The Australia Zoo

Last year I was blessed to get close to the Australian wildlife in many occasions and especially to learn much about it while .

At the end of my volunteer experience as a Wildlife Warrior, I had the chance of visiting the Australia Zoo, seeing its amazing animals and learning about the many wildlife conservation projects they care for.

The Australia Zoo is the most known zoo in Australia because of its founder, Steve Irwin who is a living legend with his legendary commitment and work in the Australian wildlife and wilderness conservation.  After Steve Irwin’s death in 2006, the work at the Australia Zoo has been proudly continued by his wife Terri and lately by his 13years old daughter, Bindi, as well as by a growing number of Wildlife Warriors.

Almost 600 people,  actively involved in the care of endangered Australian animals as well as in the education and support of many local and international wildlife conservation projects. On the Australia zoo website, you can also learn about Steve Irwin’s fascinating story of his life as a great Wildlife Warrior.

Why you should visit the Australia Zoo and how to get there

The Australia Zoo is located in Beerwah, 80km north of Brisbane and 25km from the Sunshine

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Coast. From Brisbane you can either catch the train to Landsborough, or if you prefer to be independent and use a car, it a short drive from Brisbane and from the Sunshine Coast too.

The Australia Zoo is pretty busy during school holidays and at weekends, so booking your tickets online will probably save you lots of time  at the entrance. From the Australia Zoo Website, you can get all information about the daily shows along with the timetable and you can also put together your itinerary and print it out.

The Australia Zoo Tickets are not inexpensive, single tickets cost 59,00AUD, but discounts are available for families, students and elderly people. If you are planning your Australian holidays in South Queensland it is worth including a visit to the Australia Zoo in your itinerary.

One of the major reasons why international visitors come to Australia is to see its unique animals but the chances to spot them in the wild are limited. The Australia Zoo is a great chance of seeing and learning much about Australian wildlife.

My visit at the Australia Zoo

I visited the Australia Zoo on Anzac Day. On this public holiday, the Australia Zoo is open only 4 hours in the afternoon. I was not aware of how huge the zoo is,  by looking at the zoo map I soon realized that I had to make a choice and pick some of the areas. I was happy that the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Show was planned on that day at the Crocoseum. This is the best part. You will witness a unique and impressive interaction of the wildlife warriors with animals, see colourful birds soaring over the arena, herons and birds of prey swooping on food.

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But this is just the beginning of the Show! The highlight at the Croceseum is the Croc Show, the amazing interaction while feeding Saltwater Crocodiles. The Irwin family, Terri and Bindi are the main protagonists here with a wonderful crew of wildlife warriors. I would recommend planning a whole day at the Australia Zoo, so as to make the most of your visit and have the time to see it all.  If you only have a few hours then be sure you do not miss out on this great show!

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The Croc Show is the hit of this zoo. It is usually held every day at midday, on Anzac Day it was scheduled soon after the opening. You’d better check out the timetables on the Australia zoo website at the time of your visit. The photos cannot get the excitement through, unfortunately. A video is probably the best media to bring the atmosphere live. The music, the dance, the performance of the Wildlife Warriors and Bindi’s courage and enthusiasm is really precious. Following the footprints of Steve Irwin, Bindi has been actively involved, together with her mother Terri, in continuing the work of her father. Listening to Bindi’s adventures and the wildlife encounters she had was touching.

Seeing my favourite Australian animals at the Australia Zoo

Well since I had to make a choice, I found myself rushing from one place to the next. I was eager to see the wombats, my favourite Australian marsupial, which is not so easy to spot in the wild. I only saw it a couple of times in Tasmania. There were some huge wombats strolling around on the green fields,  here below you can see a photo of a little cute wombat.

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From there I rushed to the Wetlands to see some beautiful birds and also came across the Echidna House where they were holding a show. I spent the rest of my time walking around and taking pictures of lovely red and grey kangaroos and cute wallabies. Kangaroos are definitely the joy of thousands of kids “and adults too ” who are visiting the Australia Zoo every year. They are lovely animals and are happy to be hand-fed and also like posing for a photo with you!

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While approaching kangaroos, be sure you also know a few simple rules of how to feed them while respecting their privacy. Here below learn about the [do action=”bold-blue”]Roo Heaven Rules[/do]

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As said, while visiting the Australia Zoo, you will come across several boards with great information about Australian native endangered animals or species that are threatened in the world. Here below one about how to save the parrots of the world. More information is available on the Australia Zoo Website.

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At the Australia Zoo, there are several great shops where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, some of them are also unique to this place and it’s also a good chance to browse through and see whether you find something you like to take home. …as you can see from the full bag, I found something!

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Do not leave the Australia Zoo without being immortalized through a photo with Irwin’s Family bronze sculpture at the entrance. There are more sculptures scattered around the zoo area, a huge croc sculpture for the joy of kids and more areas where you can take fun photos!

Hope you enjoyed this short virtual tour of the Australia Zoo in Beerwah.

Enjoy and protect the Australian Wildlife!

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