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Why join ​my Australia guided tours

​If you have been following me on the Rocky Travel Blog  for a while you may know that I am th​e Queen of Solo Travel in Australia.  I've been travelling around ​Australia​ since 2004. Australia has become my favourite destination: with 9 solo ​trips and a total of 24 months ​o the road​, I have criss-crossed the country from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the Southern Tasmania to the Top End of Australia.

I have been using all different kind of transportation, from internal flights and bus travel to short and long rail journeys, from road tripping to solo camping, by totalling over 100 thousands km​, over 14 years. Yet, after all these amazing adventures, I still haven't seen it all. 
Yes, Australia is a BIG country, I know how challenging it ​can be to go alone​! That's why I have created a way to travel with me​ and help you get started with your ​solo adventures.
I have created my own ​guided Tours of Australia and Italy​.

​If you need a boost of confidence and inspiration to get it going solo and explore more on your own, then my small group tours ​are the right ​thing for you!

Michela Rocky Travel Tours

Small Solo Groups to Australia

My small group tours of Australia are ideal for the​ solo traveller who is +30 and loves the idea of ​travelling alone around Australia, but at the same time needs a boost of confidence to get started. ​

​My Australia Group Tours are open to 6-10 people maximum and they are fully escorted. The core​ activities will be in the outdoors, from city walk tours to nature explorations, ​from hiking day-trips in national parks to wildlife encounters and more. The Australia tours fo​r this year will be starting end 2018. I will be running a few different tours for a lenght between 5 and 7 days each. The ​first 3 group tours will cover these areas:

  1. Perth and South Western Australia (December 2018)
  2. Melbourne and Victoria (end of January 2019)
  3. Cairns and Tropical North Queensland ​(April 2019)

​I will be escorting each tour. ​On some day-trips a trusted tour guide may join us. But apart from ​those, I ​will be running all city and outdoor activities.

If you are interested in any of the above escorted tour​s, sign up for the email news here below, ​to get updates about ​the dates and the tour itinerary.

What​ to expect from my Small Group Tours of Australia 

We will be active​ in the amazing Australian nature, with both coastal and inland trips, as well as exploring the less touristy places.  ​Next to bushwalkin​g, ​we will be visiting cities like Perth, Melbourne and more places. However depending on the individual interests I will set up the​ trip itinerary according to your input. ​Eating good food​ and getting to know the locals ​​will be​ part of my tours too.  ​

​To give you an idea of how we will be spending ​spending the time together here is a rough breakdown of the tour activities: 65% outdoor a​ctivities, 20% city culture 15% ​food and wine hands-on experiences.

W​hom are my guided Australia Tours good for

​You need to be flexible and have an average good level of fitness. We will not be climbing nor doing any extreme outdoor activity, however you must be fit to walk and visit cities on foot ​as well as walking on signed hiking trails for 3-5 hours a day on ​2 or more days of the total tour length. ​

My Small Group Tours to Australia are perfect for the Solo Traveller who love​s outdoor adventures ​with a touch of the local culture, by visiting the Australian cities and trying out the local food.

In general we will ​have a mix of accommodation​, depending on the location, from boutique hostels ​to guesthouses​, B&B and small hotels. On overnight hiking trip we may have to​ stay in comfortable cabins or  mountain huts, depending on what the destination offers and upon availability .

Dates of my first Australia Tours

  • ​This first small group tour to Australia is taking place ​in​ December 2018, before Christmas. Fix dates to be communicated.
  • It will last between 7-10 days. Starts and ends in Perth with a tour of South Western Australi. It will be followed by a tour of Melbourne and Wilsons Promontory end of January 2019.
  • ​I'm accepting inquries now but bookings will open soon in April till the end of ​August, when I will close the group. 
  • ​The tour will be confirmed when a minimum of 7 participiants and/or a max of 10 is reached.
  • ​The rough tour itinerary can be forwarded upon request. Details will follow up through the news and final itinerary ​will be sent on registration.

​What if you would like to join

  • ​If interested or have any questions, please send in your inquriy by contacting me here.
  • ​You will have to make all your overseas flight arrangements to/from Australia.
  • ​Payment of 500 USD as a deposit is to be made​ ​when registering for the tour.
  • ​All terms and conditions will be ​sent to you on request via email and before registering.
  • You need to have a valid travel and medical international insurance for the whole time of the tour ​ ​and your stay in Australia.  For more information you can  check this page here
  • ​If you are travelling to Europe this summer ​I will be running a small group for a Northern Italy Tour​.

​Interested? Want to learn more about my Australia Group Tours?

Because I may have not covered everything on this page and the trip itinerary will be finalised in the next months, please fill in the form here below to receive ​updates and​ send​ in your questions​.

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