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ITALY Trip Planning Services



Are you going to travel solo to Italy soon? No worries! Italy is an easy country to get around. There is so much to see and do that you may feel overwhelmed with the wealth of things to do. Not knowing what to pick or spreading your time too thin can be fatal to your trip enjoyment.

Remember, there is always a next time! So focus one trip on your specific purpose, i.e. one area of Italy, specific interests like cultural, food, historical, natural, or combine all within one or two regions. It allows you to optimise the experience and not waste time researching when you are in Italy and moving from one destination to the next.

As a native of Italy and an experienced solo traveller, I know Italy pretty well and know there is a wealth of hidden treasures and information you cannot easily access when visiting overseas.

With my thoughtful considerations, I’ll provide you with all those essential key insights you need to have before visiting Italy, maximising your time and having an extraordinary time while exploring Bella Italia!

If you want my trip planning help and have questions, please fill in the form below or click this link.


I offer my customs Italy travel planning services to women solo travellers and couples who travel independently. Here below the two options. We first meet on Zoom for 1 hour approx for an in depth consultation and crafting a specific travel itinerary around the areas and activities that perfectly match your time, budget and what you expect from your Italy Trip. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me by filling in the below form.


If you need help for choosing destinations, activities, places to stay, experiences, local operated small group tours, and also refining your itinerary ideas for your Italy trip, this one-off consultation call and follow-up is the best for you.

We meet on Zoom for about 1 hour and we have an in-depth discussion about all aspects of your trip. If in doubt, I can help choose places to visit and the time to allocate to each destination so that you don’t waste precious time, and pick exactly those places and things to do that most resonates with your interests and travel style.


60 min Zoom Live Call
Wrap Up Via Email
3 follow-up via email

*This promotional price is valid for orders placed between the 15th of November to 15h of December and it is valid for 2 people and up to 3 weeks’ Italy Trip planning.



From when and where to go, to how to get around Italy, and what to do there. This option include the basic trip consultation and also the step-by-step travel plan with a detailed trip itinerary plan, plus useful links & resources.  Besides the Zoom Call, I will research for you places where to stay, specific tours or activities that you may want to do. You also get a PDF guide with your detailed itinerary with day-by-day activities and all links to resources and links for you to use.

60 min Zoom Live Call
Detailed Itinerary Breakdown Via Email + PDF
A personalised Rocky Travel Guide with resources & links
2 hours research for flights, hotels, tours, etc.
5 follow-up via email

*This promotional price is valid for orders placed between the 15th of November to 15h of December and it is valid for up to 2 people and up to 3 weeks’ Italy Trip planning.


If you have any questions, feel free to send in your inquiry by filling in this form here below, with the Title in the Subject line: Italy Trip Planning. This service is from Rocky Travel, and is part of the Rocky Travel Services

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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