Australia Travel Tips

Travel Tips for the independent Traveller in Oz

Travelling in Australia is easier than what you may think.  However in order to maximise your time you need to plan accurately in advance what you want to do and how to want to do it.

This means starting your research online a good time ahead.  I have created this list of useful list of travel tips to help you get started with your Australia Trip Planning.

Australia Travel Tips

Tips for your Australia Itinerary

This is based on 13 years of solo travels in Australia. It gives you an insight of what I do and how I organize my Australia trip.  Thes tips will save you hours and weeks of research on internet.

If you need additional help you can ask a question (please submit only specific questions), I will answer your question within 48-72 hours.

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Your Australia Itinerary Compact Guide

Step-by-step Australia travel planner

Australia Itinerary Ideas

5 Travel Hacks for the Australia Itinerary

13 Things not to do when travelling to Australia

Travel Hacking Tips for planning your trip to Australia

These links help find the best travel resoursces when planning your trip to Australia. From how to find the cheapest flights to Australia to booking rental cars for a road trip adventure, to finding the most suitable accommodation. These tips are the result of years of first-hand experience.

How to find cheap flights to Australia

How to find the perfect Australia Travel Insurance

How to book car rentals in Australia with no upfront payment 

The best travel websites for domestic flights in Australia

Find the best accommodation deals with these top travel websites

Get Your Australia Itinerary Book

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Solo travel Tips for discovering Australia on your own

As you may already know, if you have browsed through Rocky Travel Blog, I advocate Solo travel because this is how I love to travel Australia. Down Under is a great destination for solo travellers.  Travelling alone however it is not always easy. Next to be well organized, you also need a good dose of self-confidence. Here below you find my solo travel tips and inspiration to create your solo travel adventure around Australia.

The essential Guide for Solo Travel to Australia

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Where to stay as a Solo Traveller

Best places to travel alone Australia

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11 Tips for staying with Airbnb as a solo Traveller

Solo Driving Tips for the first time traveller in Australia

Travel Tips for getting around Australia

I know how challenging it is to figure ou the best way to get around Australia. The perpetual struggle to save money on transportation. These tips help you identify destinations for which it would be more sensible to fly. From how to book domestic flights to how to find the best car rental deals to when to choose alternative ways of transport in Australia.

A Guide to Road Tripping Australia

Tips for driving to Uluru

Travel Hacking for cheap domestich flights

Why Discover Australia by train

Across the Australian Outback on the Indian Pacific

Tips for the Trip Preparation

From how to pack for Australia on how to quickly recover from jet lag, on the following posts you find useful tips to help with travel packing. These will help you reduce stress, as well as maintain healthy eating habits in Australia.

Packing Tips for travelling light Australia

What to wear when travelling Australia

25 Tips to reduce Stress on the first day of Travel to Australia

How to quickly recover from jet lag 

How to maintain healthy eating tips when travelling Australia

Travel Safety Tips for Australia

Australia is a wonderful country but because of its untouched nature and wilderness it often conceals hazards and dangers that are unknown to most international travellers. This does not mean that Australia is a dangerous country, on the contrary I would say it is a safe country. However to fully enjoy your Australia trip you must get acquainted with the country's peculiarities.

These tips will help you get familiar with Australia's natural environment.

Driving in Australia – what you need to know

Safety Tips for driving in the Outback

Safety Tips at the australian beaches

Safe Travel Australia

Dangerous Animals in Australia

I hope the above list of Australia Travel Tips help you get started with the next travel planning steps.

If you want to ask a question, please feel free to do so, get in touch with me, I will answer your specific questions.

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