Where to Stay in Australia – An Accommodation Guide

This is a guide on how to use the most reliable comparison sites for accommoadtion in Australia that deliver the best offers and accommodation deals across the country.

A guide to Finding Accommodation in Australia

How to choose where to stay in Australia

Australia offer any type of accommodation. Ranging from budget to luxury hotels, hostels, camping grounds, to guesthouses, farm-stay in pastoral properties, to self-serviced flats and holiday units, to private homes for rental.

Over summer and at other seasonal peak times, during school and public holidays prices are usually at their highest, so it is highly recommendable to book ahead to secure the best accommodation deals. If you can, travel to Australia off-season, when you can benefit from lower rates and find great accommodation opportunities.

If you are visiting the Top End of Australia, during the wet season, which is the low season, room rates may drop considerably. While travelling around Australia you can easily book your accommodation online even on the same day.

Australian bed and breakfast and guesthouses

In Australia you will find Australian family run guesthouses almost everywhere opened all the time and ranging from restored miners' cottage, converted barns, country homestead to bungalows and townhouses. Rates vary depending of the area, location and facilities offered. Usually they offer comfortable rooms at a reasonable price and at the same time enjoy a friendly family feel, home-cooked meals and get useful information and advice from the owners.

If you look for a family run B&B look no further than Airbnb >> with this link you get 25 USD off your first booking.

Australian hotels

All major international hotel brands are in the main Australian cities and popular travel destinations. Generally they range from business to luxury hotels with all types of facilities and comforts. If you are travelling by car and wish to stop over on the way to your destination a motel can be a better choice though; motels offer usually a comfortable mid-range accommodation at reasonable prices.

To get an idea of how to find the best hotel deals, these are the most reputable hotel comparisons sites tha are the best for delivering the lowest prices and the largest offer of hotels.


Hotelscombined is no. 1 hotel comparison site in Australia that browses through over 30 search engines like Booking.com, HotelTravel.com Expedia.com, Hotelclub.com, Travelocity.com and many more. It delivers the best deals for Australia hotels in real-time from over 200 locations throughout Australia. It's probably the best suited engine if you look for a hotel anywhere in Australia, including remote Outback areas.

A great site for accommodation deals in Australia is Hotels Combined. with over 200 locations across the country. Check prices and availability here.

Probably the most known travel website for searching hotel deals in the world is Booking.com. While this  is certainly a great tool for finding discounted hotel rates and last-minute deals, I would always use it as a great resource to cross-check hotel offers and rates. Browse through the latest hotel offers.

Wotif Australia

Wotif is known in Australia as a top website for booking almost anything from flights to hotels and car hire. I would check this site too if you are looking for accommodation packages. They list great deals across the country, check the Wotif site here.

Australian Budget Accommodation and Backpackers

Among all options of budget accommodation, hostels represent the cheapest option to stay during your trip. Australia has truly a large offer of low-cost accommodation and hostels are literally everywhere! From the city centre to the remote australian outback's areas. Australian hostels are very good value, because they provide excellent facilities and services for all kind of needs.

If you choose to stay in hostels in Australia, next to saving money you will benefit from the great social gatherings by meeting other travellers, sharing travelling experiences, making friendship and team up for some good Australia's adventures.


Hostelworld is the best search engine for all types of budget accommodation in the world and in Australia too. Next to excellent hostels on Hostelworld you can find B&B, family guest houses, farm-stays and more types of budget accommodation.

For the best budget accommodation in Oz check out this site here.

What about staying in Hostels in Australia

Staying in hostels in Australia is quite common, not only for students or the younger generation. Many retired and professionals stay in hostels to save money when visiting cities.

In Australia there over 140 hostels as part of the YHA (Youth Hostel Association) which belongs to the Int. Youth Hostel Federation . And more than 150 franchisee for the VIP backpackers resort.

Australia YHA is the largest Australian hostel association that provides good value accommodation, usually in shared dorms. Many of them provide twin rooms and family rooms too. They offer 24-hour access, cooking facilities, a communal area with TV, laundry facilities and in larger hostels also travel offices. Keep in mind that there is often a maximum-stay period, which may vary from place, usually between 5-10 days. You need to be a member of the above organization to get their membership rates.

If you want to stay in hostels in Australia I would use Hostelworld to book your accommodation.

Hostelworld has by far the largest pool of backpackers hostels and boutique hostels from all over the world. It has a very easy interface and you can view discounted prices too.

Renting a house in Australia

Another great accommodation option while travelling Australia is to rent a house with home away. This kind of accommodation suits small groups or a family. If you think of spending some time in a city like Sydney or Melbourne you can rent a flat and use it as a base to explore the surrounding area. While you can do this at your own pace you will enjoy the freedom of staying in a real home. Moreover it is also a way to save money on accommodation in Australia. If you want to search online for an apartment or a room to rent you can check out these two resources:

Rent a private room or an entire home with airbnb. Use this link to get 25 USD  off your first booking.

Swap your home and stay for free in Australia

Last but not least, why not swap your home with someone elses home while you are on holiday? This way of exchanging your house can add value to your Australian holiday. Not only you do not have to pay for accommodation while visiting Australia, at the same time you will benefit of having a real home while you are away from home.

You can check out AussieHouseSwap as the best website for swapping homes in Australia.

One more opportunity to stay for free are share communities like Couchsurfing. This is however meant more as a meet-up community of locals. Check out CouchSurfing.

Camping and Caravan Parks in Australia

Australia is truly a country for camping and travel by camper van. By hiring a camper  or a caravan (house trailer) you can go anywhere, stop everywhere in national parks or urban camping, save money on traditional accommodation and enjoy the freedom of sleeping outdoor.

Campervan hire in Australia is affordable and if you are a family or a group of people it will cost you less than an average hotel or other kind of accommodation. It can really be the better way to travel in the Australian Outback, no matter if you do for how long you do it, for weeks, for a few days of just one night.

Camping in the australian bush, dining at a campfire and spending the night under millions of stars will definitely reward you with an unforgettable experience. If you wish to hire a campervan or caravan there are several big international companies from which you can choose like Britz, Avis, Hertz or Mau, Apollo, KEA.

Rent a campervan for your Australian Adventure with the no. 1 comparison site in Australia.




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