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All About Campervan Holiday in Australia

If you want to spend a campervan holiday in Australia and explore the country, Australia offers a wealth of itinerary ideas and endless possibilities.

From remote Outback destinations to stunning coastal stretches on the East and West Coast, national parks, and tropical rain forests.

You can also find detailed itinerary ideas for Australia for travelling with a campervan.

Campervans Holiday Rentals in Australia
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All About Renting Campervans in Australia

If you have a time frame of 4-6 weeks and love a more relaxed pace for your explorations in Australia, then renting a campervan is probably the best way of getting around Australia.

It also depends on the route you have in mind and the kind of experience you have in mind.

Travelling inland to Australia’s heart or along the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns or on the West Coast from Perth to Broome is one of the classic campervan itineraries that everyone would like to experience.

This guide will show you how to find the best deals and what you need and how to choose the best-suited camper.

What you should consider when travelling Australia in a Campervan

  • You are travelling with a companion or in a small group.
  • The road trip itinerary is at least 1000 km to travel over 7 days time frame.
  • You want to save on accommodation in Australia and have a more relaxed pace.
  • To hire a campervan, there is a minimum of 7 days for One-Way Campervan hire in Australia.
  • You need to pay a deposit 6 weeks before the camper pick-up.
  • Additional camper insurance is necessary for travelling around Australia by camper.
  • You should be familiar with the basic campervan essentials and the kind of experience.

How to Find Cheap Campervans in Australia

There are many campervan companies and comparison sites. I can recommend DriveNow for the best camper prices comparison and booking online. This site provides a wide range of vehicles and companies country-wide. With monthly deals with discounted campervans up to 75% country-wide. Furthermore, it also offers campervan deals for New Zealand.

The same for hiring a car, you can use the site with fast and easy searches to compare and find the best camper for your Australian adventure. Booking is Online, and the deposit payment has to take place 6 weeks before the camper pick-up.

When to book a campervan?

As a rule of thumb, you should try to book between 2 and 3 months in advance.
This is the minimum time frame to get good prices and also strike a sale. The closer to your travel dates, the higher the prices and the lower the availability of all camper-types. So plan well and carefully to save on campervan prices.

If you plan a campervan holiday in the summertime, during school holidays, Christmas and public holidays, it is highly recommended to start searching at least between 4-5 months ahead. This is the only way to secure campervans at a reasonable price.

Campervan Types

Australia is a top destination for campervan holidays, which are beloved by the locals too. This means that they get booked out quickly. There are many types of campervan vehicles to choose from, suit all different kinds of needs, the length of the itinerary and type of roads and landscapes you will be driving through and the type of adventure you are looking for.

Here below a list with all the things you should consider for choosing the right campervan for Australia.

Campervan Holiday – How to choose the right camper for Australia

  • Small Camper 2-Berth
    The 2-Berth Camper is ideal for a couple or a family with 1 child. Most of these campers have an equipped kitchen, Aircon for driver’s cabin, and inside the camper. Some have shower and toilet and extra adds-on like TV and DVD connection.
    You can check out more details of the Britz Camper 2 Berth no shower.
  • Outback 4WD-Camper
    The main difference lies between a 4WD-Van, and a standard campervan is an engine that allows you to drive on unsealed gravel roads in the Outback. You will need one of these Outback Vans if you plan to drive across North West Australia or some remote areas in the Red Centre Centre and the country. They are excellent vans for all rugged terrains, and some of them also have a tent that you can put up on to of the roof. This is the ideal camper for 2 to 4 people looking for a real Outback Campervan holiday in Australia.
    More info here: Britz 4WD Safari Camper.
  • Motorhomes
    Motorhomes are larger campervans, and these are suited for a group of 6 people. Furthermore, they offer higher comfort and quality equipment. Complete equipped kitchens, top showers and bathroom, modern Wi-Fi, TV and DVD connections, larger water tanks etc. All campervans in Australia are Diesel. I’d recommend using an automatic campervan for an easy drive especially if you are not used to links-drive. More info: Luxus-Camper with 6-berth

MY TIP: At times you can get a Luxus-Campervan at a discounted price and cheaper than a standard camper. So it is advisable to carry out several searches and comparison to find a good deal.

8 Tips for Booking Campervans in Australia

To have an accurate camper comparison here, my best tips on how to go through step-by-step:

  • Early-Bird Camper Booking
    This is essential if you want to grab a good deal and secure the lowest camper prices. Australians love their summer campervan holidays, and they book them early. So bear in mind to book at least 3-4 months ahead if you plan to travel during school holidays.
  • Don’t forget booking the Powered Sites
    If you travel by camper around Australia in high season, you need to book in advance. And you can do it before leaving for all booked campsites.
  • Pay Road Tolls Online
    Depending on the camper itinerary that you have picked, you are likely to pay road tolls, so it’s better to open a road toll account online for fast pay.
  • When to fill up your camper
    The best days to fill up the campervan is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with the lowest Diesel prices.
  • Plan stops when driving campervans.
    It would help if you planned a stop every 100 km at any resting areas. Also, every 2 hours driving you should swap the drive with your travel companions.
  • Daily Campervan Routes
    There is a lot to see in Australia, wherever you go, and even in the Outback regions, you will be amazed at how much you can do and see. So plan enough time for your routes. And never underestimates the long distances in Australia.
  • Campervan with Aircon
    In the summertime, you will need campervans with air-conditioning. This is very important to survive the heat and the high humidity typical of the tropical and sub-tropical regions in Northern Australia.

Here is a link to the page with all campervan brands available in Australia.


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First published in June 2012, last updated in Jan 2021

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