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Hi, I'm Michela!

I'm the founder of the Rocky Travel, an award-winning site for Solo Travel and Budget Travel.  I'm a travel addict and outdoor enthusiast who loves travelling solo! I've been travelling alone in Europe and in Australia for +30 years. With many solo trips around the world and lots of trial and error I have learnt a few things on how to make travel easier.

Travel planning can get overwhelming if you don't have the right tools and information. I am keen to share my best tips with you here to help you not only save time and money on your travels, but also travel in a simpler and smarter way!

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Trip Planning doesn't have to become a frustrating chore. You need to have all core tools and resources, in first place, and implement the right process. Once you have that, you can apply it to any type of travel. Of course, depending on the destination, some trips may require more research, beforehand, and some more accurate planning.

On Rocky Travel, I share my advice and expertise on how to make the trip planning process simpler and smarter. I have been planning and organising all my trips by myself for +30 years. In 2014 I published my Australia trip itinerary book that has helped hundreds of travellers plan their adventures in Oz.

I also offer my trip planning services to the readers who are looking for expert advice and solid assistance with their trips to Australia and Italy. 

Moreover, if you love to travel solo but need a boost of confidence and inspiraton, you can travel with me by joining my small group tours of Australia and Italy

The Rocky Travel Planning Guide for the solo traveller to Australia

Australia is my favourite destination and the core focus destination of Rocky Travel. There is nothing that beats the Australian nature and the freedom of road tripping across its remote areas and its most amazing landascapes is a precious gift.

With 9 solo trips and 24 months of solo adventures, over 14 years, I have criss-crossed the big country from North to South from West to East. I know the country quite well. On the Rocky Travel Guide you will find over 300 pages of blogs and mini destination guides, along with my best tips on how to save money and time when travelling in Australia for the first-time traveller. From inspirational stories to travel advice, destination guides, planning and packing checlist and more.

You can also join me in my Rocky Travel Tours. If interested, sign up for updates and news on the group tour page.


Having started travelling solo in my early 20s, when I was a student, I have gone through all different stages and experiences of solo travel: from the early cultural city breaks to road tripping and more overseas adventure travel, discovering Australia on my own, with over 100 thousands kms in 14 years.

On the Rocky Travel Guide you find hundreds of guides and blog for the adventurous solo traveller, who loves to venture out and do a little bit more of the standard trip. You can start on this post where I write about female solo travel.

If you plan to travel alone to Australia, you have reached the leading site for women travelling alone in the big lucky country. From how to plan, to where to go, on Rocky Travel you find over 200 places that you can explore on your own, from easy trips to road tripping alone, to more adventurous destinations. From this year you will be able to join me in my guided Small Group Tours of Australia, as well as my small group tours of Italy for the solo traveller.