Your Australia Itinerary Guide Book


The Ultimate Guide Book for Planning an Australia Trip

This travel guide book will take you throughout all steps of planning your trip to Australia. By evaluating and balancing out your time frame with the right destinations and activities as well as choosing the most cost-effective transportation for getting around the country. This Australian guide book provides you with all key travel planning elements that you need for a successful trip. Learn about the best practices  for planning a trip to Australia stress-free!


Planning a trip to Australia is overwhelming; I know! What if you had something that took off you the work of searching on the internet for all your questions?

This handy Australia Guide Book shows you an easy way to creating your trip Itinerary with no stress. This is nothing like Lonely Planet Australia. We don't go into any specific details like museums addresses, listing of restaurants, opening times, prices etc. etc. Our guide book is a bible for planning your trip with first-hand tips and tricks, from a traveller perspective. It focuses on the best itinerary ideas, that are proven and tested by the writer, along with all options that allow you to extend or shorten any trip leg.

Here below a recap of all benefits you will get from my Australia Travel Guide Book:

Save Hours Searching On The Internet

Save hours of wading through the abundance of information on the internet and get it all in one easy-to-read guide book that shows you how ​to create your Australia itinerary to exactly match the time you have and the pace you choose. Learn how t​o​ choose the right places to visit and how many days to spend there, as well as make 80% of travel arrangements before leaving home, so to not waste precious time for changes in the last minute.

Maximise Your Time Travelling in Australia

Australia is a big country, and it can get overwhelming if you try to see the highlights, enjoy your trip, and not feel rushed. Here you get all options based on the type of trip and activities you want to experience with a realistic view of how long you need to see different parts of Australia, thus avoiding spending lots of time in transit as well as maximising the time you have on the spot.

Craft a thought-out Australia Travel Plan

Enjoy the assistance of five simple-to-understand themed itineraries and activities guides. Pick the one that best suits your time frame and tweak it with over 36 additional options, for shortening or lengthening each trip leg. Consult estimated costs and checklists for budgeting your trip. Use ready-made maps, resources, as well as recommendations for transportation and accommodation to make all your arrangements.

Take Your Australia Trip To The Next Level

Profit from the author's knowledge and expertise. The author is a guru when it comes to Australia Travel. She is not only passionate about the country; she has gathered extensive experiences. Next to classic destinations, she gives you fascinating insights into places that most people have never heard of, thus helping you make of your Australia Trip a unique and memorable experience.

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Michela Fantinel Rocky Travel

Michela Fantinel is the founder of Rocky Travel, a popular travel site for the independent, savvy and solo traveller who loves to travel more simply and smartly. In over 15 years of solo adventures around Australia, she has crisscrossed the country and covered +100 thousand kilometres. 

She knows how important it is to be well-prepared and have everything in place before travelling to Australia. Feel free to get in touch with her, after purchasing Your Australia Itinerary Guide Book, for any questions you may have. 

If you wish more in-depth help, check out Michela's Trip-Planning Services.


  • This is hands-down the most comprehensive guide for traveling through Australia

    This is hands-down the most comprehensive guide for traveling through Australia I have ever read. First Michela helps you decide where to go based on what’s important to you, and then she gives you the exact information and tools that you need to get there. What really impressed me were the incredibly detailed itineraries, customized for different time frames. This guide will literally save you days, if not weeks, of research and planning! Although it’s titled ‘the ultimate guide for solo female travelers,’ I would highly recommend it for anyone planning a dream trip to Australia.

    Mandie Sanders, Chigago, Illinois, USA
  • Brilliant and helfpful book

    I absolutely love this book! Warning – it will absolutely whet your appetite to visit Australia. Several itineraries are presented inside, with options for shortening/lengthening the trip, swapping out legs, and approximate total costs in AUD. She summarizes each itinerary with what will be covered, and who it is geared toward – i.e. if you’re a food/wine lover, nature lover, etc. Much of the content is geared toward solo travel, though she is quick to note when having a companion would be helpful.The book doesn’t go into the history of each area (like a Rick Steves guidebook would), but I actually appreciated that fact.

    Meagan Dav, USA
  • As a family of five, I did wonder if we were the intended readers of this book

    However, with time running out and with so many ideas and options available, this book was a real find. Clearly set out with detailed maps, plenty of ideas, opportunities to customise the trip, choices for shortening or lengthening the different legs and the opportunity to contact the author directly, this was a real help. In the end we did an adapted version of the second itinerary, but missed out the middle leg only through lack of time. Our family based ourselves in Sydney and Cairns and enjoyed the contrast between a busy city and a quieter, beachside location. We only scratched the surface of this amazing country but if the opportunity arises to visit again, this book would certainly be the first one we consulted.

    Maggie, United Kingdom
  • This book has it all

    From the conception of the dream of travelling Australia to the actual stepping aboard the flight and heading off. It includes everything for the solo traveller, especially female travellers on how to stay safe on your travels. The author, Michela, is a total travel guru when it comes to Australia travel and her research for this book is all based on her own actual solo travels in this vast beautiful country, she has included all the cities and landmarks which we are familiar with from books and media but she also gives fascinating insight into places most people have never heard of and as a result wish to visit and the explore. I’ve travelled myself solo extensively around Australia but how I wish I had access to this fantastic book as I would have saved myself a lot of money and time and a whole lot of hassle, so next time I go I will be more than well informed. A super informative book written by a woman passionate about a land that captures the heart of the traveller and the best tool you can arm yourself with if you decide to travel to this wonderful land you can never get over.

    Carmel S., Ireland
  • The book has been extremely beneficial to planning my trip

    Prior to reading “Your Australia Itinerary,” I was desperately trying to locate several of the visual travel planning elements that Michela included in this book such as transportation times/distance, climate/season to territory, etc.- Michela’s book, blog, and personal advice on female solo travel to OZ is a unique niche like no other – however it was exactly what I was looking for! Michela is an experienced, female solo traveler to Australia and is substantiated in her book. I couldn’t have mastered the planning of my dream trip without her and her book!

    Jenni Porshakin, USA
Your Australia Itinerary Guide Book