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A Guide To Where to Stay in Australia

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This guide shows you how to use the most reliable comparison sites for accommodation in Australia, delivering the best offers and deals across the country. You can also check out our Australia Travel Guide for more information on planning your trip.

A guide to Finding Accommodation in Australia
Accommodation Guide To Where To Stay in Australia

How to Choose Where To Stay in Australia

Australia offers accommodation of all types, from budget to luxury hotels, hostels, camping grounds, guest houses, farm-stays in rural properties, self-serviced flats and holiday units, and private rental homes.

Over summer and at other seasonal peak times, prices are usually highest during school and public holidays. Hence, it is highly recommended that you book ahead to secure the best accommodation deals. I would travel to Australia during the off-season to benefit from low rates and better accommodation opportunities if you can.

If you visit Tropical Australia during the wet and low seasons, room rates may drop considerably. While travelling around Australia, you can easily book your accommodation online, even on the same day.

Australian Bed and Breakfast & Guest-Houses

In Australia, you will find Australian family-run guesthouses almost everywhere. They are opened worldwide, ranging from restored miners’ cottages, converted barns, and country homesteads to bungalows and townhouses.

Rates vary depending on the area, location and facilities offered. Usually, they offer comfortable rooms at a reasonable price while enjoying a friendly family feel, home-cooked meals, and getting helpful information and advice from the owners.

Hotels in Australia

All major international hotel brands are in central Australian cities and popular travel destinations. Generally, they range from business to luxury hotels with all types of facilities and comforts. If you travel by car and wish to stop at your destination, a motel can be a better choice; motels usually offer comfortable mid-range places at reasonable prices.

To get an idea of finding the best hotel deals, these are the best websites for accommodation in Australia. These sites are the best for comparing the lowest prices and the most extensive hotel offers.

Probably the most known travel website for searching hotel deals in the world is While this is undoubtedly an excellent tool for finding discounted hotel rates and last-minute deals, I would always use it as a great resource to cross-check hotel offers and prices.

Budget Accommodation

Among all options for budget accommodation, hostels represent the cheapest option for staying during your trip. Australia offers a large range of low-cost accommodation, and hostels are everywhere, from the city centre to the remote Australian outback areas. Australian hostels are an excellent value because they provide excellent facilities and services for all needs.

There are benefits if you travel solo around Australia and stay in hostels in Australia. Next to saving money, you will benefit from the massive social gatherings by meeting other travellers, sharing travelling experiences, making friends and teaming up for some good Australia adventures. Another way to save money on your stay is to book via Airbnb.

However, Airbnb prices vary greatly depending on the location and the type of accommodation you choose. Budget prices are usually for rented rooms in houses or apartments. In this guide, you can learn how to use Airbnb in Australia.

Hostels in Australia

Staying in hostels in Australia is quite common, not only for students or the younger generation. Many retired professionals stay in hostels to save money in Australian cities. Over 140 hostels in Australia are part of the YHA (Youth Hostel Association), which is part of the International Youth Hostel Federation. There are also more than 150 franchises for the VIP backpackers resort.

Australia YHA

YHA is the largest Australian hostel association providing suitable accommodation in shared or female/male dorms. Many of them also provide twin rooms and family rooms. They offer 24-hour access, cooking facilities, a communal area with TV, laundry facilities, and larger hostels and travel offices. Remember that there is often a maximum stay period, which may vary from the lace, usually between 5 and 10 days. It would be best if you were a member of the above organisation to get their membership rates. You can read this article about the top 6 YHA hostels in Australia.


Hostelworld is the best search engine for all types of budget accommodation. In addition to excellent hostels, you can find B&Bs, family guest houses, farm stays, and more budget accommodations. Hostelworld has by far the largest pool of backpacker and boutique hostels from all over the world. It has a straightforward interface, and you can view discounted prices, too.

Renting a house in Australia

Another excellent accommodation option while travelling in Australia is to rent a house with a home away from home. This kind of accommodation suits small groups of friends or families.

If you plan to spend time and stay in Sydney or stay in Melbourne, you can rent a flat and use it as a base to explore the surrounding area. While you can do this at your own pace, you will enjoy the freedom of staying in a home. Moreover, it is also a way to save money on accommodation. You can check out these resources if you want to search online for an apartment or a room to rent. Another way for searching and finding good deals on rental houses or villas is the comparison site cozycozy.

House Swap in Australia

Last but not least, why not swap your home with someone else’s home while you are on holiday? This way of exchanging your house can add value to your Australian holiday. Not only do you not have to pay for accommodation while visiting Australia, but at the same time, you will also benefit from having a home while you are away from home. This is great, especially if you plan a long-term vacation in Australia. Or when you travel and work after retirement.

House Sitting In Australia

One more opportunity to stay for free is to house sit on your travels for people who are away for work or travel. That’s ideal if you are travelling long-term in Australia and want to stay at least 4-6 weeks with a community of locals. I have done house-sitting a few times and loved it.

Camping and Caravan Parks in Australia

Australia is indeed a country for camping and traveling by camper van. By hiring a camper or a caravan (house trailer), you can go anywhere, stop everywhere in national parks or urban camping, save money on traditional accommodation, and enjoy the freedom of sleeping outdoors. It’s also the best way to travel around Australia with your pet.

Campervanning in Australia is affordable. It will cost you less than an average hotel or accommodation if you are a family or group member. It can be the better way to travel in the Australian Outback, whether you do it for how long, for weeks, for a few days or just one night.

Camping in the Australian Outback, dining at a campfire and spending the night under millions of stars will reward you with an unforgettable experience. If you wish to hire a campervan or caravan, there are several prominent international companies from which you can choose, like Britz, Avis, Hertz or Mau, Apollo, and KEA.

The Best Accommodation Guides For Australian Cities

We have created a collection of Accommodation Guides for Solo Travellers in Australia and Overseas Travellers visiting Australia. We have hand-picked each hotel and apartment for you. These accommodation guides will save you hours of searching on the Internet. Check them out and find the perfect place to stay on Australian Trips.

A Guide To Melbourne’s Best Areas To Stay in

Best Areas And Places To Stay in Sydney

Where To Stay in Brisbane – The Best Hotels

Where To Stay In Gold Coast – Australia

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Save money on accommodation in Australia

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