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Your Australia Itinerary Book Reviews

I have listed all these travel book reviews that have come in over the months either via email or left on various purchasing platforms so that you can gain an insight of what readers say about Your Australia Itinerary and how useful the book has been in their travels.


Australia Solo Travel Book
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Richard Schuster, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If I had this guide to travel within Australia before I started preparing for my trip I would have saved 30 hours of research.  When I think of the list of details I had to generate it felt overwhelming at first.  I accomplished most of it on my own after I found this guide.  On careful examination, I discovered that every single topic that needed to be addressed is included right here, with links to further information on each one.

As an experienced traveler, I started with my general plan.  Each of the following highlighted italicized areas contained painstakingly detailed links with wonderful information.  First I needed to compile a list of where I wanted to go and how much time in each place.  Then I decided how to go (car or campervan, bus, train, plane, etc).  With the numerous options for transportation, the guide offered rental agencies, bus routes, etc.  A critical item in travel is where to stay overnight.  The possibilities are endless.  Here the guide suggests the differences between hotels, B&Bs, hostels (YHA), etc. with maps included that offer what is available and where. Also included are suggestions on what to do in the most iconic parts of the country (Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, etc).

Because of the availability of choices in what is truly a large country, the guide offers 5 different itineraries with time frames to give the potential traveler, some perspective on how to schedule for their vacation.  Of course, you have the option of omitting and including your own special needs to tailor your perfect trip.  I was lucky in that I already had mapped out my preferred journey and the very first suggested itinerary almost matched my plans exactly.  Just a small modification made my job incredibly easy.

The only regret in discovering this toolbox jewel was that I did not have it available sooner.  But if it is available to someone who has yet to start the planning process, that is a treasure worth embracing.


Mysti Renee, Canada – Quick Read and Great Overview

I loved the book and the fact that in a couple of hours I had a really good idea of the areas of Australia that would be of interest to our family of 4. The format of sharing highlights and then a quick quiz to see if that area is right for you was very helpful as I went back to the back while finalizing what we word to do. I took the author up on her offer of advice to those who bought the book and received excellent feedback on what was realistic, so using the book and her blogs we made adjustments to our plans before going. Highly recommend, not just to solo travellers.


Maggie, UK

As a family of five, I did wonder if we were the intended readers of this book. However, with time running out and with so many ideas and options available, this book was a real find. Clearly set out with detailed maps, plenty of ideas, opportunities to customise the trip, choices for shortening or lengthening the different legs and the opportunity to contact the author directly, this was a real help. In the end, we did an adapted version of the second itinerary but missed out the middle leg only through lack of time. Our family-based ourselves in Sydney and Cairns and enjoyed the contrast between a busy city and a quieter, beachside location. We only scratched the surface of this amazing country but if the opportunity arises to visit again, this book would certainly be the first one we consulted.


Charlie S., USA

We purchased “Your Australia Itinerary” and found it to be a valuable resource in planning our trip. Planning such a trip can seem daunting, but the book was quite useful in providing both basic guidelines to frame our planning efforts as well as specific advice and sample itineraries to build on.  I would recommend it for anyone planning their first trip to Australia.


Carmel S. – Ireland

This book has it all, from the conception of the dream of travelling Australia to the actual stepping aboard the flight and heading off. It includes everything for the solo traveller, especially female travellers on how to stay safe on your travels. The author Michaela is a total travel guru when it comes to Australia travel and her research for this book is all based on her own actual solo travels in this vast beautiful country, she has included all the cities and landmarks which we are familiar with from books and media but she also gives a fascinating insight into places most people have never heard of and as a result, wish to visit and the explore.

I’ve travelled myself solo extensively around Australia but how I wish I had access to this fantastic book as I would have saved myself a lot of money and time and a whole lot of hassle, so next time I go I will be more than well informed. A super informative book written by a woman passionate about land that captures the heart of the traveller and the best tool you can arm yourself with if you decide to travel to this wonderful land you can never get over.

Alison G., Germany – Thorough guide for a trip to Australia

I think this is a great book for people planning a trip to Australia. Michela really knows the country well and has spent extensive periods of time throughout the country. Australia is a really big place, almost the size of the continental US, so it can get overwhelming to try to see the highlights, enjoy your trip, and not feel rushed. Michela does a great job of showing you your options based on the type of trip you want to have and the kinds of activities you enjoy. She gives you a realistic view of how long you need to see different parts of the country so you don’t spend your whole trip in transit. I definitely recommend this book to people who want some direction and expert advice on planning their trip to Australia.


Richard Coathup, Melbourne

I was lucky enough to meet up with the author of Your Australia Itinerary The Ultimate Guide for Female Solo Travellers by Michela Fantinel while on my own solo travels across Australia on the Indian Pacific train travelling from Melbourne (East coast) to Perth Western Australia, (West Coast). When speaking with Michela it easy to see why she has an extreme passion for Australia and all that it has to offer gained from her own unique experiences as a solo women traveller.

Michela’s book further draws on her own extensive solo travel experiences throughout this vast land of Australia. The book is a fantastic guide and inspiration that is easily used to plan and map out your own holiday adventures. Simple to understand themed, itineraries and guides of possible destinations and activities to do along the way. The book has many interactive hyperlinks and images also highlight further tips and ideas to make your holiday pleasure and a memorable one. The book reads well and visually appealing and can easily be viewed in IPad mini format.

