Why I love Australia

Travelling Solo and Falling in Love with Australia

In two years of travel blogging, I have often been asked: “Why I love Australia” and write about it. My answer has always been short and simple, because “I love Australia“. Now, this first Australia Blog Roundtable finally allows me to tell more about the reasons why I love Australia and what of Australia fascinates me.

Why I Love Australia
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As you probably know, I am not Australian, nor have I lived in the land DownUnder.

The only way I have experienced Australia is as a Solo Traveller.

My travel stories began in 2004 with a 2-month solo backpacking trip around Australia during a gap year. A fascinating journey that surprisingly also marked the beginning of a series of life-changing experiences.

Thinking about Australia, lots of positive emotions swirl with self: freedom, peacefulness, creativity, happiness, contentment, inspiration.

Here is a recap of +15 years of solo travel adventures as a solo traveller of Australia.

Why do I love Australia?

I love Australia because of its Nature, not only because of its spectacular beauty but especially for the energy produced. The physical, mental and emotional boost I can get just from being there is immense. It does not have to be in the remote areas of central Australia or the deep rainforest.

Everywhere in Australia, I can find a place to unwind and quickly reconnect with nature.

Even with a short drive from the city, I can immerse myself in the most pristine natural environment, helping my body regain shape and restore the inner balance.

For me, Australian nature is an excellent way of detoxifying and, at the same time, nurturing my soul.

Lush Green Kakadu National Park
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I love Australia because of the Australian people. When I travel, I love meeting the Locals. I want to learn how people live; I love to listen to their stories, what matters to them. I like to find out about their lifestyle and their culture.

There is no other place like Australia, where this process naturally happens all the times. People’s friendly and down-to-earth approach and their quirky sense of humour make it easy for me to mingle with Aussies and be part of the local community life.

Either in the outback, a rural area or the cities, I have always experienced a sincerely warm welcome, and often strangers offered me help even when I had not asked for it. I appreciate that’s something I appreciate, which is also why Australia is my favourite place for my solo travels.

Travelling Solo Australia
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I love Australia because of the freedom, lightness and safety that reign everywhere. I love the way I feel good when travelling around Australia. It truly opens my heart and makes me feel in harmony with myself and also with othersโ€”feeling safe while travelling is my biggest priority when I am on the road. It’s absolutely a priceless feeling. And that’s why I keep going back to Australia.

The Australian Outback Colours
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I love Australia because of the inspiration I get from the Australian outback. I love the isolation, the solitude, the emptiness of the Australian outback. I cannot get enough of the colourful Outback canvas: its deep blue sky, its rugged red earth, its diverse vegetation, from lush green to a golden brown.

I love spotting kangaroos hooping away in the distance, admiring the sight over the vast expanse of the outback plains. I love the magnificent outback sunsets. I love to wake up in the outback by screeching corellas and the crispy air caressing my hair. The list could go on and on.

I love Australia because I start visualising what I can do and see on my next visit every time I discover a new place. I love Australia because the more I visit, the more my passion for this country grows. I sometimes think my love for Australia has turned into a sort of “addiction”, but I am not sure whether there is a cure for it.

Australian Rainbow Lorikeets
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My travels around Australia are full of positive emotions and inspirational life experiences that fuelled my energy and enthusiasm to venture into the (for me) unknown world of travel blogging. After leaving corporate life in 2009, the result was a web Australia travel guide for independent and solo travellers.

I like to think of Rocky Travel as “the creature” produced Why I love Australia.

Even though over 17000 km separate me from Australia, I know that my solo travel adventures in Australia are still in their infancy, yet there is much to learn and experience.

I look forward to my forthcoming trips in the future to uncover more places and add more life experiences and fun to my discovery journey.

I hope the Australian stories and tips I share on the Guide to Solo Travel in Australia will trigger your wanderlust and inspire you to discover this fantastic Australian place.

And I hope you will Australia as I do.

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