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Michela Fantinel

Michela is a passionate traveller and outdoor enthusiast who has travelled solo for +35 years between Italy, Australia, South East Asia and more countries. Through her adventures and knowledge, she has been inspiring and helping women over 50 to travel solo and independently. Michela is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rocky Travel & Tours For Over 50.


  1. Sara
    May 6, 2017 @ 5:39 pm

    i loved road tripping in Australia. I loved in Queensland, driving up from the sunshine coast to 1770, that there were spots to stop for free coffee to keep you alert when driving long distances. More places should adopt them.


    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 9, 2017 @ 5:23 pm

      I know of those places offering free coffee, I love Aussie-friendliness and yes I agree with you: more places should adopt it. Thanks for stopping by and safe travels!


    • Steve
      May 28, 2017 @ 1:36 pm

      The free coffee sounds interesting Sara, traveling solo indeed is fun experience indeed. This blog post is perfect to find tips for successful solo trips. You only needs right information before hitting the the road. Just to add and for sure everyone will be benefiting on this, when someone hit you or accident is not your fault, you are entitled to accident replacement car. It is by the law, and you deserve to continue your journey with out any delays. Indeed, Australia is perfect place to travel for all your family, friends and you alone itself.


  2. Ryan Biddulph
    May 9, 2017 @ 8:40 am

    I just met someone in Thailand who lived in the Outback for 6 months. She shared images of all types of roadkill, from huge emu looking things to lizards to everything under the sun. Definitely a no-no, driving in that region around times when wildlife is super active because many don’t seem to have quite the fear of autos you figure they may have. Guess it happens because these animals live in the middle of nowhere. Smart tips Michela 🙂



    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 9, 2017 @ 5:34 pm

      On some Outback areas wildlife roadkill is massive, I was shocked when I witnessed it on a bus trip from Exmouth to Broome. I once drove (alone) at night in the Outback and regretted. Thanks God nothing happened along the way but since then after sunset it’s “finito” with driving”.


  3. Carol
    May 13, 2017 @ 8:04 pm

    I’m from the western US which has some similar terrain as Australia. And road tripping is the only way to go. Great tips.


  4. Jenn and Ed Coleman
    May 13, 2017 @ 9:32 pm

    All solid road trip ideas. Solo travel on the road requires an extra degree of attention because, the more impaired (re: tired) you get, the worse judge you are of your capabilities. Great tip that you can download Google Maps. This has helped us any number of times. I would go on to add a few points of interest before you leave reception. That way, you can see your blue dot approach waypoints that you understand.


    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 20, 2017 @ 9:45 am

      Thanks Jenn and Ed. Getting tired when driving alone is one of the things I like less. There is no one that can swap drive with you, this obviously makes the journey slower but I found it interesting because it forces me to slow down and savour every single moment of the road trip, the ups and downs too.


  5. Hazel Tolentino
    May 14, 2017 @ 3:22 pm

    I was just thinking of revisiting Australia and go on roadtrips! Thank you for sharing this! I think I need to give driving a try.


  6. Chrysoula
    May 14, 2017 @ 4:46 pm

    Very useful tips on driving in Australia, driving there is completely different from Europe and the distances are huge. I love the idea of organizing a road trip around the main cities and how that can save you money.


  7. Claudia
    May 15, 2017 @ 9:49 pm

    I love a good road trip! I’ll keep these tips handy for the day I head to Australia. It’s a big country to tackle by car I’m sure. 😉


  8. Brianna
    May 16, 2017 @ 2:15 am

    Driving someplace as massive as Australia can be daunting but completely worth it. These are great tips!


  9. Jenna
    May 17, 2017 @ 5:37 am

    We love road trips and would really enjoy taking one in Australia! Great tips, especially about not driving in the outback at night. The thing we are always most worried about is driving on the opposite side of the road–it’s always such a challenge, lol! Definitely would be worth it tough! 🙂


    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 20, 2017 @ 9:39 am

      Hi Jenna, I know a few things about challenges on the road in Australia and I can tell you that driving on the left is the least. In Australia you really must pay attention to wildlife and driving at night is really a no-go in Outback regions. Once you know what you can and can’t do then a road trip in Australia is one of the most thrilling experience really worth trying.


  10. Jennifer
    May 17, 2017 @ 11:21 pm

    I love road trips, though road trips are always more fun with a friend or significant other. You keep each other awake when the drives are long and there is just safety in numbers if and when things go wrong. I’ve done solo road trips, but Australia probably isn’t a place I’d be comfortable just because of the remoteness.


    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 20, 2017 @ 9:34 am

      I can relate to that too. In the beginning, I couldn’t think of driving by myself to remote areas of Australia, not even around cities, but once I started with small road trips in rural areas, I found it so empowering. Solo travel is getting out of my comfort zone and growing by pushing myself further. Here is a complete guide to driving tips for tourists in Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Trisha Velarmino
    May 20, 2017 @ 9:17 am

    Roadtrip is a good idea for Australia! But I’d rather have a travel buddy drive for me so I am going to let others know of these tips. LOL. I enjoy being on the passenger seat and take photos along the road.


    • Rocky Travel Australia
      May 20, 2017 @ 9:28 am

      Solo travel is very much getting out of your comfort zone and I found that travelling alone on road trips is very much part of it, at least for me: Definitely not something for everyone!


  12. Jungie Gumiran
    May 21, 2017 @ 8:03 am

    I’ve never been to a solo drive before. It scares me. But who knows i’ll be left with no choice. This will be useful to me someday.


  13. David
    July 28, 2017 @ 8:22 am

    I love solo drives…just singing along to any song while hitting the road. Fun indeed. Useful tips there, thanks.


  14. Nathan
    November 26, 2017 @ 7:12 am

    These are excellent road trip tips. Though solo driving can sound daunting, nothing beats the experience of visiting places all by yourself & solo driving plays a major role in your overall experience. By considering the tips in the article you will end up getting all the experience that you require.


  15. Lisa
    January 17, 2018 @ 5:47 am

    A perfect guide for solo travelers. All that important aspects that really need to know about any travel you have covered here. I am a solo traveler and I have been to most of the places in India, it is not only my interest as I just love doing this and visiting new places. Before this, you can’t even expect me to be a solo traveler but now I purely manage myself and get out of all those situations. Thanks for the awesome tips for solo travelers.


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