The best Places to Visit in Penang for Solo Travellers

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I was truly excited to revisit Penang Island and George Town in Malaysia on a solo trip and see how it has changed over the years. This is not my first time here. I had been here before, a long time ago. But I still had vivid memories of my first trip to Penang in 1991. The good food, its heritage buildings and the warmhearted people. I was blessed to re-visit all the best places in Penang, starting from George Town.

Here is a recap of the beautiful things I did on my 5 day-trip:

Looking for a lovely place to stay in Penang? This is my favourite hotel in George Town. And you can also read my experience and hotel review.

  • I savoured colourful George Town with its buzzing atmosphere.
  • Dived into its rich heritage culture by visiting its temples and museums.
  • I tried out the delicious Penang food by eating in the world-famous streets, food courts and restaurants.
  • I hiked in its national park with a local guide.
  • I took a ride on the funicular rail to Penang Hill and experienced the nature and rainforest landmarks of the island.
  • I visited the heritage Balik Pulau with its picturesque fisherman village and the traditional Malay houses.
A wrap-up of my 5 day Solo Trip To Penang in 2017

The best places to visit in Penang Solo

Here below a bit more about my trip and the stunning places to visit in and around Penang on a solo trip.

A Few Interesting Facts About Penang

Penang is a small island with a high population density. Nearly 400 thousands people live in George Town and 1.7million in the whole Penang state which is part of the island and a stretch of the mainland. So be prepared to experience traffic congestion as this is part and parcel of a trip to the island. For a small distance of 15-20 km, it takes between 20-30 minutes by car. There is also a good bus network, the Rapid Penang Buses that take you around the island.

Furthermore two free Cat Services: the blue and the red, these ride around the city centre of George Town in a circle. If you are familiar with scooters, you can hire one, to make it easier to get around. There is also a public bike rental service.

George Town the heart of Penang

Every trip to Penang starts by visiting George Town. This is where most visitors stay when in Penang. And this is where the early settlers from different cultures and countries merged during the 19th century.  The colonial footprints are showcased through heritage buildings that you will see everywhere in George Town, having been a British colony till 1957. A good number of them have been beautifully refurbished, but many are run-down and abandoned. Thus the contrast with the city architecture.

In 2008 Penang entered the Unesco World Heritage sites, and this marked its well deserved worldwide recognition. Since then tourism has been increasing year by year, and there are good reasons why Penang is so famous.

George Town is a place that you must discover on foot. By strolling through its amazing little roads and hidden lanes, you will witness the past and present landmarks. The story of ancient trades from food hawkers to arts & crafts dealers captured in various forms, to rickshaw peddlers and more.

George Town Architecture
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Colourful Colonial Buildings in George Town

Street Art Sculptures

Penang Street Art is known for its stunning creativity. Unlike other places, graffiti are scattered around the town, and many of them are tucked away. So you need to walk and discover the artworks of the local artists who have captured the essence of Penang culture over the years. Some artworks have become very popular and are now sold as souvenirs on T-shirts. But it’s also important to understand the story and meaning behind every single piece.

There are over 50 steel-rod sculptures in town and more than 25 painted arts in the city centre. All of the statues have a carved description that tells you about the story. From the visitor centre, you can get a map of George Town street art. The best time to visit Penang is during the George Town Festival in August and September. A busy month for arts. This is, where artists from all the world gather making of Penang a popular place in the world for its beautiful wall art.

Penang Street Art
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Captivating Street Art in George Town

Street Food and Markets

Penang is world known for its fabulous street food and probably the reason no. 1 for Southeast Asians to come to the island. In Penang, there are many eateries open 24 hours a day! Food is simply in every corner, and in all forms: from local food hawkers on the street or in larger hawkers centres also known as food courts or in all different types of restaurants, cafes, resorts etc.
There are many favourite street foods in Penang; some operate throughout the day, some at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Two of the most famous street foods in Penang for evening meals are the Kimberley Street Food Street and New Lane; both are walking distance from the Komtar tower. Every day I have been trying something different. Exquisite simple food: from Peranakan cuisine to Malay Food, to Chinese Food, Hokkien food, etc. I’ll write more about my food experience in Penang on a dedicated post.

Peanang Food Peranakan Cuisine
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Delicious Peranakan Food in Penang

Street of Harmony

One thing that makes George Town stand out from all other places in Asia is its unique blend of different cultures and ethnic groups who have been living here for hundreds of years and in perfect harmony. To witness this walk alone the Masjid Kapitan Keling Road (a.k.a. Pitt Street) that stretches from Lebuh Light to Melayu Mosque on Lebuh Acheh. Here you will see the beautiful white-washed building of St. George’s Church, the first Anglican church in Southeast Asia. Once you stroll along this street in Penang you will know why it is named Street Of Harmony.

Just a minute walk from there visit the Goddess of Mercy Temple, one of the most important temples for the Chinese community in Penang, with its beautiful pink joss sticks displayed on the front entrance. Continue further down to see the oldest Hindu Temple Sri Mahamariamman to reach on the corner the majestic building, the Kapitan Keling Mosque at the corner of Buckingham Street.

Kapitan Keling Mosque George Town
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The Kapitan Keling Mosque in the Street of Harmony

There are more places that you will discover by walking in George Town. If you are interested in temples, you must visit the Thai temple with the reclining Buddha and the Burmese Temple. They are truly unique.

