15 travel accessories that will you need when travelling

Right now, I’m preparing for my upcoming trip to Australia and making a list of all travel accessories to take with me. By taking a closer look at it, I have realised that my accessories makeover 1/3 of my packing list.

While it’s easy to narrow down the list of travel clothes and personal items, it’s almost impossible for me to leave behind travel gear like my MacBook Pro and my camera. I couldn’t think of travelling without them, as they allow me to be self-sufficient and keep working on the road. They are my travel companions.

Best Travel Accessories
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The list of essential travel accessories that I have prepared includes all the things you will need for travelling in Australia. This list may not suit everyone, though, but it gives you the framed picture on which you can build your list. It covers travel gear basics and meets my priority no. 1, which is to travel as lightweight as possible while not sacrificing functionality and comfort.

An important thing to bear in mind when preparing the list of accessories is that electronic gear and any electronic spare parts are expensive in Australia, so it’s advisable to pack all you need and not buy electronics in Australia.

Here is my list of the best travel gear I pack for my travels in Australia.

Travel Accessories for electronics

Camera Tripod – Joby Gorillapod

The Joby Tripod is the last entry on my travel accessories bag. This mini camera tripod is very light, stable and easy to use. You can wrap it around anything indoor and outdoor. The ball head makes it super fast and allows to find the perfect orientation quickly. I’m using my camera with the mounting plate attached, so it is pretty quick to use. It only takes 2 seconds to slide in the camera and start shooting.

I can highly recommend it if you want to take great photos. Check out the Joby Gorillapod.

Joby Tripod
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Camera Canon Eos 100d

I travel with two cameras while I learn to take better photos. after evaluating a Sony A7 mirrorless and a Canon DSLR, I picked the Canon EOS 100d with the 18-55mm lens. What made me choose this compact DSLR camera is the lightweight, the technology, and the money’s excellent value. It’s very light and one of the smallest DSRL cameras around, but nearly as powerful as the EOS 700d and at a reasonable price.

Check out the Canon EOS 100d.

Camera Canon Eos 100d
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Camera Compact Canon Ixus

While I mostly use my Canon DSLR now, I always take my Canon IXUS 210. This is a super handy camera that I have been using for six years. It’s easy and fast to use, takes great shots, is just the perfect on-the-go camera when I don’t want to carry too much stuff with me. It fits everywhere, in my pocket, in my Pacsafe hip pack.

I never travel without. You can view the newest version of this camera, which is the Canon Powershot Ixus 350

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Canon Battery Pack

It’s essential to have spare batteries for all your devices. In Australia, you may be on the road for a long time to rely only on a battery charger or a portable charger. I always have one spare canon battery pack for each camera as well as the individual battery charger.

Travel Accessories – Personal Computer or iPad

I have been travelling for five years with my Mac Book Pro. I love my Mac, but it is not ideal as lightweight is concerned; it uses up half of the hand luggage weight allowance (typically 7-8 kg). If I had to purchase my Mac Book today, I would probably go for a Mac Air, which is much lighter and easier to carry around.

Mac Book Pro
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AviiQ MacBook stand

If you like me, use your Mac Book a lot, and in different environments, you may end up using a MacBook stand. I have been looking for a long time but couldn’t find anything super light and slim.

I recently bumped into this new gear: The AviiQ Mac Book Stand that comes in two versions: the on-the-go and the pop-up version. Although it’s quite pricey, the on-the-go version is probably the best investment.

Portable External Hard Drive

If you carry a computer in your travels, you also need a portable external hard drive to back up your data. I use a WD 500GB, which is the smaller version of the WD 1TD External Hard Drive, and this is essential to secure your data on an external device. After my computer crashed four years ago, I learnt a lesson, and now I never travelled without a portable external hard drive.

External Hard Drive WD
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Portable Chargers

Another essential travel gear is a portable charger that sooner or later you will end up buying. In the past, I only used a portable charger for my Samsung phone. The mini Anker portable charger is very popular, but you can choose many versions and sizes from the market. If you travel to remote areas of Australia, it will be hard to go without. Here you can check out prices and all portable charges.

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Camera Memory Cards

Make sure to take with you a good stock of memory cards for your camera when you travel to Australia. I once nearly paid 37 Australian dollars for a small memory card. The Sandisk 8-16-32-64GB memory cards are my favourite. Check them out here.

SanDisk Memory Cards
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USB Flash Drives

I use them and always pack 2-3 USB drives to store all my docs and photos. They are convenient. This little device helps you reduce the print-outs, and in case you need a physical copy of your bookings, the itinerary, you can easily access them from any computer and in shops. My favourite ones are those from Lexar, but any will do the job. You can see all USB flash drive here.

Travel Accessories for iPhone

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy for over three years but was not happy with it. I made a mistake

to purchase the 16GB memory, which is easy to use up. So I decided to add an iPhone 6plus 64 GB to my travel accessories bag. I think like a Mac user, it’s wise to have an iPhone; you can connect it to your Mac and sync all your photos, upload and download files with no issue. I like it because it allows me to work from my iPhone without carrying around my Mac.

It was not easy to choose the right phone type, but I finally decided to go with the iPhone 6 plus 64 GB. I have been using it for a year by now and love the multi-faceted iPhone 6 plus. It saves lots of space and weight, the iPhone 6 plus is a sort of mini-iPad, so it’s worth the investment.

iPhone 6 plus protection case

A critical issue with the iPhone is to buy a good iPhone case for maximum protection. Maybe a waterproof case to protect your iPhone from water damages is a savvy decision if you are using it a lot outdoor and for water sports activities.

For my iPhone 6 plus, I am using the Evo Tactical  XT case. You can read my iPhone Waterproof review here.

International Travel Adapter

A one-piece that I never forgot to pack is the international travel adapter. I use a Sansa one with multiple plugs to charge my computer and my phone simultaneously. Here you can view the page with all the best international travel adapters.

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4GB Wifi Dongle

If you need to use the internet a lot and have a computer with you, you need to get a pre

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paid internet sim card. I am using the Telstra 4GB wifi plan, which comes with a dongle. It is expensive, but this is the best option in my opinion as Telstra offers the best coverage in Australia.

You can check out these offers on the Telstra.com.au page and or in any Telstra shop in Australia. In the past, I purchased the 30 dollars/month but found the 50 dollars plan the most cost-effective. With this plan, you don’t have to recharge every month. For all prepaid plans, once a year is sufficient to keep this prepaid-sim-card alive.

Travel Organizer for electronics

So, where do you pack all your electronic gear? I use two smaller travel organisers and my Pacsafe Venturesafe 25l daypack for all my electronic devices, USB cables, battery charges, cards and adapters. There are many compact and lightweight ones to suit all needs. On this page, you can see all types of travel organisers for electronics.

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The ultimate list of Travel Accessories for Australia
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Best Travel Accessories for Australia
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Best Travel Accessories for Australia
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