Car Hire in Australia

If you are planning a road trip in Australia you will need to hire a rental car, unless you are going on a tour or have friends who can travel with you. I recommend you start your research a good time ahead to save money on car hire in Australia.

A Guide to Car Hire in Australia

These are the basics information you need to look for.

  1. Use a rental car comparison site instead of using the sites from single car rental providers. A comparison site gives you an overall idea of what's avaiable and compare prices and features among may car hire companies. I highly recommend booking cars from a good trusted comparison site.
  2. Prefer Australian car rental comparison sites they have a larger pool of car rental companies and use local providers as well as the most established international ones.
  3. Book your rental car with the same pick up and drop off location I know it's not so easy to get this done as Australia is a big country. If you can drive in a loop back to your destination, this will save you lots of money that one-way rental cars involves.
  4. Make all car rental bookings for your Australia trip before leaving home. Booking in advance usually gives you access to the lowest car rental rates. You can always modify your car reservation online at any time.
  5. Make sure your online booking is with no fee and no deposit This is a very important aspect when booking car rental online and in advance. It gives you plenty of freedom to modify your booking with no money or even cancel it if you haven't changed your plans, without loosing money.

How to find the best car hire deals in Australia

There are many sites online websites for comparing and booking car rentals. I have tried a few and since 2011 I have been using the same website: DriveNow which I believe is the best among all the sites I have tested.

DriveNow is the biggest and most trusted site for hiring a car in Australia and in New Zealand. It offers a wide choice of car rental suppliers and vehicles. And it does deliver real time updated results with the best deals available.

You can compar results from over 10 car rental companies, among these you find: Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Kiddy, Thrifty, Budget and Redspot.

How to use DriveNow to book your car rental in Australia

You can start from the homepage of  DriveNow and enter dates and locations for pick up and drop off. With a few seconds you get a full page of search results from over 1250 locations all over Australia. Here below you see a screenshot of the Drive Now Home Page.


Benefits for using DriveNow to book your car in Australia

One of the biggest advantages is that most providers on DriveNow don't require an upfront deposit for car hire in Australia, this means you don't have to enter your credit card details nor you have to pay a deposit when you book a rental car online through DriveNow.

By 95% of cases there are no deposit to pay. However there may be car rental companies that do require a small amount of moeny to secure a car when you make the booking. This will show up on the search results page so that you can either proceed with the requested payment or keep browsing through and book a car that comes with no deposit.

Tip: I would suggest you book your car with a car rental provider that doesn't require upfront payment or deposit and make all your online booking the same way a good time ahead of your trip. This gives you the highest freedom and flexibility to amend or even cancel without having to loose money or pay a fee.

More details about for online car hire in Australia

All the rates do include all taxes and also a basic car insurance.  It is however a good thing to have your own travel insurance to cover excess and personal liability in case of a car accident. On this page you can read more about travel insurance.

Before proceeding with the online booking of the picked car, you can view all details about the car rental provider and see the amount of money the basic car insurance covers, the liability and terms and conditions for the car rental.

Once you have completed the booking online you will receive an email from DriveNow with a recap of all details, along with the address, email and phone number for contact your car hire office.

All bookings you make online can be modified as many times as you need, even a few hours before picking up the car. Rental car rates and conditions can vary anyhow, depending on the actual offer at the time you activate a modification of your bookings.

It is also possisble to cancel your car rental bookings for free. If you wish you can ring up the car rental service for any questions you may have with regards to your team.

What if you want to hire a campervan in Australia

DriveNow also offers campervan rentals in Australia as well as in New Zealand. Click on this link to learn more about DriveNow Campervan Rental.

Recently Drive Now has added new services and added a comparison site for the main cities in Euroe, UK, US, Canada. More info on the DriveNow site.

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A Guide about Car Hire in Australia