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A Solo Travel Guide To Tasmania

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The best places to visit in Tasmania for the Solo Traveller

Tasmania is one of Australia’s only Island states spreading over 68,401 sq km. It lies 240km to the south of Victoria. Tasmania is a very special place and there are a lot of things to do and see in Tasmania if you love to travel solo in Australia. It is a good spot for nature lovers and has many amazing walking trails and protected national parks. Adventurous travellers will find some good hiking paths, bushwalking areas, and will even be able to enjoy activities like kayaking or rafting down Franklin River. You can also choose to take a guided tour which will show you all the best places to visit Solo In Tasmania.

Dove Lake Circuit Walk in Tasmania Cradle Mountain National Park

Tasmania National Parks

Below you will find 10 of the best Tasmania locations and sights that should be on your Tasmania Solo Travel bucket list. You can travel to them by car or by public transportation. However a car is recommended. If you prefer joining a guided tour, from Hobart you can take day trips or several day trips to any of the below national parks.

Franklin River

Located in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park this river travels for 125km through steep gorges. It is one of Australia’s iconic rivers and a vital part of Tasmanian history. You will find many guided rafting trips and treks which will help you explore Tasmania’s World Heritage Area. If you are going rafting on the Franklin River be prepared to go deep into this remote place. You will also enjoy the variety of rapids that this beautiful river provides.

Russell Falls

When you visit Mt Field National Park you can discover Tasmania’s prettiest waterfall. The Russell Falls is just over an hour drive from Hobart and very easily accessible. The fall consists of two main drops which are amazing to see in person. Returning from the falls will take you through the lovely rainforest, towering swamp gums, and many cool species of plants. There are two other falls in the park as well; the Lady Barron Falls and Horseshoe Falls. You will find excellent walking tracks located near these falls.

Cradle Mountain

Hikers who come to Tasmania flock to Cradle Mountain to be a part of one of the best hikes in Tasmania. Situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park this trek will allow you to have a breath-taking view of the central highlands. Some of the other hiking trails in the park are:

Cradle Mountain National Park
  1. Dove Lake Circuit

    The Dove Lake circuit is an easier alternative to the Cradle Mountain hike. On this hike, you can stop at Glacier rock which gives you a great view of the lake. As you walk along this circuit you will enter the Ballroom Forest full of incredible mossy tree trunks and palms that lie along the track. On your walk back you will pass the Dove Lake boatshed which was built in 1940.

  2. Cradle Valley Waterfall Walk

    This is a short 40-minute walk that you can take to enjoy the scenery in the valley without taking a trip to Cradle Mountain. It starts just opposite the Cradle Mountain Lodge Shop and takes you through the enchanting forest, past some great viewing platforms, and even to Pencil Pine Falls.

  3. Rufus

    To experience the wild and fascinating landscape at the end of the Lake St Clair Park then you must take this circuit. This walk is for adventurous travellers and is best experienced on a full day trip.

Wineglass Bay in the Freycinet National Park

Located on Tasmania’s east coast the Freycinet National Park is one of Australia’s oldest nature reserves. It is one of the most beautiful World Heritage-listed sites. The park is full of hiking trails, pristine bushland, secluded bays, and interesting bird-watching spots. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Wineglass Bay. From the southern end of the bay, you can take the Wineglass Bay Walk to admire the beautiful views of the Hazards which consist of three striking pink granite crags rising out of the sea. This is my top pick if you travel alone and want to go on hiking trails that are easy for first-timer too, then visit the Freycinet National Park.

Freycinet National Park Wineglass Bay Lookout
Beautiful View Over Wineglass Bay in Freycinet NationalPark

Bay Of Fires, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires is a slice of coastal heaven stretching from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north. It is one of the most beautiful places in Australia where you can walk for miles along sugar-white sandy beaches, swim in the impossibly clear ocean, and enjoy the peace and calm of its secluded beaches. The Bays of Fires has offshore reefs which contain rich marine biodiversity that attracts divers and snorkelers. From swimming to snorkelling, and even exploring the diverse wildlife on self-guided walks there are just so many activities to suit each traveller. It is one of the top things to do in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s Lavender Fields in the North

A unique thing to do when you visit Tasmania is experience the beauty and enticing fragrance of lavender.

