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Interesting Australia Facts

On this page you read about curios Australia Facts. Australia is the the world's flattest continent with the lowest population density in the world. It's about the same size of the USA and 50% larger thanCurios Australia Facts Europe. Australia is a land of stunning contrasts, of natural wonders with the most diversified climate and enviroment, from unspoiled beaches, tropical rainforest, rugged mountains ranges, to vast desert areas.

The  Australian Outback represents most of the inner land and is usually referred to the Australia's heart. Here you can explore immense desert areas with shining red sand and white salt pans, colourful vegetation and refreshing gorges as well as impressive rock formations.

Australian climate varies according to the region. It ranges from mild temperate in the southern areas to the driest and hottest desert climate in the centre, up to the the northern regions with tropical wet and dry seasons. Australia is surronded by sea on all sides and its coastline stretches for almost 25thousand km, with over 10thousand beaches. Click here to learn more about the best Australian beaches.

Australian People and Australian Culture

Australian-People-and-CultureAustralia has a population of nearly 24 millions, which is made mostly of immigrants. Waves of people came over after the II World War from Italy, Greece, south east Asia, China and Middle East. Next to English the most spoken languages are in fact Italian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic, making of Australia a unique a rich multicultural population, a unique blend of fascinating stories and cultures which is the distinctive caracter that ties the Australian nation together. Australian people are relaxed, friendly and always offering a warm welcome to visitors.

Australia is one of the most urbanized country in the world. About 85% of Australians live concentrated in the cities and along the eastern coast, or in the western coast in Perth and just outside the city. Roughly 12 million people live within a short drive from the ocean, thus making of the beach and all related recreational activities are an integral part of Australians leisure time.

The outdoor lifestyle plays an important role for Australian people. While you are there on holiday you will notice how much Australians enjoy living outdoor: the beaches, the BBQs, the arts and music. Moreover they are very much fond of sports. Any place you go you will soon get to know about the local sport events.

According to an estimate in Australia there are over 100 national sport organizations and thousands of local, regional and state ones. Almost 1/3 or Australian are practising sports. Australians indeed do have a passion for getting the most out of life.

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Australia's Flora and Fauna – A paradise for birds lovers

Australia is a real paradise for wildlife and nature lovers especially for bird lovers. In Australia you can find around 800 species of birds,400 of these unique to this country. Among these you find 55 species of parrots. One of the more cacracteristics Australian birds is the kookaburra, which is the most famous Australia's kingfisher, you can easily recognize by its characteristic laughter. Australia wildlife cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The Australian Wildlife is one of the iconic attractions that drive people from all over the world.

The Australian marine enviroment also represents one of the largest gathering of marine biodiversity on earth. 80% of Australia's marine species are unique to Australia. About 25thousands species of plants, from living fossils to beautiful wildflowers cover huge areas of Australia. In Western Australia alone there are over 12thousands species of them, which evolved during millions of years of Australia's isolation from the rest of the world.

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