A Guide about the Margaret River Wineries

Margaret River Wineries are the true flagship for the region. Thanks to its pristine environment and Mediterranean climate Margaret River has become a world’s known area for producing distinctive premium wines and food regions of Australia.

The Margaret River Wineries produce 25% of all Australian premium wines in a magnificent area with perfect growing conditions for wine. Situated between Cape Naturaliste on the north, the region extends over 140km south to Cape Leeuwin, near Augusta.

Margaret River Wineries Facts

  • Many Margaret River Wineries are dedicated to produci
    From Vines to Wine in Margaret River
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    ng preservative-free wine and there are also a few wineries specialised on organic and biodynamic winemaking which makes Margaret River very proud of.
  • Margaret River Wineries are the focal point for indulging in a culinary experience. Many wineries boast excellent restaurants offering the best of fresh local produce. Asparagus, vegetables, organic avocados, strawberry and kirsch jam, macadamia nuts, dukkah, sheep’s cheese, olives and olive oil, venison, chorizo, ostrich, truffles, fish to name a few.
  • Margaret River Wineries are known for their Chardonnay Wine and Cabernet Sauvignon. But there are many more excellent wine varietals that you can try like Shiraz, Semillon Blanc.
  • After the first commercial vineyard started its production at Vasse  Felix Winery in 1967, the number of wineries has grown to over 160 within 45 years.
  • Most wineries offer wine and food tours including wine tasting and the possibility of taking a glimpse behind the scenes, by visiting the vineyards and meeting the winemakers. This is a great educational way to learn about wine growing and winemaking in the region.

How to explore Margaret River Wineries

On my recent visit to Margaret River, I had the pleasure to visit 10 different wineries. You can read more about my Wine Tasting Tour in Margaret River here.

On my second day, I went on an All Day Winery And Food Trail and last, but not least, I explored Margaret River and 4 wineries by bike.

It has been a fantastic experience that gave me a 360° perspective of the Margaret River Region. I could get an insight into how the local growers, the viticulturists, the winemakers and the farmers and tours companies synergically work together.

Tips for visiting the Margaret River Wineries

Margaret River is a beautiful region to explore that I can highly recommend to all passionate foodie. But with over 160 wineries located in an area of 140km, it is not easy to know where to start from. To make it easier, I give you my tips for great food and wine experience in South Western Australia.

Indulge in the culinary delights – Go on food & wine tours

A great way of learning about the Margaret River wines is to go on a guided Wine Tour. If you want to learn about the winemaking process from vine to wine, this is a very relaxed way of doing it. The local guide will provide you with the insight, the knowledge and the passion about the region and the winemaking process. I was impressed by how much I could learn within a day. From how vines are grown to how wines are produced.

Get active – Hop on a Bike for a Cycle Winery Tour

Another great way of learning about the Margaret River wineries is to explore the region by biking through its wonderful landscape actively. If you do not fancy sitting in a coach travelling from one winery to the next, this is an excellent way of combining physical exercise with wine and food tasting. I enjoyed this tour; it was great fun biking around Margaret River beautiful hills. A different and more engaging way of exploring the wineries of Margaret River by bike.

Take a self-guided Margaret River Wineries Tour

The “do-it-yourself” option is the best way of exploring the wine region if you do not like tours. In this case, you need your own car or to hire a car locally to get around. Or better hire a driver if you plan to drink. The Augusta and Margaret River Tourist Office is a great place that will provide you with all the necessary information to get started. First of all, you can get a complete Margaret River Wineries list along with a beautiful map of the territory. You can get details about the type and features of each winery so that you can choose which ones you want to visit.

Either on a guided Food and Wine Tour, a Bike and Wine Tour or a self-guided wine tour, they are all great ways of discovering the Margaret River wineries and the rich food culture of South Western Australia, which makes of this region a jewel among the top 10 food regions in the world.

To learn more about my Tour of the Margaret River Region, check out this other blog post.

Planning your trip to Margaret River

Start your trip by car from Perth. I wouldn’t recommend it as a day-trip from Perth, as this would mean sitting 6 hours in the car just for getting there and back. Considering the distance of 300 km from the city, ideally, I would combine it with a few stops in between, to Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or possibly on an extended trip of 5-7 days.

There is so much to do and see in the Margaret River Region in the Geographe Bay and if you have time and are up to more explorations, you can explore the entire South West Coast of Australia, and drive further south to beautiful Albany for more amazing landscapes and great walking.