6 Australian Festivals You Will Love

Australian Festivals you cannot miss out

Australia is not only about wildlife, Nature, red rocks and endless landscapes; it is also a great destination for excellent cultural events and festivals. Hundreds of festivals are held throughout the year.

Across the country, from large cities to remote tiny outback villages, everywhere in Australia, you will have the opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions and have much fun.

The Australian festivals are indeed a great way to savour the Australian culture and lifestyle in a cheerful and more relaxed atmosphere. Right now in December is the best time to go to Australian Festivals.

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Here are 6 Great Australian Festivals you cannot miss out. Make sure you participate if you are right now visiting these places or are planning to visit sometimes.

1. The Fall Musical and Arts Festival in Lorne and Marion Bay

This is an outstanding Australian festival which takes place in Lorne, Victoria (on the Great Ocean Road) and at the same time in Marion Bay, Tasmania. The Falls in Lorne starts on 28th,  in Marion Bay the following day. 5 days for an Aussie camping experience on the beach or in the rainforest, enjoying nature at its best as well as great music and art performances. If you want to find out more about the Falls Festivals check out their official website: www.2012.fallsfestival.com.au

2. The Taste Festival in Hobart

For foodies, this is an event not to miss out. It’s held in Hobart, in Tasmania. For 7days and nights, you will have the opportunity to taste the best of local Tasmanian products from seafood, cheese, berries, wines, beers and also international dishes. An array of events are also offered from cooking classes and tasting table to workshops and music, theatre, street performances. Starting on Friday the 28th of December. The website: www.tastefestival.com.au

3. The Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland

Probably the biggest and most famous folk festival in Australia, the Woodford Festival attracts every year thousands of people from all over the country and international visitors too. This is a huge event with over 400 events and more than 2000artists.

Every year the Woodford Folk Festival takes place in December.  Another great way to get involved to experience the spirit of the Woodford festival is to volunteer. Suppose you want to learn more about this, check out their website.  www.woodfordfolkfestival.com

4. The Pyramid Rock Festival on Phillip Island

For all rock music lovers, this is a special event that takes place on 29th Dec to 1st January in Phillip Island. It is named after the Pyramid Rock, a rock formation just offshore the festival site. Next to Australia’s finest music, there will be special international guests along with an excellent Food Court and gorgeous market stalls with memorabilia, official band merchandise and all bits and pieces you may be looking for.

5. The Sydney New Year’s Eve Festival

Last but not least, the Sydney New Year’s Eve Festival the “once in a lifetime event”  everyone raves about it. Truly it is a spectacular event with the finest fireworks scenario you can have in the world,  illuminating the  Harbour Bridge with a magnificent play of colours and live music. If you are in Sydney or nearby, it’s absolutely a must to see it live on New Year’s Eve.

6. Vivid Sydney Lights Festival

If you love arts and lighting effects, this is by far the best Aussie festivals and one of the most known in the world. You can witness over a week diverse lighting effects, arts scenarios of all kinds in the amazing outdoor of the Sydney Harbour. Make sure you book your trip to Vivid Sydney in advance as the city gets really busy during this amazing festival which takes places every year between May and June.

These are 6 great Australian festivals taking place every year, but only a tiny fragment of the complete Australian festivals you can enjoy at any time of the year in Australia. Festivals are indeed great value in Australia and one of the best way to experience the spirit of the Australian culture.

First published in Jan 2013, last updated in Dic 2020