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I'm Michela the owner of Rocky Travel

​Rocky Travel is an award-winning, popular Travel Blog for the ​solo traveller who has been ​in the blogging scene for 8 years. ​ I'm a blogger and author who swapped a life of a manager for a ​less ordinary life with a mission of helping others​ travel more and in a smart way. 

With +25 years of solo travel adventure across Australia, Europe and S.E.A I know all the pros and cons of being on the road on your own. It is liberating and rewarding, but ​at the same time it can be challenging and ​overwhelming, especially when you venture in remote countries like Australia.  

​But wait you can now Travel with Me on my Rocky Travel Tours​. ​My tours are specially designed to empower the demanding female solo traveller, who is keen to travel ​with like-minded ​travellers, ​boost her confidence, gain inspiration, make experiences together and​ finally ​be spurred to travel alone.

My New Year Resolution List for 2018

Why small group tours and where to?

​​Adventure and Active Travel

My tours are for the solo traveller who loves the great outdoors, get active and explore new places by walking and hiking in the nature. But there is more to it, in my small group tours  you will have the opportunity to  fully immerse in the place by mingling with the locals, learning about hidden places, traditions and customs of a place by making real hands-on experiences.

Travel Tours of Australia and Tours of Italy

I will be launching my first small Group Tour of Italy in 2018 which will take you to the amazing North-East of Italy with Venice, the beautiful Dolomites and Triest.

The guided group tours to Australia will start later this year in November or December 2018. You can sign up for the newsletter to get updates about them.  I will have 2-3 different tours over a period of 3 months.

Dates are to be relased in the next weeks/months.
​I will be planning and escorting all my tours to Italy and Australia.

Small Group Tours of Australia and Italy

​​I've been travelling in Australia for +14 years with 100 thousands km of solo adventures across the country ​I know this big country well. We will be exploring off-the-beaten-path places as well as ​enjoying the surrondings of main cities. While I ​will be planning and organizing and escorting  small groups of solo travellers ​​I can also help you with the itienerary and trip planning ​for your travels in Italy and Australia. ​

Whom are my tours good for?

Are you a flexible, fit and a keen walker who loves exploring new places in natural settings as well as enjoying native food and local culture? ​If you like to travel in small groups of max 8-10 people, with like minded-travellers who are active and love to be explore a new places, make new friends and be guided ​by a an experienced local, then my tours are are the perfect match.

You don't do backpacking tours, but prefer staying in unique B&B and/or small cozy hotels and when hiking sharing  a hut/cabin in remote areas will be okay for you too.

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