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Top Reasons Why You Should Travel Australia

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel to Australia

Australia is the travel destination that attracts people of any age from all over the world with no stop. For many yet is the trip of their lifetime, a dream to fulfil. On this page, I have made a list of the top 10 reasons to travel to Australia and why people should go to the 5th Continent.

Reasons to Travel to Australia
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1. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is usually the no. 1 reason for most people wanting to go to Australia for the first time. Friends and family have told you about their enthusiastic experience showing photos, videos, and you are so impressed that you want to visit Australia for your next travel destination. Listening to others’ experiences, reading a book or a travel article can trigger off your wanderlust. Travel stories and blogs can be an excellent inspirational source for your first adventure in Australia.

On Rocky Travel Blog, you can find tons of inspiration too. Here are are a few more pages.

2. Family and friends get-together

Australia’s population is made up of immigrants. Almost anyone has either a friend or relative ex-pat there, who moved to Australia after the IIWW. A visit to Australia can be a way to bring the family together and see friends again after a long time. It adds high value to your stay, first because it’s an excellent opportunity for you to get insiders’ tips about the places, advice on what to do and not do. Furthermore, you may have the chance to be escorted during your stay too. You will get to know about things, facts, places, habits and all cultural landmarks that will never find out as a tourist.

Click the links to read more about it.

3. Solo travel experience

Australia is a great destination for backpackers. If you are travelling solo and backpacking for the first time, then it will be effortless to go around Australia. To find accommodation, to get around from one place to the other. Anywhere there is the right place to suit you. I recommend staying in Australian hostels: they are very popular with backpackers and solo travellers, and it’s the most common type of accommodation in Australia at reasonable prices offering excellent value accommodation. I have stayed in over 40 hostels in my first solo backpacking trips.

There are heaps of hostels to choose from.  Australia is, in my opinion, a very friendly country for the traveller and especially for women who love to travel alone. Here are my experience and tips.

4. Outdoor activities and sports

If you are a sports fan, love the beach activities like swimming, surfing or scuba diving and want to spend your holiday doing your favourite outdoor activity than you should go to Australia. If you’re going to learn how to surf or adventure yourself into something new, Australia offers you a wide range of courses for all levels from beginners to expert covering from surfing, snorkelling, sailing, diving, kayaking, abseiling, trekking, climbing, golf, horse riding, and more. I loved bushwalking in Australia, what the local’s name for “hiking”. I tell you it’s much fun watching people surfing, or taking their lesson in abseiling; it is a gorgeous adventure.

Read more about why Australia is a boon for outdoors activities:

5. Road Tripping Adventure

There are very few places in the world that offer those long-distances, memorable road trip adventure. And Australia is a boon for all kinds of road trips. From carefree days trips around cities, to multi-day to rural areas, to scenic coastal drives, to dramatic landscapes of remote Outback regions, to national parks and thick forests. If you like road tripping, you can go on a round-trip around Australia for weeks and months.

Here are some inspirational posts for your road trip adventures in Australia:

7. Natural Attractions

Nature is the queen among the Australian landmarks, somehow everything and above all people seem to be shaped by the force of nature. From breathtaking coastal scenery to the stunning landscape in outback areas, with fantastic rock formations, like Uluru, the magical solitude of the ancient rainforest, vast national parks, the abundant and unique fauna and colourful flora. You can spend months and months by visiting an excellent natural environment and at the same time enjoying the beneficial effects of Australian Nature. What’s peculiar of the Australian Nature:

7. Travel and Work

If you think of taking a gap-year, Australia is the top country for a career break or a working holiday experience. In the last years, the working holiday program has become so popular, especially among young people, who wish to spend some time in Australia or why not, may think about emigrating to Australia too. Thanks to a particular government program Australia provides young people, under 30 years, with an excellent opportunity to spend a year while travelling and working at the same time. One year is a good time to enable you to go around and see it all. At the same time, you are allowed to work whenever you want to so that you can fund your travels. Secondly, you have the opportunity to gain an insight into the Australian lifestyle and look around for more job perspectives. Click to read more:

8. Long Term Travel and Volunteering

Volunteering in Australia can also be a good chance if you want to spend a long time in Australia, but do not qualify for a working holiday. There are several projects such as the farm project at And many more. I did some volunteering work in a wildlife hospital in Beerwah near Brisbane, where I looked after injured Koalas as a Wildlife Warrior.

9. Backpacking

If you are more into a relaxed way of travelling and think of making a backpacking trip, Australia is a top destination. I have made two backpacking trips, earlier on in 2004 and 2008 and loved them. I have beautiful memories of these trips because they were liberating and rewarding. Australia offers an excellent infrastructure for young people, from a wide range of hostels and backpackers accommodation to tailor-made tours for backpackers. Backpacking is also a way to save money on your trip to Australia.

10. House Sitting

What is Housesitting? In a few words, you look after someone else’s house and take care of their beloved pets while they are away, and in exchange, you can stay, at their place, for free. You can do it for one week to several months. It’s a great way to travel long-term and at the same time fund your travels, thus saving lots of money on accommodation. I did housesit in Sydney in 2014 for the first time, a few times in Perth, and once on the Gold Coast. On the links below you can read more about my experience.

Whatever your reason for travelling to Australia may be, there are a few things that you should think about before you start planning your trip to Australia.

Top 10 Reasons to visit Australia this year
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