Australia Travel Tips

Australia Travel Tips for Independent Travellers

Travelling around Australia is easier than what you may think.  However in order to maximise your time you need to plan accurately in advance Australia Travel Plannerwhat you want to do and how to want to do it.

This means starting your research online a good time ahead.  I have created this list of travel tips to help you get started with your Australia Trip Planning.

Travel Tips to create the Australia Itinerary

This is based on my own travel experience in Australia. It gives you an insight of what I do and how I organize my travels around Australia. Efficient and simple travel planning tips to use all the times. They will save you hours and evenings of research in internet. Click on the links below to learn more abou them.

When is the best time to travel Australia

Tips on how to create your own itinerary in 7 steps

10 Golden Rules for travelling independently in Australia

7 Budget Travel Tips

Firsthand Travel Tips to create your own itinerary

Juicy Australia Travel Tips to plan your trip around Australia

Tips for finding cheap flights to Australia

Tips for buying Australia Travel Insurance

Tips for booking car rental in Australia with no upfront payment

If these trip planning tips are not sufficient you can find a complete selection of travel resources for Australia on this page HERE.

Solo travel Australia

I advocate solo travel because it it how I love to travel. Australia is a great destination for solo travellers.  Travelling alone however it is not always easy, next to be well organized you also need a good dosis of self-confidence. On these posts you find tips, personal stories and inspiration for your solo travel adventures around Australia.

New great ways to travel for Single Travellers

The essential Guide for Women Travelling Alone

Tips for travelling alone in Australia

My solo travel experience in Australia

Why travelling alone Australia

Why I love Australia

Why Stay in Australian Hostels

Destination Tips for Australia

These tips will help you maximise your time and make the most of a specific destinations in Australia.

Tips for Visiting Uluru

Road Trips for North Tropical Queensland

Why visit Kings Canyon Australia

Tour of Kakadu National Park

Travel Tips for the Trip Preparation

From how to pack for Australia on how to quickly recover from jet lag, on the following posts you find useful tips to help you find advice on packing and getting quickly used to the Australian weather.

23 Packing Tips for travelling light Australia

What to wear when travelling Australia

Suitcase or backpack Australia

How to quickly recover from jet lag

How to stay healthy when travelling  Australia

Travel Safety Tips for Australia

Australia is a wonderful country but beacuse of its untouched nature and wilderness it often conceals hazards and dangers that are unknown to most international travellers. This does not mean that Australia is a dangerous country, on the contrary I would say it is a safe country. However to fully enjoy this country you must get acquainted with its peculiar

Safe Travel Australia

Safety Tips for driving in the Outback

Safety Tips at the australian beaches

Dangerous Animals in Australia

For more information click on the links below to find a complete list of travel resources for Australia and how to get help with the Australia Trip Planning

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