Top 7 Australia Travel Apps to help make travel easier

Best Travel Apps to help you explore Australia

Once you have planned your trip to Australia, the next step is to prepare for explorations.

While there are still tons of information on paper, such as brochures, leaflets, maps, printouts, it is beneficial to have all information stored on one our device, either a smartphone, iPhone or tablet. Especially when travelling alone in Australia, travel apps help us make our solo explorations easier, smarter and safer.

Recently, I have been searching on the web and have come across a few interesting travel apps to use in Australia. Before delving into each travel app, here are a few notes on what to look for when searching for a travel app.

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Map Of Australia Travel App

What to look for when downloading new travel apps

On Google Play Store, there are tons of free travel apps available, and every day dozens are added to the list. But not all of them are good, though.

Before downloading apps, it is worth taking the time and read through the reviews to get the users’ feedback. While most apps are free, sometimes spending a few dollars may be a good investment. Travel apps tend to use up a lot of memory and internet connection, so you will have to choose carefully and install only those travel apps that you really need; this will avoid slowing down the navigation on your phone.

High responsiveness, functionality and clean interface are also important features that qualify for a good travel app. Another point worth mentioning is the ability to use the travel app offline. This is extremely helpful, as it will reduce the costs of an internet connection. In Australia’s rural areas, the internet often does not work efficiently, so having the offline option is greatly beneficial.

So, now let’s take a look at these free travel apps for Australia.

7  Free Travel Apps to make travel life easier

These 7 free travel apps will help you save time when finding your way in cities, searching for the most convenient way to get to your destination, road trip rural areas, or better communicate with the locals.

  • Map of Australia
    This is a relatively new and free travel app that allows you to turn detailed maps of all Australian cities and major rural areas into a GPS. You can use it offline, which is great. Reading the reviews from users looks like a great tool, and I can’t wait to try it out on my next trip.
  • City Maps 2 Go
    It is a great travel app for finding your way in Australian cities, with detailed maps that you can use offline. Maps come with attractions, insider tips, hotels and restaurants reviews and features.
  • TripGo
    This travel app helps you find your way to your destination. Just enter the name of your destination. In a few seconds, it provides all options, including public transport, a list of next trains and bus services and more options like taxi, car, motorbike, bicycle (including bike-sharing) and walking route. An alternative to TripGo is the Citymapper travel app.
  • WiFi-Finder
    In a country like Australia, internet connection is not something you can take for granted. Wifi-Finder is the best app that will help you quickly spot-free or paid hotspots everywhere. The new feature offers 550,000 hotspots in 144 countries, included Australia.

  • Wiki Camp
    The largest camping app in Australia lists over 14,000 sites, including Caravan Parks, Camp Sites, Backpacker Hostels, Information Centres and more places. You can use it for free for the first 14 days, and then you have to upgrade for 4,90 AUD for the full version.
  • Waze
    The largest community-based navigation apps with real-time traffic and road closures and alerts, accident reports and many more community-reported alerts. With over 2 million reviews, it is the most trusted traffic and navigation apps available on the internet. Alternatively, try the free OsmAnd Maps & Navigation.
  • I translate
    If you travel to Australia and don’t speak English, this is a must. This travel app translates words, phrases and whole sentences instantly into 50 different languages. The great feature is that it translates while you speak, and you can save the translated text and send it via email or copy it. I translate available also on Android.

These are my top 7 Travel Apps for Australia, available for smartphone and tablets.

Do you know any good free travel apps for Australia? Add your favourite one to this list here below. Thanks!

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