Australia Travel Visa

All you need to know about the Australia Travel Visa

If you wish to travel Down Under you need a Travel Visa, no matter where you are from. If you are visiting Australia as a tourist it will be very easy to get an Australian Visa.

Depending on the country you come from the visa application process varies. The most common Australia travel visas are the ETA Australia (Electronic Travel Authority) and the Australian Tourist Visa which you get from the Australian embassy.

How to apply for an Australia Travel Visa


What is the ETA Australia and who is it for?

The ETA Australia is an Australian Travel Visa that is issued electronically and allows to stay 3 months. The Australia tourist visa is valid for a period of 3 months and can be extended for the same time of period up to a maximum stay of 12 months, but you need to exit Australia to renew it for 3 months each time.

Do US citizens need a visa for Australia?

Yes you do. And the ETA is the online travel visa that you can get very quickly and with no fuss. The cost is 20 AUD.

The ETA Travel Visa next for US citizens is for more nationalities, except Europeans who can apply for a free evisitor visa.

Many Australian travel visas allow also multiple entry, i.e. you can stay in Australia for 3 months. After the period of 3 months you need to leave the country and go to New Zeland or another country to then enter again for 3 more months.  You can do this within a period of max. 12 months and it allows you to stay in Australia as long as your tourist visa expires.

You can start your ETA application online here.

What is the evisitor visa

If you are from the EU you will need to apply for an eVisitor Visa, this link will take you directly to the Australian Immigration website. First of all check out whether you are eligible for a free eVisitor Visa.  EU citizens can apply for eVisitor visa by filling in a form online, here is the  link to the eVisitor application form.

On this page you can read about what the e-Visitor Visa lets you do  and who can apply for it. If unsure check out the Visitor Visa Option Page so that you get an insight about all types of visas to Australia and go through the FAQ. The eVisitor is a free visa for all European Citizens!

The evisitor is for 3 month-visit but you will receive one that is valid for 12 months, which means you can enter Australia as many time as you want, within the 12 months from the date of issue, as long as you are not staying longer than 3 months on each visit.

What if you want to do long-term Travel in Australia?

In the case you are travelling for a long period, let's say between 3-12  months, you may want to check out the subclass 600 visa, which is aimed for travellers who are visiting Australia for a longer period than 3 months. You can also check out the site page for longer than a visit to Australia.

What else do you need to know about Travel Visas for Australia

With a travel visa to Australia you cannot work! If you intend to go to Australia for work, you will find more information about Australia Work and Travel if you are aged 18-30.

f you want general information about how you can work in Australia and the relevant type of work visa you will need, check out the work visas for Australia page.

Travel Visa Application for multiple destinations

What if you are planning a long-term trip with multiple destinations. You will need to apply for a travel visa for each individual country, so it may make sense to consult an online visa application service that looks after all all applications for you. This could be a good choice if you are going to visit China or other destinations where the application is not so straightforward and a bit tricky.

It makes sense to have a trusted service that guarantees the visa is processed with no problems and you get it before travelling. Find out how you can apply for your visa online.

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