Australian Markets You Must Visit

4 Australian Markets worth a visit

Australian Markets are a great way of savouring a place in its integrity. It’s a way of celebrating the “genius loci” the spirit o a place with its colours, sounds, smells, its creativity and its spirituality. A way of blending different cultures, a way of bringing locals and travellers together. Throughout Australia, you will come across thousands of local markets, from daily, weekends markets to seasonal and event markets. On this post, you can read about  4 Australian markets worth a visit while travelling around Australia.

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The Rocks Markets, Sydney

A visit to the Rocks Markest is a must when in Sydney. I am a habituè of this lovely Sydney Market. The Rocks district is one of the best spots for entertainment in Sydney. A place with the perpetual buzz. Being centrally located with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House just a few minutes walk away, you can plan to spend a whole day in the area.

The Rocks Markets offer over 200 stalls with unique pieces from local fashion, jewellery designers, that you will not get anywhere else. This is a great market to visit again and again, on a sunny weekend you can take a stroll around the Rocks, sit at one of the many street cafés, go shopping or simply catch glimpses of the Harbour Bridge and of the Opera House. The Market is open every weekend from 8 to 5 pm throughout the year.

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 The South Melbourne Markets

This is my favourite indoor market in Melbourne. The South Melbourne Markets are located in the southern district of the city, a 15minutes walk not far from Southbank. Open on Wednesday, and from Friday to Sunday, this is a great place for buying fresh, locally produced, fruits and veggies to the finest coffee and organic products.

If you are looking for a good head and back massage you can try out the team of dr. Shell. This market is also popular for the great street eateries spread around the market. At midday, people start to queue up for fresh dim sims or to eat paella cooked right in front of you. Indeed a great place for a Sunday Brunch.

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 The Salamanca Markets, Hobart

Another great city market held on Saturday till 3 pm at Salamanca Place in Hobart. I love the contrast created by the historic buildings with the luxury boats moored at the adjacent Marina. At the market, you can find original Tasmanian hand-made arts and craft from woodwork to jewellery, ceramics and all kind of quirky accessories you may think of. It’s a very popular outodoor market for the locals, so if you plan to visit Hobart on a weekend, get there early as it gets very busy. I have been at the Salamanca Markets once and remember the masses of people hanging out there.

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The Adelaide Central Markets

This is a daily indoor market located just off Adelaide city centre. It’s a wonderful place for your daily shopping. You can buy local fresh food locally produced, from dairy products to veggies, pieces of bread, meat and seafood. 80 stall altogether. Moreover, you find an array of other minor stalls with retail products. My favourite product: organic brown bread.

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One Australian market for each city. There are obviously many more markets worth a visit in each town and city of Australia. In big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, there are quite a few markets held locally. You can check out with the local tourist offices that might be able to provide you with a complete list of local Australian markets.

Have you visited Australian Markets when travelling in Australia? Tell us which ones you liked and why!