Stay With A Local And Make Friends In Perth

How to stay with a local and make friends in Perth

One highlight of my solo travels ins Australia was staying with Airbnb and making friends with the locals.

There are many ways of getting to know the locals, but a real genuine way to stay with a local is to book your accommodation with an Airbnb host. Last year I tried out Airbnb in two locations. This year I tested out in Cairns and Jervis Bay and was always happy with my experience.

Beginning of November, after travelling on the Indian Pacific Train for two days and two nights, I was looking forward to using Airbnb in Perth and staying with a friendly local.

How to stay with Airbnb in Australia
Want to stay with a local in Australia? The best way to do it is to book with Airbnb
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Pierre de Ronsard Roses from Maureen’s Garden

Why staying with a local host?

To stay with a local to me means more than just renting a room in a private house. It means staying in a top location, a comfortable home, with someone who is a local and is friendly, helpful, and willing to share her/his knowledge about the place and is also genuinely interested in getting to know me and maybe even have some time to show me a bit around.

How to stay with Airbnb in Australia
While it’s not always easy to find the perfect host-guest match, I follow these simple rules for a great Airbnb experience in Australia.
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Airbnb Home Stay in Claremont

Get connected by sharing stories.

My stay with an Airbnb Host in Perth, Claremont, was successful from all points of views. I picked a beautiful home with a verandah garden, filled with tropical plants, lots of flowers, from climbing roses to native Australian flowers.

I like roses and am happy to share this passion with my host, Maureen, an American Expat who left the States to live in Western Australia. At my arrival, Maureen’s welcomed me warmly.

We got into a friendly conversation about being or wanting to be an ex-pat in Australia, as she found out about my Australia Solo Travels and wish to live in Australia. I appreciated her insight and tips on this matter.

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Maureen’s Breakfast in Claremont

Waking to the smell of roses and fresh homemade bread

Maureen’s home is such a lovely place, a place that I could quickly call home! Located just five minutes walk from the bus stop and 20 minutes walk from the shopping centre in Claremont, it is a pleasure to walk around the area or go on a bike ride to the nearest beach, Cottesloe.

Every morning I woke to the smell of freshly cut roses and freshly baked bread. I love Maureen’s special treat, the homemade nuts-and-pineapple muffins!  Breakfast is part of my arrangement, but Maureen always ensured that everyone (me and the couple sharing the house during my stay) was taking muffins or a sandwich with our daypack on our daily explorations! How lovely was that! It felt like being looked after as if I were staying at an old friend’s home.

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Maureen’s Home Garden in Claremont

Stay with a local in Perth means meeting more locals

As our conversation develops over the days, Maureen and I discover a shared passion for modern art. Maureen invites me to attend the opening of an art exhibition in Subiaco.

I am enthusiastic about accepting her invitation to the art exhibition and joining her later on at APPEA’s meet up. APPEA is the Oil and Gas Association for businesswomen in Perth. The company, the location and the catering service from Lamont’s house were excellent; we had a great time together!

How to stay with Airbnb in Australia
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Stay with a local and make friends in Perth

How to get to know your Airbnb host

I spent six days at Maureen’s home and loved every minute of it. We spent time together having dinner and lingering on a conversation while talking about our lives, dreams, and future adventures.

I listen to Maureen’s valuable advice about a personal matter and appreciate her honest opinion on dealing with it. I am happy to have met Maureen at my Airbnb stay in Perth. I am sure we are going to be in touch in future and develop a friendship.

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My Experience With Airbnb in Perth WA
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First published in 2014, last updated in April 2021

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