Things To Do in Rotorua New Zealand

How to Spend 2 Days in Rotorua New Zealand

Rotorua lies right in the heart of New Zealand’s Northern Island in an idyllic landscape filled with sweeping green valleys, natural geothermal hot springs, steaming geysers, ancient volcanos and 16 picturesque lakes. Besides these precious landmarks, Rotorua also offers interesting places showcasing the Maori cultural traditions and New Zealand’s farming features. Moreover, it is home to New Zealand’s largest Kiwi Conservation centre and the world’s largest Skyline Luge.

As a first time traveller to New Zealand, I was lucky to spend 2 days in Rotorua and get an in-depth insight into New Zealand’s history and cultural treasures. Here below a recap of things to do in Rotorua.

Te-Puia – New Zealand’s best Maori Cultural Centre

This is no. 1 highlight of Rotorua and one of the most impressive arts and craft centre I have been to in Oceania. In a 90 minutes guided tour we could learn so much about the Maori Culture. From customs, beliefs and traditional ceremonies to how people use the geothermal water for cooking, to the natural beauty of Pohute Geyser and mud pools. We could also witness practical training in the workshops area of the national Carving School (Whakairo) and the Weaving School (Raranga) as well as the Taonga Gallery where you can see the authentic works created by the artists. Absolutely a great place where to buy something special and unique in New Zealand.

For more information about Te Puia, Cultural Centre visit their website:

…the natural beauty of Pohute Geyser and mud pools…

Scenic Air Tour – View Rotorua volcanic area from above

Viewing the picturesque landscape from above is my opinion another big attraction among the things to do and see in Rotorua. There are several types of Rotorua Air Tours you can do there. The basic flight experience by viewing Rotorua with 5 crater lakes and steaming cliffs from geothermal geysers. Or the combination of air tour + guided walk tour by exploring White Island, the active volcano and its fascinating sulphur deposits and remains of the mine. Or the unique experience by discovering the hidden wonderland of Mt. Tarawera. While we were there we got invited to a scenic air tour of Rotorua & surrounds. The view was simply stunning. It really conveys at a glance the scale of Rotorua Region’s spectacular scenery.

For more informaition check out these Scenic Air Tours in Rotorua.

Mitai Maori Cultural Performance

This is a must-do thing. If you want to learn about Maori culture in a relaxed and entertaining way. The highlights of the evening are the Unveiling and Uplifting of the Hangi Meal, while they explained how food is cooked in the ground and how Hangi feast is celebrated. The cultural performance is very educational “Kapa Haka” with its powerful, cheerful dances and talks about the significance of customs, face tattooing “ta Moko” and Maori language.

For more information of their Mitai Maori Cultural Experience visit

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Rainbow Springs – Get close with New Zealand’s wildlife

When thinking of New Zealand the first thing that comes to mind is its iconic native animal, the Kiwi. But you should know that by 99% of cases you will not be able to see the kiwi in the wild when in New Zealand. This is why the Rainbow Spring Kiwi Conservation Centre is famous. The Kiwi Conservation Centre is the largest in NZ, created in 1995 that could breed over 1000 kiwi and release them into kiwi conservation areas to protect them from extinction. As a matter of fact, kiwi is an endangered species. Rainbow Springs offers a fabulous night tour where you will be able to see the kiwi live and listen about the kiwi conservation program.
On that evening we were lucky to see 4 kiwis in the darkness wobbling around. Next to the Kiwi Encounter experience bird feeding and bird shows are also offered during the day. Check their website for more

The Rotorua Luge – a fun-filled gravity ride not to miss out

Rotorua is not only about cultural performances and viewing beautiful scenery by air, land and sea.

You can take a ride at the Rotorua Luge too Never heard about it? This is something truly unique of Rotorua and New Zealand. For the first time, I tried out the luge.  Onboard of a 3 wheel cart slide down the track towered with tall trees. Once you get down,  hop on the chairlift and have another go. There are 2 more tracks for seasoned lugers or adventurers. Next to the Rotorua luge fun, there are traditional ways of enjoying the scenery on the Gondola Ride, or by taking in the panoramic vista from the skyline cafe. Moreover, there are nature walking tracks starting from the Gondola Top Terminal.

For more information about activities check out their website:

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More exciting things to do in Rotorua

Relax on a Rotorua Lake Cruise

There are many more things to do in Rotorua that will keep you busy for days in this little town of Northern New Zealand. Another interesting way of exploring the area is taking a cruise to enjoy a beautiful 360° panoramic vistas of Lake Rotorua and Lakeland Queen Cruises, a paddle-wheel driven boat, offer a variety of cruises from early morning to sunset cruises.

For us, it was a great way of having a lunch break and a perfect spot for taking photos of lake Rotorua.

Explore the Rotorua Lakes on a Duck Tour

To take in the picturesque landscape and see much of the colourful lakes and Rotorua attractions you can check out Rotorua Duck Tours and get on an old WWII amphibious to float on the water’s lake. It’s a different and fun way of exploring the area. We did experience this on to the Blue Lake and Lake Okareka. Very peaceful and secluded lakes filled with unique birdlife and an uninterrupted solitude, dotted with million dollars villas overlooking the lake.

Visit the Agrodome for a Farm Experience

Did you know how many sheep breeds are there? I did not. This is another interesting thing to do in Rotorua if you want to get a deeper insight into the agricultural scenery of the region. On a Farm Tour at the Agrodome you can see 19 sheep breeds together on stage and witness a live sheering demo along with learning how wool garments are made.

Check out their site for more information:

Although Rotorua is regarded as a touristy destination I think it should be on the bucket list of everyone who wants to learn about New Zealand’s culture and witness its geothermal wonderland.

This is a good site for booking local day-tours in Rotorua.

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A scenic flight over Rotorua

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