How to take photos with an iPhone 7 waterproof case

The benefits of having a waterproof iPhone 7

Since Apple proudly launched the new iPhone 7 – their first phone to be water-resistant – people started to wonder whether they could go for a swim with their iPhone! 🙂 Well, not really, no!

Although the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with an IP 67 certification, which stands for water and dust protection for up to 1 meter and up to 30 minutes, that doesn’t make your iPhone waterproof nor resistant to salt-water or pressured water.

Despite the IP 67 certification, Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty does not cover water and liquid damage.

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Swim & Take Photos with your iPhone 7: Photo Credit: Mark Fritz

So will shooting photos underwater with your iPhone remain a dream? Don’t worry. The good news and solution are to get a top-notch iPhone 7 waterproof case.

That’s the only way to ensure maximal protection against damages from saltwater and let you use the iPhone 7 enhanced camera functionality underwater without fear.

What features to look for a good iPhone 7 waterproof case

Having your iPhone dry and clean while swimming underwater and taking photos is cool, but what about dropping your phone or getting it covered with dust?

What if the iPhone 7 waterproof case came with a combination of high protection against water, dust and drop?

This would mean using your iPhone in any circumstances, with no fear of dropping it into your bathtub, splashing it at the pool, getting it covered with sand at the beach or getting it wet while jogging in the rain.

We all love to take our iPhone with us anywhere; it’s handy and fun to have it all the time and snap a photo here ad there within seconds. As an iPhone 6 plus user myself, I know how anxious I feel whenever I use my phone in the outdoors.

I recently tried out the Evo Tactical TX, a rugged case against extreme drop (up to 4 meters fall) and dust protection. I like the rugged external material that gives a firm grip but at the same time a comfortable touch with a slim and neat design.

The iPhone 7 waterproof case Evo Aqua by Tech21

I have now taken a look at their brand-new product: the Evo Aqua waterproof case for the iPhone 7  (aff) and iPhone 7 Plus.

This high-tech rugged case offers more effective protection than market competitors thanks to their state-of-the-art innovation in the materials used and the impact shock and durability tests. Here are the main features of the iPhone 7 Evo Aqua waterproof case:

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The iPhone 7 waterproof case features

  1. The Evo Aqua is a waterproof case IP68-rated, which guarantees water protection up to 3m (9.9ft) for 1 hour. This means you can swim in the ocean and take photos for up to 1 hour!
  2. The ultra-efficient FlexShock material is built in some case parts to allow maximum protection and absorb impact force that passes into the phone.
  3. The Evo Aqua 360° case has a screen protector, which allows it to handle depths of up to 3 meters (9.9 feet) and use the phone in the water for up to an hour. Tech21 uses Bullet Shield material for the case screen protector, the same material used in bulletproof glass.
  4. This case has an easy way to install it onto your iPhone. The case is made of two pieces: a front cassette and an attached back case. So you cannot get it wrong.
  5. It also comes with a handy tool for removing the case whenever you want and without a struggle.
  6. You also get instructions for testing that the case is really waterproof while highlighting any problem areas before you dunk your iPhone.
  7. The case is available in black or white with a neat design and comes in two versions:
    1. Evo Aqua standard – the user can access the touch screen.
    2. Evo Aqua 360° edition – with the special built-in screen protection.
  8. Tech21 has developed a rigorous testing methodology, allowing each phone case to have quality testing with London’s National Physical Laboratory.
  9. High manufacturing perfection and quality assurance. Tech21 offers a free replacement of your Aqua Evo waterproof case if any faults occur during the first year of normal use.

Does it sound too good to be true?

The Evo Aqua iPhone 7 waterproof case is really a great piece for all outdoor enthusiasts who love to have fun while swimming and taking better photos with an iPhone without fear of damaging it.

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First published in 2016, last updated in April 2021

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