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Why join me on my small group tours of Italy

​If you have been following me on the Rocky Travel Blog  for a while you may know that I am a solo travel addict.
I've been ​travelling alone for +25 years around the world and ​started ​my solo adventures in my 20s ​in Italy, ​my home country, where I came back to reside a while ago.
I have a love & hate relationship with Italy. I love the food, the culture and the fact that no matter where you are in Italy there is always a charming place round the corner to explore. But at the same time I hate the chaos and ​its complicated​ rules.
​This year I will be ​launching
my small group tours to ​Australia too​. But because many of you are from Australia and ​the U.S.A, some have asked why not add Italy Tours!
​​I'm thrilled about it and love the idea of ​​showing you my home country with the knowledge of an insider and - at the same time - seeing it through the eyes of a first-time traveller!

Michela Rocky Travel Tours

​Why Small Groups Tours to Italy

My guided tours of Italy are specially designed for the fit solo traveller who is +30 and loves to travel alone but also need a special boost of inspiration ​that only a small group of like-minded travellers can bring. While I will define the frame of each Small Group Tour​ of Italy, once the minimum number of 6 participants is achieved, I will work out on the details, according to your input (please send it via email).

​My Italy tours have a prevalence of outdoor and nature, as these ​are the core activities of the tours. However we might use a ferry for a day-trip to the Venice islands, or we will have private taxi for a transfer from A to B. Train travel is also included in the trip and tour itinerary.

I will be personally escorting all my Italy Tours​. When hiking in the Dolomites a trusted private mountain guide will join us to lead the hike. But apart from the main hiking trip, I ​will be running all walks in parks and ​cities.

What to expect from my Solo Group Tours of Italy 

We will be active in the nature and exploring the Italian mountains, mainly in the Prealps and the Venetian Dolomites. Next to walking in the nature and hiking in the mountains we will be ​discovering cities like Venice, Triest and more ​lovely villages and places of Northern Italy. Eating the most exquisite Italian food, getting to know the locals ​and making new friends will be part and parcel of my group tours.  ​

We will not be spending multiple days in museums ​, nor on food tours though. We will have a little bit of everything with a focus on the great outdoors. To sum it up how we will be spending the time together and give you an idea of the main activities, here is a rough breakdown of the tour: 50% outdoor, 30% italian cities and culture 20% italian food and wine hands-on experiences.

W​hom is the Italy Tour good for

​​An average good level of fitness is required, we will not be climbing nor doing any extreme sports, but you must be fit to walk and visit cities on foot ​as well as walking on signed hiking trails for 3-5 hours a day on 2 ​or 3 days of the tour length. ​

My Italy Tours are perfect for the Solo Traveller who love​s a good mix of outdoor adventures and cultural activities, getting to know the locals by exploring iconic attractions as well as less touristy places.

We will not be staying in hostels, ​but prefer cozy guesthouses like B&B and unique hotel locations, but on the overnight hikes we will be staying in ​basic mountain huts, so you must be flexible with this too.

Dates of my first Italy Tour

  • ​This first tour of Italy is taking p​lace from 8th to 15 th Jul​y 2018.​
  • ​It will start in Venice and end in Triest (border to Slovenia), which is well connecting by train and airport for your further travels. The tour is 7 nights 8 days.
  • ​I'll open the bookings for the Italy Tour in July, on March 15th and close them on 30th April.
  • ​The tour will be confirmed when a minimum of 5 participiant and/or a maximum of 8 is reached.
  • ​The rough tour itinerary can be forwarded upon request. Details can follow up and final itinerary ​will be sent on  registering.

​What if you would like to join

  • ​If interested, please send in your inquriy by contacting me here.
  • ​You will have to make all your overseas flight arrangements to and from Italy.
  • ​Payment of 500 USD or equivalent deposit is to be made​ by registering and latest​ on 30th April.
  • ​All terms and conditions ​will be  sent to you upon request.
  • You need to have a valid travel and medical insurance for Italy for the whole time of the tour ​ and stay in Italy.  For more info please check this page here.

​Interested? Want to learn more about my Small Group Tours to Italy?

Because I may have not covered everything on this page and the trip itinerary will be finalised in the next weeks, please fill in the form here below to receive ​updates and​ send in ​your questions. Thanks!

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