Exploring Kakadu National Park

 A 3 day Kakadu Tour

Last May I finally made it to the Kakadu National Park The prolonged wet season disrupted my first kakadutourmay2011attempt two months earlier, in March, so that I had to reschedule my travel plan with a second visit to the Top End of Australia later on in May.

When I arrived in Darwin end of May the situation had improved but most roads were still closed. Usually at that time of the year all roads are accessible, but in 2011 the amount of rain doubled the average rain fall per year, so no wonder why people could not go to the Kakadu! However some local tour companies kept operating their tours within a restricted area of Kakaku.

Why 3 day Tour for exploring Kakadu National Park

I am not a tour person and I will never be one! Therefore I am very choosy when it comes to booking a tour. This time for my Kakadu Trip I wanted something different from the average tours and was lucky to find one that suited my expectations. What I check when booking a tour is the itinerary with the things to see and the main activities as well as the number of participants which is in my opinon very important. The 3days Kakadu Trip was focussed on natural attractions, a cruise, some hiking and swimming activities, camping, and also a touch of aboriginal cultural insight. The mix was very much promising a good tour.

What I did on a my 3 day Kakadu National Park Tour

  • Fogg Dam these vast flood plains are a place for a sensorial experience. The magic of the colours from green to blue blending into a concert of harmonious nuances. A great place for admiring native australian birds. From Fogg Damm  we drove farther to reach the Cooroboore Billabong for a River Cruise. This is a true paradise for spotting a variety of native and unique birds, kangaroos and crocodiles while sitting on the boat and moving calmly on the waters. The Corroboree Billabong Cruise was the highlight of the first day of my kakadu trip.
  • Gunlom Falls – these massive falls and its location is one of the most amazing places I have been to in Australia. When we left Darwin the day before I knew this place was closed and felt sad to miss out, but fortunately on the Saturday morning a ranger informed us that the 4WD road access had been re-opened to public access the same day. Wow, that was a fantastic news! A visit to the Gunlom Fall was the treat for our second day. Learn more about a day at Gunlom Falls.


  • Nourlangie Rock this massive rock used to be the main home and shelter for aboriginal people living in that area. Good place to learn about aboriginal art and culture. We also were lucky to spot a rock Wallaroo hooping behind the stones that day. Keep reading for more information.
  • Ubirr Rock – another great place for aboriginal art with  a terrific lookout over the wetlands. Here below you can  a photo of this impressive place.
  • Get up close with the indigenous culture – Within the Kakadu National Park there are cultural centres where you can learn about the cultural significance of this park to the indigenous people who lived there for millions of years.On our last day, on the way back to Darwin we spent a few hours at the Window in the Wetlands, an aboriginal cultural centre where we could meet with aboriginal people and listen to their stories and their traditions.

Kakadu National Park – Must do's

A kakadu Trip must include an aussie camping experience. We stayed overnight at 2 different campsites. Click on the link to learn more about the places we stayed in and the fun we had.If you are interested in seeing what's on offer among all Kakadu Tours you can chek out this page.
Have you been to the Kakadu National Park ? If you have any tips please send it in and we will add it to this guide.