Why World Nomads Insurance Is Great For Adventure-Lovers

In many years of solo travel in Australia, I have used different types of travel insurance. As a student, the thing I most worried about was a trip and flight cancellation. Then over the years, my travel style changed. I started travelling overseas, being more active in the outdoors and do adventure activities.

When travelling to Australia’s remote destinations and being far away from home, I became aware of one thing: Travel insurance is important when you travel. I have been using World Nomads since 2012, and this is, in my opinion, the best travel insurance for my overseas trips.

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Why and when I started using World Nomads

Since I started travelling solo around Australia, I have tried different kinds of insurance. From policies purchased through travel agents, in my early trips, to local travel insurance companies.

It’s in 2012 that I started using travel insurance from World Nomads. In the last years, I purchased over 10 travel insurance policies. Over the past years, no accident happened to me –  I keep my fingers crossed – so I never needed to make a claim, fortunately.

However, I know that this travel insurance has a well-balanced coverage for me and will continue using it for my future travels.

This post tells you a bit more about WorldNomads and why it’s my favourite travel insurance for my adventure travel.

What is World Nomads – their best features

World Nomads offers travel insurance from international established and reliable underwriters, including BUPA Denmark, to travellers from over 150 countries travelling to 196 worldwide destinations.

World Nomads has been crafted for adventurous traveller. From the youngest backpacker to the mature traveller aged 65, who loves to be active outdoors (hiking, biking, swimming, etc.) and do all those fun and adventurous activities (abseiling, scuba diving, snorkelling, and more).

You can take a look at the complete list of adventure sports and activities covered by World Nomads.

8 reasons to choose travel insurance from World Nomads

Since 2012 I have been using World Nomads travel insurance because of their competitive prices – I spend approximately 3 Euro/day – but because the World Nomads Explorer Plan best suits the type of travels I do and includes everything I want to have covered.

Here are the top 8 reasons why I choose travel insurance from World Nomads:

  • Unlimited medical expenses are covered for a reasonable amount of money (350,000 Eur), including medevac, hospitalization – due to illness or injury – and repatriation. Special treatment like physiotherapy and more are part of the policy. I think this is fair coverage, other travel insurance providers offer policies for around 1,000,000 Eur or dollars, but I don’t need that.
  • Flexible travel insurance. I don’t have to buy it for months before travelling. I can buy travel insurance on the same day of travel for the length of time I want. Let’s say I buy it for the first 4 weeks of my trip.Should you want to extend my policy,  you can either extend it before it expires or let it expire and then purchase a new travel insurance policy while I am travelling overseas. I tried out last year for the first time.

    I had purchased a policy that expired. After my house sits, I purchased a new one for 5 more weeks of travel adventures. The first 72 hours are, however, not covered, except for medical emergencies. The 72 hours are used as an anti-fraud clause, which means if you got sick or had an accident just before purchasing the insurance, this would breach the policy.

  • Worldwide coverage. It does not only covers you in the main country where you are planned to spend most of your travelling time, let’s say Australia. It includes all countries in transit. For instance, I spent 4 days in Singapore – as a stop-over on my last trip to Australia – so my insurance policy covered me for those days in Singapore.In July 2015, I went from Perth to Bali for 5 days, and I was also covered in Bali.
  • Pre-Trip Cancellation Coverage, including missed flights, theft of baggage or docs, etc., is covered for a reasonable amount of money. Who needs exorbitant coverage for pre-trip cancellation. The coverage with the Explorer Plan for the pre-trip cancellation comes with 7,000 Eur.
  • The policy is easy to understand; online quotes comes with an easy-to-understand version of the standard vs explorer plan. Each plan has a clear coverage breakdown. It only takes me a couple of minutes to go through both plans and see the main differences.I always buy the explorer plan as it best suit my travel style. It has higher coverage and also includes more things. You can look at this example of the Travel Insurance Plans from World Nomads, for a couple of travelling to Australia for 5 weeks.
World Nomads Standard vs Explorer Plan
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World Nomads Standard vs Explorer Plan
  • Everything happens online
    From getting a travel insurance quote to purchasing a policy, following up questions to make a claim. They are known to have 24/7 top-notch, efficient online customer service – I personally never called them as I never had an issue – but rest assured that you get prompt feedback when you make a claim or have a question.This is vital for me that I travel solo and drive alone to Australia’s remote areas.
  • They care for your safety and help you stay safe when travelling. All members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts. They run an online World Nomads Travel Safety Hub with lots of safety tips and advice for all countries.
  • Great online resources
    The online journal helps you find resources and activities. They have a traveller forum and offer 10 free iPod & iPhone Language Guides. This isn’t so important to me, but it is a bonus for many other travellers. I also take part in their donation footprints projects to support communities all over the world.While this does not really impact the quality of their services, it’s always nice to know that they are involved in a good cause and help improve children’s education all over the world.