Burmese Temple George Town
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Giant Buddha Statue

Peranakan Museum in George Town

There are quite a few museums in George Town, make sure you tick off the list these two: the Peranakan Mansion and the Blue Mansion. Both are very significant and gorgeous places for understanding the history behind the Penang culture.
A group of early settlers who immigrated to Malaysia and over the years absorbed the local influences, and out of this fusion, they created a culture of their own, which gave life to the Peranakan culture. Men are called Baba and women Nyonya. A genuinely fascinating history that you will get to know by visiting these two museums.

Peranakan Museum George Town
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Inside the Peranakan Museum in George Town

While you can visit the Blue Mansion on guided tours only, this place, which has been refurbished in a magnificent way, next to being a museum, is partly converted into a hotel and a high-end restaurant. The Blue Mansion is a must-see place in Penang.

Blue Mansion George Town Penang
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The stunning Blue Mansion from outside

Penang Hill and the funicular rail

After one day in George Town, a visit to Penang Hill is the second top thing to do, worth adding to your trip itinerary. You must experience the funicular train that takes to the top of the hill and back. I have made a video of this train ride and will add it later on. The journey and the view are sensational, especially when you come down the hill.

Penang Hill Funicular Rail
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Going up to the Penang Hill with the funicular train

To experience the forest and learn about the fragile eco-system of Penang, visit the Habitat and its nature conservation centre. At the entrance, a guided tour will welcome you and walk around with you to show the best places and tell you about the story of this fabulous place. There are a canopy treetop walk and the newly constructed canopy walk that will be open to the public in December.

The Habitat Penang Hill Canopy Walk
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Kek Lok Si Temple and Air Itam Market

After visiting Penang Hill, I had a delicious Assam Laksa at the market in Air Itam. This is a great place for street food too. The market is just a few minutes walk away from the Kek Lok Si Temple, which showcases the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Make sure you plan a visit to this temple in your trip itinerary around Penang.

Kek Lok Si Temle Penang Island
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The Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

Penang National Park

The national park is 30 minutes by car on the northeast part of the island. If you love hiking and pristine environment, this is the place in Penang. There are various walking trails and also a canopy walk. I walked for 1.5 hours to Pantai Kerachut and Monkey Beach. And from there I returned by boat. While you can hike back and forth, there is also a boat service that operates the pick-up and drop-off, and you can book it at the park entrance.

The Penang National Park Monkey Beach
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Monkey Beach in Penang

Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau lies on the west coast of Penang. There is a bus that takes you there, but you will need a car to explore the area. This place is all surrounded by hills and is ideal for a break from George Town. The best way to visit is by strolling through the village, tasting the exquisite Laksa Lemak, a famous Laksa with creamy coconut gravy. Make sure you visit the paddy fields and the fisherman village where you can also eat freshly prepared food. However the locals here hardly speak any English, so either visit with a local or get a translation app. All around the village you will spot the old traditional Malay Kampong Houses.

Some of them have been refurbished and turned into a homestay for visitors. So if you are looking for a traditional homestay on the island.

Looking for a traditional homestay in Penang? Balik Pulau is the place where to stay.

Balik Pulau Fisherman Village
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Fisherman Village in Balik Pulau Penang

Tropical Spice Garden

The tropical spice garden is a little jewel that I love. A very relaxing and peaceful place where to hide from the heat and buzz. It’s on your way when driving out of town to the Penang National park. They offer morning guided tours of the spice garden; our guide Danny was very knowledgeable about all spices and plants and told us about Penang’s rich heritage as a spice island with over 500 varieties. The best part of it they also offer cooking classes with a local chef. In my course, I learnt how to cook Malay food: from chicken curry to banana pancakes. So much fun. Cooking classes are run daily and feature every cuisine: from Chinese to Indian, to Malay and Thai.

Tropical Spice Garden Penang
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The Tropical Spice Garden Tour

The Tropical Fruits Farm and the Nutmeg Farm

Penang is a tropical island blessed with an abundance of locally grown tropical fruits. The Durian is the king of all Penang Fruits; it looks like a spiky rugby ball, the fruit has a pungent smell. But there are many more home-grown fruits, like mango, coconut, papaya, dragon fruit, pineapple, sugar cane, watermelon, etc. If you want to learn more about this fruits paradise stop at the Tropical Fruits Farm on your way to Balik Pulau. They offer a guided tour for a small fee, and you can also purchase their products from the shop. The Nutmeg Factory is also on your way and another great place to stop by. I loved it.

Nutmeg Factory Penang
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From the Nutmeg Factory in Penang

More things to do in Penang

I’m thrilled to have been able to see all these places during my first five days here in Penang when the weather was good. A typhoon hit Penang during my stay. And most of the island was flooded. But they quickly recovered thanks to the help of the locals and Malaysians from the mainland. This is very unusual for Penang island where periods of rain are frequent, but typhoons are very rare.

Penang and George Town have a wealth of attractions and heaps of things to offer that will keep you occupied for weeks. I hope you will find it useful for planning your trip to this beautiful part of Malaysia.

For more info about planning your trip to Penang, you can check out the official tourism site. Or check out this planning site.

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The best places to visit in Penang Island Malaysia
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How to organise your trip to Penang

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First published in 2017, last updated in October 2022

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