  1. Lavender House Perfumery

    Tasmania’s only working perfumery is located at Rowella just out of Launceston. The Lavender House Perfumery grows over seventy different species and varieties of lavender. It has a large observation window where viewers can see the perfume makers at work creating the lavender products.
  2. Bridestowe Lavender Estate

    In the north of the state, you will find the 260-acre Bridestowe Lavender Estate. It is one of the world’s finest producers of lavender oil. You can wander freely through rows of lavender and take a tour showing how they extract the oil from the plants. Don’t worry they also have a wide range of lavender products on sale at the visitor centre, so that you will not miss out. Visiting these lavenders estates and fields is one of the most relaxing things to do in Northern Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Wildlife

Tasmania has a lot of varied and exotic wildlife that you just have to see. Here are a few of the animals that you cannot miss out on.

  1. The Tasmanian Devil One of the most well known Tasmania attractions is the Tasmanian Devil. It is a small, furry, black creature that can get to be quite ferocious. The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park is located just outside of Hobart and it is a key site for these animals.
  2. The Wombat

    This is a nocturnal creature that can be found only in Australia. They are Wombats herbivores and can be seen eating mainly grasses, herbs, bark and roots. You can catch a glimpse of wombats at the Narawntapu National Park in Tasmania’s north.
  3. The Pademelon

    This is a stocky animal that can be found extensively in Tasmania. It has a relatively short tail and legs to aid its movement through dense vegetation. You will find it in many of the state’s national parks and the suburbs of Hobart.

Things to do in Tasmania solo for active travellers

Tasmania is the best spot for active travellers to visit. It has so many wonderful historic sites and natural treasures to see.

Hiking in Freycinet National Park Tasmania
Walking the Hazards Circular Trail in Freycinet N.P.

Hiking in National Parks

The Mount Field National Park has beautiful falls you can admire. It is a wonderful place to take a walk among tall trees, and see the fascinating wildlife. The Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is another great spot for active travellers.

Go Kayaking

An amazing experience awaits you at twilight. It is the best time to take a tour of the Freycinet National Park’s coastline kayaking in the sea. This unique excursion can last three hours and more experienced travellers can opt for a two-day trip as well. This is one of the most fascinating things to do in Tasmania at night for adventurous travellers.

Camping in Bruny Island

If camping and backpacking is your thing, then head to Bruny Island, just 20 min by ferry off the south coast of Tasmania and 35 min drive from Hobart. This small island is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. From hiking trails, to boat tours edging into caves and cruising along the tallest dolerite cliffs of Australia, where you will be spotting a colony seal, Bruny island is the place for the perfect solo backpacker’s adventure.

Bushwalking In Tarkine

In the northwest of Tasmania, you will find The Tarkine which is one of the largest expanses of cool-temperate rainforests hidden in Australia.  Some tourists explore this magnificent area by taking a multi-day Tasmania Bushwalking tour. Here you can explore ancient, moss-covered trees and hop from one camping spot to another.

The Three Capes Track Walk

This hike cuts through the awe-inspiring wilderness of the Tasman National Park. It begins and ends at Port Arthur and allows you to see the pristine eucalyptus forests and windswept heathland. The hikers who come here get a guidebook with maps and notes about the journey. Since it a long hike you can spend four days camping in the eco-friendly cabins here. Check out more about Hiking Solo the Three Capes Track Walk

Hiking the Overland Track

If you are looking for an amazing trekking adventure you just have to check out the Overland Track. It is the longest trek in Tasmania spanning 80km through Cradle Mountain connecting Ronny Creek to Lake St Clair. From October to May you will need to make a booking to hike the Overland Track. You can pick up your permit from the Parks and Wildlife Service at Cradle Mountain. Don’t miss out on this since it is one of the most exciting things to do in Tasmania.

Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary Ideas

For your Tasmania solo travel itinerary, you should keep in mind where your interests lie and what you want to do. Depending upon the type of travel you choose and what you want to see, the time for a road trip ranges between 4 to 10 days. Here are just a few of the best ways you can travel around and explore Tasmania on a solo self-drive. To book your car rental in Tasmania use the link below.

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A 4-Day Road Trip From Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania and it has some of the best places to stay. You can take a day trip to see the sights of Hobart. Its legendary Salamanca markets and MONA museum are just two of the major attractions here that you need to see. The next day, drive to the Port Arthur historic site and the Tasmanian Peninsula.

Hobart Tasmania
View of Hobart Tasmania

One of the things to do in the Tasmanian Peninsula is to see its amazing geological features and catch a glimpse of a Tasmanian Devil. For your third day, make sure to take a scenic self-drive of the Tasmania’s East Coast leading to the Freycinet National Park. This is a place with unsurpassed beauty and restful walking trails. If you have enough time do take a short cliff top walk around the lighthouse at Cape Tourville.
Save the best for last by enjoying your fourth day at Launceston. It is Tasmania’s largest northern city and it is home to the splendid Cataract Gorge. You will not fall short of things to do and see in Tasmania as well as plentiful accommodation along the way.