Whom is World Nomads Travel Insurance good for

I think the travel insurance from World Nomad is best suited if you are an independent traveller and the following points resonate with you.

  • Adventurous traveller – are active and do adventure sports & activities.
  • Fit traveller – have no medical pre-existing conditions; they are not covered.
  • Long-term traveller – i.e. RTW-backpacker, working-holidayer, career-breaker, etc.
  • Single traveller or couples or family – they do not cover groups.
  • Traveller up to 65 years – older than 65? Beware, there is an age limit.

What you need to know before buying your insurance policy

There is a lot of confusion about travel insurance with regards to these questions:

Do I really need travel insurance?

My answer is yes. But it much depends on what you do and where you travel to and your personal situation. Suppose your domestic travel insurance covers you overseas or not. Do you want to take the risk and prepare for paying out your pocket for unpredictable events like illness, injury or accidents like stolen baggage or valuables? It may cost a little fortune in some countries, at least 10-25 thousand dollars if not more only for medical assistance.

When can I make a claim?

Apparently, quite a few people think they can use travel health insurance like domestic health insurance. But travel insurance has a completely different purpose, and it’s only for emergency. And it does not replace your domestic health insurance.

For instance, some travel insurance providers, including those from World Nomads, do not cover pre-existing medical treatment conditions or trip cancellation or interruption. So if you do have pre-existing conditions that you feel may have an impact on your trip, then World Nomads will not suit you, and you’d better look for another travel insurance provider. That being said,

What if I only need a doctor for a prescription

For minor health issues, you might be able to use your domestic health insurance (many offers basic coverage overseas). My Italian health insurance, for instance, offers basic medical coverage in all EU countries and some overseas countries –  including New Zealand and Australia.

I had a couple of issues with insect bites in Oz, where I needed to consult a doctor. In this case, I didn’t make any claim with World Nomads travel insurance. Instead, I used my Australian MediCare card, which covered the expense for a consultation and medical prescription.

So you will now think: why do I need an Australian Card and World Nomads Travel Insurance on top. My MediCare Card covers me for local and basic medical assistance, and World Nomads covers me for emergency assistance and all the rest.

You first need to evaluate the situation before making a claim

If something happens, I would soon notify the travel insurance provider on the phone and clarify the next steps. Bear in mind that 70 Euro or 100 AUD will be deducted from your claim once approved. So it’s pointless to claim something that you can solve in a cheaper and faster way.

Make sure you don’t break any policy rules.

So before submitting a claim, first read your policy’s wording carefully that you find in your account. If in doubt, I would ask questions through the hotline 24/7 to understand whether you can start a claim or not. Be careful not to break any rules listed in the wording because this would invalidate your claim.

How to choose the best travel insurance for your travels

Travel insurance is probably one thing we all would avoid, if we could, or skimp on. We not only need to invest money in purchasing travel insurance, but we also must take our time researching online and finding a good value travel insurance policy that is well-balanced and best suits our needs.

While there are many websites and blogs for advice, this page, World Nomads travel insurance reviews, give you an idea of fellow travellers’ experience.

Reviews.com is another website where you will find more reviews.

Disclaimer: While I think it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance for your overseas trips, it’s up to you to evaluate whether it’s a good thing for you too.

These are tips based on my personal experience. I think World Nomads is good value and can recommend it. If you plan to buy it, you can use any of these links, from which I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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