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All Australia Tours For Solos

Why go on Tours in Australia

Going on Tours is part of any trip when travelling around Australia. Travelling by yourself is the most exciting thing you can do, but at times, it can be challenging, also to the most experienced travellers.

Going on tours can be a rewarding way of discovering Australia’s remote areas and sometimes it can be the best way of exploring a place at all.

In fact, some remote wilderness areas, in the Australian Outback and the deep rainforest can only be accessed by local tour operators and indigenous people who are authorized to manage those places.

They are the only who can guarantee the conservation of the fragile eco-system, thus protecting its environment. While on the other hand, they make sure they can transfer their knowledge and cultural traditions to visitors in a very authentic way. So there are benefits of joining a tour to experience authentic Australia.

Why travelling around Australia on Tours?

That being said, there are many reasons for choosing to explore Australia on tour or maybe combining both tours to independent travels. Many people prefer joining a tour rather than travelling independently. It is more relaxing and almost no work and no stress.

Alone the trip planning is a lot of work that you must be prepared to do by yourself or eventually get proper help from trusted travel planning services.

Some people cherish to travel in style, some love to have a break after a camping trip or a road trip or want to get to know new people and love the idea of travelling in a small group with like-minded travellers.

Australia indeed offers the most diverse types of tours that are hard to beat.

The choice of tours in Australia is big. From international to Australian based tour operators to independent privately owned local tour companies, you are spoilt for choice. While travellers may be motivated to explore a country on tours by different reasons, they all seem to have something in common. And travellers want to experience the uniqueness of a place through the eyes of the locals.

That added-value of the live-experience that only a local tour guide has. The precious knowledge about a place, the firsthand knowledge of the tradition and culture, makes the real difference. This is something that cannot be found on any travel books.

Either cultural, food tours, adventure or speciality tours, everyone wants to learn from the locals what is unique about the place they are visiting.

Tips for choosing the right Australia Tours

So far, so good. To choose an Australia tour as a way of exploring a place sounds a pretty good idea. But when it comes to choosing the right tour, it is not as easy as it may seem at first, especially for international travellers who need to spend hours and invest much of their time searching for sites and reading travellers reviews.

Most of the times, choosing a tour can be overwhelming. In fact, there are so many questions about group travel. And not to all there is always an answer.

Why not Travel with Me in my Small Group Tours of Australia

After many years of solo travels in Australia, I have gained a deep knowledge of this big country. I know all the pros and cons of setting off on your own, while having the luxury of going on a tour takes you off the burden of planning, organizing the trip. Furthermore choosing the best places to visit in Australia and the right things to do is also not easy.

That’s why I have set up my own tours of Australia for the solo traveller.

If you want to learn more about how you can travel with me and sign up for updates about the upcoming Rocky Travel Tours, enter your name and email address here below on the opt-in box.

You will be notified of the upcoming small group tours that I will be running from the end of this year 2018.

Check out my Small Group Tours of Australia

What key factors make a good tour for Australia?

How do you compare companies before booking your Australia Tours? How do you make sure to pick the tour that is good value for your money?  I have put together a few tips to keep you on track while searching for good-value Australian Tours.

Use good websites that compare all available tours. Depending on the type of tour you are searching, these are the best 3 booking sites to recommend booking Australia Tours.

TourRadar is a comparison website that operates in Europe, Australia and America. This is a short of scanner for multiple-days tours worldwide. They search across a big pool of tour operators from the most known names to small boutique tour companies. This is an excellent website if you want to go for at least 10 days or a couple of weeks tour around Australia. Check out their current Travel Deals Page:

GetYourGuidebest international travel website that searches thousands of day-trips all over the world. Australia is the best tool for brainstorming top-rated day-tours across the country. They keep adding new tours every day, so check them out regularly.

  • Select 2-3 tours that match your criteria and then drill down. Take a closer look at each tour.
  • Check carefully what the selected tours cover and not cover: meals, drinks, extras, etc.
  • Use a checkbox for important things such as travel style, many travellers in the group, level of fitness required; activities included free time, etc.
  • Look for online tour reviews by travellers on Social Media like Facebook, TripAdvisor. Some websites do have a review page where travellers can leave their testimonial about the tour too.
  • Ask friends and fellow travellers for referrals and value word-of-mouth recommendations.

All Tours of Australia

Here are some Australian tours that were a good investment; you can read my review when clicking on the links below.

Australia Day Tours For Solos

An Eco-Snorkeling Tour on the Great Barrier Reef
I really enjoyed this kids-free snorkelling tour in a small group of 12. Starting from Port Douglas, we headed out on a beautiful eco-catamaran to Low Isle, where we formed two guided-groups of people and snorkelled close to the shore. The sailing trip included sunset and champagne!

Margaret River Wine Tour
One of the best wine & food tours I had in South Western Australia. If you want a passionate,  knowledgeable local to show you the Margaret River Wineries and the best local produce, this is the tour.

Barossa Valley Food Experience
I went on this day trip from Adelaide. I really enjoyed my time, visited 5 wineries and learnt so much about the Barossa region from the tour guide.

Lake Argyle River Cruise
This is another great day-tour in the Australian Outback. Excellent if you love sunsets and want to explore the Eastern Kimberley.

A scenic flight over the Bungle Bungles
This is not a cheap day-tour, but if you are on a tight schedule from Kununurra, you can visit the Bungle Bungles on a day with a flight + walking tour Purnunulu National Park.

Top Australian Outback Tours that you are unlikely to do on your own

Flinders Ranges Outback Tour
I went on a 3-day Outback Adventure to explore this remote area of South Australia: One of the most ancient Outback Areas of Australia. Can highly recommend it if you haven’t been to this area before. It’s huge, and you will save lots of time and hassle with this local tour operator who has been around for over 35 years.

A 4WD Adventure from Cairns to Cooktown
I spent 2 days from Cairns to Cooktown on a four-wheel adventure.

A 4WD Kimberley Adventure
Crossing the Kimberley from Broome to Kununurra was an epic adventure tour I can recommend to first-time travellers to North-Western Australia. It’s almost impossible to explore this area alone, even if you are an expert four-wheel-driver.

This page will be updated regularly with new resources and tips for finding the best Australia Tours.

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First published in 2013, last updated in Jan 2021

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