A Scenic Flight Over Sydney

To experience Sydney from the air, a scenic helicopter flight has always been on my list. And it should be on your list too. But somehow, for a long time, I could not fulfil this dream. Either I was turned down because no one else joined me on my scenic flight over Sydney.

As a solo traveller in Australia, you don’t have many chances. You need to have 2 people, at least, to be able to fly. That’s one of the cons of travelling alone.

Sydney Scenic Flight
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For one reason or the other, it has been pretty difficult for me to live the thrilling experience of a scenic flight above Sydney on my solo trips in Australia. But finally, my dream to experience Sydney from the air came true. Here you can book a 30 minutes scenic flight over Sydney.

Why go on a flight over Sydney Harbour

Above and Beyond Sydney
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I was so excited when I got the confirmation I could fly over to Sydney. It all happened within a few hours, and I could not believe this time I could see Sydney from above.

On a Saturday morning, the helicopter flight over the Sydney Harbour was scheduled for 10.00 am. Clear sky, a beautiful sunny morning, the perfect weather conditions you need to enjoy the view from the air. We left from Mascot Airport in Sydney, close to the domestic flight airport.

The flight ride was extremely smooth, and that surprised me. I imagined the wind would make the ride a bit bumpy; instead, it was a very smooth flight. It was as comfortable as sitting on a sofa. I have a fear of heights, but on the helicopter, I felt safe and comfortable.

What is it like to view Sydney from above

To see Sydney from the air perspective is absolutely stunning. You cannot realize the harbour’s shape and beauty until you have seen it from the air. A helicopter flight is definitely the best way to experience it and fully enjoy this natural iconic landmark’s greatness. The photos speak for themselves and show you the beauty of Sydney Harbour from the air.

The helicopter takes you in a few minutes over the Sydney Harbour, where you can see little and numerous bays and inlets that you will not be able to see from the ground.

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Moreover, you can view the amazing huge cliff walls, just past Bondi beach and see how close houses are located over the cliff, and it is absolutely amazing. The highlight of the day was the natural waterfall formed by the abundant rains within these coastal cliffs. Not many people know about it, nor have they had the chance of seeing it live from the air.

Sydney lighthouse
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One of the most exciting parts of the scenic flights is when the helicopter gets close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It is really stunning to view it from the top, and I think it is something that one should do once in a lifetime. It was a pity that we could not get any closer and fly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Air traffic on that morning was heavy over Sydney, and we could not get the “green light” to fly any closer. There are the photos I could take from the air with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge beyond in the background.

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Is a scenic helicopter flight over Sydney worth the money

I was thrilled to have this experience and see Sydney from above. Flying alone is, of course, not inexpensive, and most of the times, you will need a companion to be able to fly. If you check out online, you may find a deal for a shared scenic flight. You may be able to find coupons and discounts on certain days at a certain time of the day too.

A scenic flight over Sydney adds extra value and a deeper knowledge of the city that will undoubtedly make you want to explore more of its surroundings. You get to see the splendid Sydney Harbour from the air, with breathtaking views of the rugged coastline between Bondi and Manly.

If you are adventurous, you may want to consider trying out more things.

In this post, you can learn about all the fun Sydney activities.

Check details and book your scenic flight over Sydney

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Last updated in March 2021

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