Emirates Economy Class Review Flight to Australia

Flying to Australia means a long flight journey. Over the years, I have tried several airlines companies. In this post, you can read about my overall experience with Emirates Economy Class.

For many people, facing a long flight to Australia represents a physical and emotional burden that requires good preparation and the ability to make the right choice in the first place.

Flying to Australia with Emirates Flight
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What you need to know about flying to Australia

Many factors need to be considered when it comes to booking a flight to Australia. They all have a different weight according to the personal needs and expectations of each traveller. But all of us have one goal, i.e. “Spend less for more value”. Here you can read how to find good value flights to Australia.

  • Cheap Flight Rates Dig into details of service and quality of flight: vital when flying to Australia.
  • Flight Destination Leave from the closest airport. Do not exceed 2 flight legs for more comfort.
  • Layover Make sure you have time to relax in between flights: 2-3 hours at least.
  • Quality of Flight Comfort onboard, service/food, baggage allowance play a role.
  • Easiness of searching booking, checking in online. All this adds value to your overall flight.

Reasons for flying Emirates to Australia

I have used  Emirates

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on several flights. Flying from Venice Airport to Australia is very convenient. It helps reduce the number of connecting flights with layovers to only 1 instead of two. The highly competitive Emirates fares are also a trigger for booking with Emirates. They used to be the best-priced airline to Australia, but Qatar Airways have recently been outranked in price. 

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I know what it means to get off a plane after 13 hours flight and board again into the same plane after 45 minutes break. It sucks. When flying to Australia from SE Asia airports, it is vital to find a suitable flight connection with a long layover that allows plenty of time for a good break.

Emirates Economy Class Review – Flight Experience

Emirates is one of the few airlines flying to Australia from over 30 destinations in Europe, offering excellent value flights to the 5th Continent. From Europe, you can fly daily via Dubai Airport to the major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.

Flying Emirates dubai
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The Benefits of flying Emirates

Here the reason for flying Emirates

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  • Emirates Skywards Miles It’s easy to register for your Skywards account, and it entitles you to gain Miles whenever you use Emirate s or any other Partner Companies.
  • Book your Stop Over in Dubai. You can stay at a hotel near Dubai Airport. Emirates looks after your hotel transfer/ pick up.
  • Manage your Emirates flight booking Through a practical, easy to use the platform to manage your bookings, check-in, and monitor flight status.
  • Baggage allowance Emirates Economy Class offers 30 kg.
  • Stop Over Nights Add a night in Dubai to help recover from jet lag at arrival in Australia.
  • Good Value Airfare, All in all, their airfare is excellent value for money.

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What to expect onboard Emirates Planes

The first flight leg from Venice to Dubai was with an Emirates Airbus. The flight was approx 5,5 hours, and it was okay. The second central flight leg from Dubai to Melbourne was on an Emirates Boeing 777-200LR, a way better plane with ample seating with more space in between for your leg comfort.

Emirates Economy Seats
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I found the economy cabin in the Emirates Boeing 777 very pleasant. It has been my best experience so far if I compare it to my previous flights to Australia. This Boeing 777 is built with a unique technology that allows the utmost comfort on board for long flight hauls. The Emirates planes seating is also the best among all the airline companies I have flown with.

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What I liked most about my Emirates Flight Economy Class

When I started my research online when I made my emirates flight booking, it has been straightforward to use the Emirates Website. For the administrative work, I would rate Emirates with a 9 out of 10 scores. The Emirates crew onboard helped offer a friendly, multilingual service.

I appreciated the Emirates AirportCrew’s assistance that looked after us with our taxi transfer to the hotel; they also organised our pick up to the airport departure lounge in the morning.

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The Dubai Airport is the airport hub for all international flights coming from Europe and the US. Dubai is a large, well organised and, first and foremost, a silent airport, which means no announcements with loudspeakers. I find that quite relaxing.

On the other hand, it offers lots of entertainment, from vast shopping malls to cafès and restaurants and a relaxing area surrounded by green and water.

In Dubai Airport, Wi-fi and recharge battery isles are provided everywhere. The light and the air quality is excellent.

What I liked less about my Emirates Flight

I am quite happy with my Emirates Flights, but one thing could have been better, we had to wait a long time to get out of the plane and from the bus to the airport arrival in Dubai.

It took almost an hour, but this is something due to the high traffic. Dubai Airport is one of the world’s largest airports, with the highest air traffic and delays are not unusual, so be prepared for this.

Emirates meals options on planes

One more thing that I don’t particularly like about Emirates is their meals options offer. All meal comes with either meat or fish, but no vegetarian meal is available as a standard meal. You need to order a special meal if you want something meat-free. Among their special meals, the vegetarian offers let much to desire, to my knowledge.

I didn’t book any special meals on my last flights and ate the standard meal veggies. I believe the usual meals should include a vegetarian variation of the standard meal menu. Qatar Airways does that, and I find it very good.

Flying Emirates A380 economy

I have flown with Emirates A380 economy a few times, and I haven’t noticed any significant difference from the 777. The only thing is the plane stability in taking off and landing. But apart from that, the Emirates plane interior is the same. So unless you fly Emirates business class or Emirates First Class, there are no differences.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I pay for all my Emirates flight tickets. The above article reflects my personal experience with Emirates to Australia. If you find it helpful, please use our link to book your Emirates tickets online. This will bring us a small commission with no extra cost to you.

First published in 2012, last updated in April 2021

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