The book is well researched and speaks from Michela’s own many solo travel experiences which sometimes is lacking in other books. In my opinion, the book is not just for solo women traveller but all types of travellers to Australia and locals included as ideas and concepts of having that perfect getaway or outback adventure road trip under your belt comes across in the easy to read format showing itinerary and distances. I highly recommend this guide for planning your next holiday adventure.

Organised and detailed without being complicated – Margie Miklas – US

I found this Australia travel guide by Michela Fantinel to be not only well-organized but thorough. Having never been to Australia, I like this guide with several suggested itineraries which would make travel planning much less overwhelming.

It is apparent that the author has travelled all over the country in order to include such insider tips as to the length of time needed in various locations. I also thought that the suggestions based on personal interests, such as beaches, nature, landmarks, etc. were invaluable. The numerous links for more resources are helpful, as well as the author’s offer for a personal travel consultation. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone traveling to Australia.


I am ready for an Australian Adventure by Nancie Clark – USA

Australia has always been a dream destination for me. I am also more frequently than not, a solo female traveller. After reading “Your Australia Itinerary”, I feel comfortable and knowledgable with planning my trip. The author highlights the places so many of us want to visit and gives great insightful advice. Each itinerary suggested is packed full of information, links, a place to customize your trip, a photo gallery and even a quiz. Full of first-hand experience tips, the author has presented an amazingly thorough guide for any traveller, male or female, to plan an Australian adventure! This guide is a must for anyone traveling or even thinking about traveling to the Land Downunder!


Great Planning Start for Solo Travellers heading to Australia- Hannah Logan, Canada

Geared towards solo female travellers, Your Australia Itinerary Book is a great resource to plan your Outback Adventure. Written by a traveller with firsthand experience, this guide offers key tips to budgeting and time management in a country that many perceive to be smaller than it actually is.

Helpful tips regarding transportation, sight-seeing, and season suggestions offer great insight to anyone looking to visit Australia for the first time. Plus, the four itinerary plans are fantastic guidelines to kick start your own journey. Whether you’re a beach bum looking for the perfect wave, an adventurist looking to uncover the outback, or a foodie in search of the perfect meal; the author has suggestions for everyone. The provided estimated costs and time frames make it easy for any first-timer to plan out their 3-5 week visit, especially alongside the included recommendations for tours, transportation, and accommodation. You’re Australia Itinerary Book is a good place to start for anyone, solo female traveller or not, in planning their first Australian adventure. I’ll certainly keep it on hand for when I plan mine!


Mandie Sanders – USA

This is hands-down the most comprehensive guide for traveling through Australia I have ever read. First Michela helps you decide where to go based on what’s important to you, and then she gives you the exact information and tools that you need to get there. What really impressed me were the incredibly detailed itineraries, customized for different time frames. This guide will literally save you days, if not weeks, of research and planning! Although it’s titled ‘the ultimate guide for solo female travelers,’ I would highly recommend it for anyone planning a dream trip to Australia.


Jenni Porshakin – USA

The book has been extremely beneficial to planning my trip. Prior to reading “Your Australia Itinerary,” I was desperately trying to locate several of the visual travel planning elements that Michela included in this book such as transportation times/distance, climate/season to the territory, etc.- Michela’s book, blog, and personal advice on female solo travel to OZ is a unique niche like no other – however it was exactly what I was looking for! Michela is an experienced, female solo traveler to Australia and is substantiated in her book. I couldn’t have mastered the planning of my dream trip without her and her book!


Megan Jerrard – AUS

This is truly the ultimate guide to travel through Australia; not only for solo female travellers as it is aimed, however also highly suitable for anyone considering travel through the country. As an Australian I learnt more about my own country from this guide than from 14 years of residency! Michela goes above and beyond telling the reader “what to do”, but also provides them with the knowledge of how to do it. Her trip planning basics lay out everything a first-time traveller needs to know, and her comprehensive itineraries equip you with a detailed checklist, outline and Google map overview for those considering a road trip. She goes above and beyond by recommending extended or shortened itineraries for those with little or extra time and provides the reader with a fantastic list of additional resources for travel throughout each Australian State. This guide covers everything!


M. Dav, US – Brilliant and helpful book

I absolutely love this book! Warning – it will absolutely whet your appetite to visit Australia. Several itineraries are presented inside, with options for shortening/lengthening the trip, swapping out legs, and approximate total costs in AUD. Fantinel summarizes each itinerary with what will be covered, and who it is geared toward – i.e. if you’re a food/wine lover, nature lover, etc. Much of the content is geared toward solo travel, though Fantinel is quick to note when having a companion would be helpful.

The book doesn’t go into the history of each area (like a Rick Steves guidebook would), but I actually appreciated that fact. It was nice to just have the facts presented, along with what stands out about each area (i.e. one site being one of the largest seal residences). Fantinel is quick to note which itineraries are best for newbie travelers to Australia, and also shares a lot of link love – to her own and others’ blog posts, tourist information sites, and more.

She has a very approachable writing voice, and I’m excited to see what else is in the pipeline for her to publish. This book is a quick read and one that will be invaluable as I dream about making my first trip to Australia a reality.

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