A 10-Day Round Trip by Car

The best way to enjoy a ten-day trip around Tasmania alone is to make sure that you have all the best places of Tasmania on your list. First, you can head to the city of Launceston where there is much to sample from its stunning architecture to its wonderful local boutiques. It has good accommodation options for you to stay there overnight.

From Launceston the next stop is Freycinet. Here you can see the wondrous Freycinet National Park and the famed Wineglass Bay. You can stay overnight at Swansea and then travel to Port Arthur the next day. The Port Arthur Historic Site has a Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park nearby. You should visit it and see these furry marsupials in action. The evening is a good time to go kayaking in the ocean. Port Arthur has a lot of places for you to stay during the night.

The next stop on your trip is Hobart. Its lovely Salamanca Markets have something for everyone each Saturday. Don’t forget to check out its beautiful MONA museum as well. Check out 15+ things to do in and around Hobart.

On the South East Coast visit the Hastings Caves and try the Tahune AirWalk. The small town of Dover on the coast will be a good place to unwind and rest. Bask in the true Tasmanian wilderness of Strahan while enjoying your road trip. It has a lot of great activities that you can take part in, including going on the Gordon River Cruise. You can stay at Strahan for another day and visit the Cradle Mountain to immerse yourself in its lovely scenery. This mountain also has some interesting walking trails to try out. Lastly, you can visit the seaside town of Stanley. It is a quaint place to end your amazing 10-day Tasmania Road Trip.

When is the best time to visit Tasmania

Tasmania has a maritime and mountain climate so its weather tends to change quite a lot. The best time to visit it would be around December to February, in the warm months. There are many things to do in Tasmania: in the summer it would be to visit the national parks and have splendid day trips. The autumn months of March, April, and May tend to have milder weather and one can witness the changing colours of the deciduous beech forests during this time. In the winter there is the possibility of snow and very cold temperatures which might make it tough to take outside adventures. One interesting thing to see when visiting Tasmania in November is the migration of the humpback whales as they pass the east coast.

How to get to Tasmania

Flying to Tasmania

To get to Tasmania the fastest way is to fly from any city in Australia. There are many daily flights to Hobart or Launceston from Melbourne which is the closest and cheapest airport. The price for one-way airfare is around 80-100 dollars. I recommend booking well in advance, especially during the summer school holidays Tasmania gets really busy.

Here below a link to the best comparison site for booking your flights to Tasmania.

Taking the ferry

If you don’t like flying, the alternative is to take the ferry Spirit of Tasmania from Port Melbourne into Devonport. It takes a whole day or night. There are two ferries one departing in the morning and one in the evening for the night traverse. It is not inexpensive and I would only consider this option if you are a local, travel by your own car that you can take onto the ferry. For international travellers, it is definitely not worth it and you are better off with flying and hiring a car in Tasmania.

Renting a car in Tasmania

This is the way to go, if you want to save money in getting around, multi-day tours are expensive unless you want to do day-tours which are a good fit for those who want to travel independently. If you are thinking of hiring a car, I would either fly into Launceston hire a car there, go on a road trip and then drop off your car either in a loop or in Hobart. Or you can start the reserve route, fly into Hobart, hire a car there and drop it off in Launceston. There is one more airport in Tasmania but these are the two where you have many flights on a regular basis.

Where to stay in Tasmania Alone

During your visit don’t forget to check out some of the amazing places to stay in Tasmania.

Backpackers flock to Tasmania to for its spectacular outdoor experiences. You will find unique farm stay accommodation where you can immerse yourself in rural Tasmania. There are also widespread hostel accommodations located close to the attractions in the cities and towns.

For independent and solo travellers, there are self-contained apartments where you can cook your meals and enjoy your privacy. You will find many self-contained villas in the beachside towns and well-furnished apartments in the cities.

Fun accommodation for all travellers is the classic bed and breakfasts of Tasmania. Here you will feel a sense of comfort and homeliness wherever you go. And if you travel solo you may hit a fantastic place through private accommodation like Airbnb.

If you are more adventurous try out a Tasmania camping experience and if you have a caravan there are more than 50 caravan parks available around the island.

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Tasmania things to do for solo travellers

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