gorge.

However, I visited the area during a 2-day four-wheel adventure from Cairns to Cooktown, which I can recommend if you’re not up to driving a four-wheel van.

Daintree Rainforest Tours

Daintree & Cape Tribulation adventure (Cairns/Cairns; 8 days)

Brisbane to the Daintree discovery with Atherton Tablelands(Brisbane/Cairns; 12 days)

East Coast Tours

Australia’s East Coast spans almost 3000 km from Sydney to Cairns. Imagine tropical beaches, rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular islands such as Fraser Island and the Whitsundays. While I love self-driving this route because of the sheer amount of things to do, I recommend a guided tour if you want to pack as many sights into your itinerary as possible.

Here are some of the best Australian East Coast Tours

Tropical islands and rainforest (Gold Coast/Cairns; 9 days)

East Coast islands and rainforest (Sydney/Cairns; 12 days)

OZ East Coast Adventure (Brisbane/Cairns, 20 days)

Fraser Island Rainforest Eco-Hike (Fraser Island/Fraser Island, 3 days)

Remote Fraser Island Tour with kayaking (Hervey Bay/Hervey Bay; day trip)

Blue Mountains Tours from Sydney

If you’re visiting Sydney, you should not miss the chance to tour the Blue Mountains. This UNESCO heritage site is home to the stunning Three Sisters rock formation, and the view of Wentworth Falls is worth the mildly challenging walk beforehand. If you’re short on time, Scenic World offers an excellent introduction to the stunning scenery in the Blue Mountains.

Walk the Blue Mountains (Sydney/Sydney; 4 days)

New South Wales Wineries & Countryside (Sydney/Sydney; 8 days)

Australia Day Tours for single travellers over 50

Most cities and regions that can be visited on a day trip are easy to do independently. But organised day trips in Australia for those over 50 are fun and convenient. There are so many activities in Australia that I cannot mention them all. That’s why I have created this list of the day tours I have experienced during my travels in Australia (which I think are worth the recommendation).

Wine Tours of Australia

Wine lovers won’t be disappointed when visiting Australia. With over 60 wine regions across the country, you can sample some of the best wines in the world, no matter your destination. With the help of a guide, you can learn about Australia’s winemaking history while you visit boutique cellars, sample the finest wines, and enjoy the often stunning views. Combine with a food tour to try local produce or a bike tour to add an active touch.

Margaret River Wine Tour

One of the best wine & food tours I had while exploring solo South Western Australia. This is the tour if you want a passionate, knowledgeable local to show you the Margaret River Wine Region and the best local produce.

Barossa Valley Food Experience

I went on this day trip from Adelaide. I enjoyed my time, visited five wineries and learned much about the Barossa region from the tour guide.

Swan Valley Wine & Food Tour

The Swan Valley is one of Western Australia’s oldest and most beautiful wine regions. It’s the perfect destination for a day trip from Perth, only 25 minutes away. I took the half-day food & wine tour, but for the complete experience, go for the full-day tour and visit some of the best wineries in the region, such as Sandlefords and Mandoon Estate.

Cruising day tours

If you like being out on the water, a cruise or boat tour is a beautiful way to spend the day.

Lake Argyle River Cruise

This is another great day tour in the Australian Outback. Excellent if you love sunsets and want to explore the Eastern Kimberley.

An Eco-Snorkeling Tour on the Great Barrier Reef

I enjoyed this kids-free snorkelling tour in a small group of 12. Starting from Port Douglas, we headed out on a beautiful eco-catamaran to Low Isle, where we formed two guided groups of people and snorkelled close to the shore. The sailing trip included sunset and champagne.

Adventure day tours

The Bungle Bungles Walking trails

I’m a big fan of adventurous activities, and Australia is the right place to indulge in them. There are just so many fun things to do! Here are my favourite experiences.

A scenic flight over the Bungle Bungles

This is not a cheap day tour, but if you are on a tight schedule from Kununurra, you can visit the Bungle Bungles on a day with a flight + walking tour of Purnunulu National Park.

Ballooning on the Gold Coast.

This was my second hot-air balloon, and I loved to soar over the Gold Coast.

Sydney Helicopter Scenic Flight

This is a must-have experience. However, it’s not ideal for solo travellers to Australia since these flights start from 2-3 people. So, if you are lucky to get paired with someone else, you can fly.

Melbourne Hot-Air Balloon Ride

This was my first experience with a hot-air balloon. Waking up at 3.30 am is not fun, but it’s worth the breathtaking views you get at sunrise over Melbourne and the bay.

4WD Road Trip from Cairns to Cooktown

One of the highlights of my trip to North Tropical Queensland was this 4 4-wheel drive to Cooktown. It’s one of the most challenging 4WD drives in the world, so definitely book a tour for this!

Frequently Asked Questions about Australian Tours for Seniors 50+

How do I travel to Australia for the first time?

If you’re visiting Australia long term and for the first time, I highly recommend booking guided tours to get a good overview of the area you’ll be exploring. This way, you’ll save time and hassle by having all the information and details taken care of. If you’re comfortable renting a car and driving, that’s another great way to solo travel Australia for over 50s.

Is it cheaper to travel on a tour or alone?

Australia is known to be expensive regardless of whether you travel on a tour or alone. Still, depending on the destination and the accommodation type, a guided group tour may be cheaper than travelling solo. However, I don’t recommend investing more than 20 to 30% of your time in guided tours to leave some room for exploration on your own.

Is Australia solo travel friendly?

Australia is a solo travel-friendly destination for female travellers, regardless of age. It’s a safe country and easy to travel around in. Remember that it won’t be cheap as you’ll often have to pay a single surcharge for accommodation and the price of your rental car on your own.

What is the best city in Australia to travel solo to?

There are many places in Australia for solo travellers especially after retirement. The primary destinations are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, and Adelaide are great hubs for exploring their respective regions. My favourite is Melbourne because there’s so much to do in and around the city for solo female travellers.

What is the best travel company for over 50+?

The best travel companies for over 50+ in Australia are G Adventures, AAT Kings and Wild Women Journeys for gender-specific Australian tours for seniors travelling alone. What is the best season to tour Australia?

What the best season is to tour Australia depends on your destination. Summer (Dec-Feb) is the busiest travel season, but visiting Tasmania and the East Coast is great. Winter (Jun-Sep) is the perfect time to visit Darwin and the surrounding outback, North Tropical Queensland, Central Australia and Western Australia. I recommend visiting during the shoulder season (spring or autumn) to avoid crowds.

Final thoughts: Solo travel tours over 50 Australia

Australia is a top place for solo travellers over 50. Whether you explore the country independently or join guided tours, there are plenty of opportunities to discover unique experiences in and around the cities. You have unlimited adventures, from eco-snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef to exploring the Kimberley and a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne.  With my tips and resources above, I hope you can find a fantastic tour experience that fits your needs perfectly.

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