Daypack Review of the Pacsafe Venturesafe 25 L

How to choose the best suitable daypack

A daypack is one universal piece of travel gear that we need all the time. From a day trip in nature, a city trip, to long-term travel, a daypack is what we need to carry all the travel essentials with us.

While planning my travel adventure around Australia, I realised that to carry my laptop, camera, and a few more travel gadgets, I needed a suitable travel pack. It was time to swap my 17l daypack for a new one! What I was looking for was a multi-task daypack.

I could use one in different situations and for various purposes, not only for outdoor activities like hiking, biking but also for professional use and everyday life.

Daypack Review Pacsafe Venturesafe 25l
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Earlier last year, I had the opportunity to test the Pacsafe hip-pack, a waste-pack that quickly became my most used travel bag. So I was thrilled to try out a new travel pack from Pacsafe, the Daypack Venturesafe 25l, which I received to review just before setting off on a 5 month trip to Australia.

You can read more about this Pacsafe daypack.

Daypack Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Review

This 25 l Pacsafe daypack has 2 compartments. The main one is divided into two sections, one large pocket on the backside to store your computer or iPad and the main pouch for anything you want to carry with you, like a raincoat, a jumper, a guide book, a travel purse, food, etc.

On the front, there is a smaller compartment for quick access to smaller items, like travel documents, a small book, tissue, hand sanitiser, etc. A small RFIDsafe pocket is ideal for storing private documents like passport or cards with microchips. I haven’t used this pocket because I like to carry all my private documents on the front side, so I store them in my Pacsafe hip-pack instead.

Daypack Special Features – Pacsafe Venturesafe 25 l

If you don’t know Pacsafe already, all Pacsafe travel packs stand out among all the best travel packs for their anti-theft and slash-proof technology, which is a special stainless steel wire invisibly built into the fabric.

On the 25l Venturesafe daypack, this wire is all over, in the lower, front and side panels and all through the daypack shoulders straps, making it impossible to cut them. There are 2 waste and chest straps that you can adjust to your desired length. I only use the upper cross straps as they fasten the pack tighter to your body. I never used the waist straps. If you want, you can take them off.

There are also 2 small straps to use across the side pockets to fasten bottles of water or anything you want to store into the side pockets. The back is reinforced with a slim padded layer, I am not really a fan of the padded back, but this is not as thick as other backpacks.

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The extraordinary feature of this Pacsafe daypack is the metal hooks. There is one at the bottom of one shoulder strap that you can unfasten and put around a table or a chair to secure your daypack. There is a special turning mechanism inside this hook that makes it hard for a thief to snatch your bag. I have occasionally used this metal hook in busy places. It makes you feel safer. However, it should be used with smart zippers.

There are more metal hooks to secure the 4 compartment zippers. One is hidden inside the right side pocket and one close to the front compartment. Securing the 4  zippers is practical when using public transportation and walking in crowded places. It prevents thieves from reaching into your bag without even noticing it.

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Pacsafe Venturesafe 25l – How to use your daypack

I have been testing my Pacsafe VentureSafe everywhere. From a stroll in the city, a walk on the beach, to an Outback Tour, to a jet boating ride, this versatile daypack has exceeded my expectations.

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I like to use my Pacsafe daypack together with its hip-pack. I like to use both of them because it allows easy access to things stored in the hip-pack when walking or cycling.

When your luggage is hidden away on top of your vehicle, nothing can replace a daypack on tour. I was unsure whether this 25l Pacsafe travel pack was a good fit for my Outback Adventure in the Kimberley, though. I used it for 10 days on short and long hikes, and while it did get dusty, I found it easy to clean it, just by using a wet cloth. Likewise, I used my Pacsafe daypack in town, for my daily shopping, from groceries and farmers markets to shopping for professional gear. I always carried it with me.

What I like about the 25l Pacsafe Venturesafe

Light and spacious, the Pacsafe VentureSafe 25l is one of the lightest daypacks I have ever had. I like the soft material and its design. The two side pockets hold firmly any bottle. Altogether, I could use a functional and versatile daypack in various situations and environments without any troubles.

What I like less the 25l Pacsafe Venturesafe

This daypack doesn’t stand upright and tends to lean on one side whenever you place it on the floor, maybe due to the ergonomic padded backside (?). One day my daypack got very wet on a boat ride. While I would not expect the fabric to be waterproof, I would welcome a mini foldable waterproof cover to protect the pack from rain or water.

My experience with a Pacsafe Venturesafe 25l

All in all, I am thrilled with this travel daypack. Apart from these minor things, I cannot find anything to complain about. I recommend this versatile daypack to everyone who likes to have one travel pack for various occasions while prioritising comfort and security features.

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st published in 2015, last updated in Jan 2022

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