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RockyTravel is all about me.  I am Michela., Italian born and raised in Italy.  At the age of 20, when I was a student, I started travelling on my own aroundWho is behind RockyTravel the world and visited first european countries. I went to UK, Austria and Germany.

As a student I simply loved London and Vienna very much but I could not make up my mind where I wanted to live. After a few years travelling alone around Europe, I found Munich quite interesting and in my late tweenties I decided to settle down there. It was a wonderful time of my life, where I could gather a lof of experience which allowed me to grow both professionally as well as personally.

After a long time working as a sales & project manager for different companies I realised corporate life was not my “real thing” and was searching for something new, I needed a change, something different into my life! I really felt I needed a time off and a long time on the road.

As an old sayings says

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

And this is what happened to me. In March 2004, probably with some hints of a middle life crisis too, I decided to venture out to travelling Australia solo with my backpack. In a few months I prepared my first long solo travel trip at the other side of the world.

It was a wonderful life experience which I sometimes define as the “therapeutic power of travel”. I was very much enthusiastic and wanted to repeat it as soon as I could. It was not immediate though, and as most of times is, you have to be patient  for things to happen in life. Only 4 years later it was real again and was able to have a longer break from work again.


And this was in 2008.  I finally made the decision to leave my job permamently and to be on the road for 3 months. Off, I was going to Australia on my sencond long trip. At that time I realised I was not going back to corporate life any more. My desire to push the button reset, unwind and start my life in a completely different perspective was too big. I knew the job I was doing for over 15 years belonged to the past and my second trip to Australia was marking the beginning of a new life.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”~ Muriel Strode

Travelling to me means learning more about myself than just making holiday.  Travel is an integral part of a a  deeper personal development process. It contributes to enrich my life both spiritually and mentally. Moreover it gives me the chance to learn more about others and see the world from different perspectives. First and foremost travel means freedom to me.

Travel makes you richer

This is how it all started, while I was in Australia on my second trip in 2008 one day on a day trip to the Adelaide hills, I thought I could put all my beautiful travel experience toghether in a blog or a website and make them available to anyone who love to travel and want to discover Australia.
This is why I have created RockyTravel, a Blog and Guide about Australia to share with you my  travel experience and help make you of your travels in Australia a memorable experience.

When I first visited Australia in 2004, I soon fell in love with the richness of its unique environment, the friendly Australian people and their easygoing and relaxed lifestyle. I found the Australian Culture and the Australian Lifestyle  very much different from the frantic lifestyle we have in Europe. Since then my Love for Australia makes me going back to explore more and more of this fascinating remote country.

“Travel and change of Place impart vigor to the mind” ~ Seneca

Michela on Solo Trip on Kangaroo Island

One thing that most impressed me is the feeling of freedom and lightness that  reigns everywhere, in the outback, in the countyside, in the vibrant cities.  And this is something I very much appreaciate when I travel cause I love travelling alone. f you love  freedom, unspoilt  nature, then Australia will offer you unique travel destinations with stunning places, lots of adventure opportunities along with fun lovely local people.

On RockyTravel you will find lots of travel ideas, travel tips, useful and practical information put it in an easy form to help you better planning, and organizing your trip to Australia. This will save you long exhausting searching online.

This website is for people who love to travel Australia independently, don’t want to spend a fortune, and want to get the best value deals for their money. It has a special focus onFemale Solo Travel as I advocate travelling solo. But it is also great for couples. On Rocky Travel you will not find articles about family travel with kids though.

I have been travelling solo for over 25 years and Australia is the country I enjoy it most. Here you can read more about WHY I LOVE Australia. I think Australia is the ideal destination for first time travellers and especially for Single Travellers.

“It’s beautiful to be alone. To be alone does not mean to be alone. It means the mind is not influenced and contaminated by society.”

Travelling Solo Australia

If you love arranging the trip on your own, look for valuable information online and want to make of  your travel in Australia an unforgettable travel experience then I think you have found a smart travel guide Australia.

Moreover if you are looking for trip planning help with the itinerary set up I can help you too.

I think  1000 words are not as worth as the personal experience I hope you will find what you are looking for from my website, and also find the inspiration you need to step forward.

If you like my website and find it helpful you can recommend it to friends and anyone, you know, who would be happy to learn about me and Rocky Travel.

Happy Travels  in Australia!


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