Tempur Sleep Mask Review for Long Haul Flights

How to sleep on a plane with an eye mask

We all know the importance of sleeping on a plane. Especially when crossing time zones on long-haul flights, it is crucial to increase flight comfort, thus reducing jet lag’s side effects.

But when sitting on a squishy seat with many electronic devices close to us: from built-in TV screens to smartphones, tablets and laptops which emit blue light, it seems impossible to fall asleep on a plane.

Most electronic LED-based devices disrupt our sleep because the light they emit is similar to the wavelengths that come from the sun and tells our bodies when it is time to be awake. Fortunately, there are ways to help make sleeping on planes easier and more enjoyable.

Next to a good travel pillow, an excellent travel sleep mask is a piece of travel gear that can make a difference.

If you have tried the ordinary eyeshades for sleeping that you get in airport shops or on planes, you will know that most of them don’t work. That’s true. I have tried them all too!

But because I care for my health, I lately came across the Tempur Sleep Mask, the last addition to my flight travel accessories.

Travel Sleep Mask Flight Perth Hobart
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Why use the Tempur Sleep Mask on long flights

As mentioned before, increasing health on the plane should be your goal for a long haul flight. This is why I chose this comfortable sleep mask for the plane.

Here are the travel eye mask benefits:

  • It eliminates light as the primary source of sleep disruption when you travel.
  • It cushions your eye area when you rest on a plane, train or car seat.
  • Your eyes stay cool and hydrated when flying.

What I like about the Tempur Sleep Mask Pros

Tempur is known for its high-quality mattresses, made by a material developed by NASA in 1970 to cushion astronauts during lift-off. All the Tempur products, from beds to pillows and accessories, are made with the same innovative technology and feature the Tempur unique material.

I have been testing the Tempur Sleep Mask for the first time on my recent flight from Perth to Hobart. I used it to rest before departing, in the airport lounge, with a bright light and the darkness you get by wearing these sleep blinders is impressive. Pitch black. I think this is the best blindfold for sleeping on a plane.

Best Sleep Mask for Air Travel
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The main features and benefits of the Tempur sleep mask

Here is my opinion on 10 of the main features of this eye cover:

1. It blocks the light completely to pitch black, even with intense light in the room.

2. Its goggles-shaped form helps stay firm on your face, so it does not move around.

3. The inner foam is very soft and velvety against your skin.

4. The fabric lets your eyes breathe and keeps them hydrated in the pressurised cabin.

5. It adjusts perfectly to the forehead and sits well on your nose, thanks to a dimple in the middle of the mask that prevents the foam from pushing up on your eyeballs.

Best Sleep Mask for travel
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6. The thicker lower edge creates an inner cavity that allows opening your eyes without pressing on them as most flat sleep masks do.

7. The special Tempur material does not warm up. I kept the cover on before and during the flight, and the inner temperature didn’t change. So it stays cool.

8. The velcro strap is adjustable so that you can make it as tight or loose as you want to fit your head shape.

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9. The padded sleep mask wings allow leaning your head against the seat edge comfortably. I noticed that this also cuts off some sound, which makes sleep more restful. I think this is the best sleep mask for side sleepers.

10. While it’s not as thin as other sleep masks, its design lets fold it into a small purse or pocket, and its lightweight doesn’t add any weight to your cabin bag allowance.

What I like less of the Tempur Sleep Mask Cons

It’s challenging to find downsides to this sleep mask, but if there is room for improvement, these would be my suggestions:

  • While the elastic Velcro strap allows a perfect fit to your head shape, the inner belt tends to slip over your hair, so a firmer grip is desirable.
  • The wings partly cover the ear area, and an ergonomic shape to contour the ears would add extra comfort. So my suggestion is to create a sleep mask with ear covers.

Verdict about this Tempur eye sleep mask

The Tempur Sleep Mask is the best eye mask for sleeping I have come across in many years of travelling. If you have light-sensitive eyes, as I do, this is a fantastic eye shield for sleeping that will not only provide 100% darkness but also cushions the eye area with a soft and breathable cavity to enhance sleep. Therefore, it is a great travel essential to pack on long flights that help you sleep on a plane and reduce the jet lag discomfort.

Where to buy the Tempur Sleep Mask

You can check prices on Amazon to purchase the Tempur Sleep Mask.

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Tempur Sleep Mask Review
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