Why You Will Love The Pacsafe Hip Pack – Review

The Pacsafe Hip Pack is the new entry in my travel gear collection. In addition to my  Samsonite Luggage Wheeled Duffel (similar to my luggage), I have now a Pacsafe Hip Pack.

I started using this handy hip pack last September on my Australia Trip. Since then, it has become one of my favourite travel gear for everyday’s use. The Pacsafe Luggage Venture Safe 100 GII has many interesting features that you will love too. Here below a review of my experience.

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Travelling with My Pacsafe Hip Pack Venture Safe 100 GII

Pacsafe Hip Pack Special Features and Benefits

  • Splashproof Material

    As you may know already, Pacsafe has developed eXomesh, a special anti-theft and slash-proof technology. This stainless steel wire is invisibly built into their travel gear and provides the highest protection against any attempt of rips and tears.

    However, the material is very soft to touch, and at the same time, it stays in shape. I tend to pack a lot of stuff into this relatively small pack of about 3 litres volume; the material doesn’t get out of shape, and things don’t fall out if the zippers are left open.

The back of the hip pack is padded with soft material for a comfortable grip around your waist.

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How to wear Pacsafe Hip Pack
  • Smart Zippers

    A metal hook is hidden into a small pocket that you can use to secure the two compartments zippers. Very practical when using public transportation and in crowded places. It prevents thieves from reaching into your bag without even noticing it.

  • Dual buckle

    The shoulder strap, which is also reinforced with the special stainless steel wire, can be adjusted to the desired length to be carried around your waist. I also use it cross-body or over my shoulder. At one end, the dual buckle can be released so that you can put it around a table or a chair and secure it.

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    Pacsafe Hip Pack anti-theft features
  • RFIDsafe

    Moreover, the hip pack features the RFIDsafe, a special blocking material that prevents thieves from stealing your identity, like the information contained on microchips in your credit cards and your passport.

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Pacsafe Hip Pack is RFIDsafe

Let’s take a look inside the Pacsafe Hip Pack

Pacsafe Hip Pack Main compartments

The inside compartments have a beautiful map printed liner. Inside the main compartment, it fits a compact camera, a wallet, tissues, a small agenda or a notebook. You can store your iPhone, iPod, wifi router, or any electronic piece in the phone pocket or the larger pocket, the RFID pocket, which is actually meant for credit cards or passport with microchips in it.

However, I use my passport’s front pocket to keep various docs and need a larger pocket. I’ve never used the pen holder and the keyring which are in the main compartment. A zippered mesh pocket is in the main compartment, which I fill with keys, pens, a small mirror, a comb, and various personal items.

Zippered Front Pocket

I use this for my personal docs, like passports, driving license, flight tickets, and anything that can easily fit like paper, plastic items, etc.

Conclusion about my Pacsafe Hip Pack Venturesafe 100 GII

I think I have discovered a great piece of travel gear for all my travels and everyday life. This is a recap of what I like most and what I like less of this hip pack.

What I like about my Pacsafe Hip Pack

I love to move around hands-free and have all my travel essentials close, at easy reach, so the Pacsafe hip pack is convenient and meets all my needs. I love its design and soft material. Simultaneously, I noticed that things don’t fall out if zippers are left open, as the pack maintains its firm shape that prevents the thing from falling out.

What I like less and what could be improved

The shoulder strap feels hard sometimes, and it could be a bit longer for wearing the pack cross-body. The dual release buckle is hard to unlock. Well, it’s meant to prevent thieves, so you need to play with it and learn how to unlock it. I would place the RFID pocket or add a second one inside the front compartment.

Apart from these minor things that I can live with, I cannot really find anything to complain about this hip pack. I like it and use it every day, so I can recommend it to anyone who loves to be hands-free while controlling important personal items when travelling.

If you want to purchase this Pacsafe Hip Pack, you can use this link: Pacsafe Luggage Venture Safe 100 GII, Black, Small.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 100 GII Review
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