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Travel Sim Card Review

Travel Sim Card Review

Some time ago I was asked to review the Travel Sim Card to make mobile calls to Australia from overseas. I received the prepaid Combo Travel Sim with 20AUD included credit, plus the instructions booklet on how to activate the card. The cost of this package is 49,95 AUD.

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Travel Sim Card

How to activate the Travel Sim Card

By following the instructions from the booklet, I first had to create my account on the website. Once I filled in all my personal details I added my credit card details. You need to do this, if you want to purchase additional credits. The interface is clear with a quick step-by-step process. There is a rates page to check out the cost of mobile calls per minute to each country. I checked the rate for calling Australia from Italy and it was around 70 cents AUD /minute, so with my 20 dollars credits I had in total 28 minutes.

How to make a phone call

Once activated my card on the platform, I inserted the Sim card onto my phone. There was a signal showing no coverage. So I checked why, on the booklet it suggested to check whether the phone is unlocked. My phone was unlocked, however, I had to register for one network, to be able to use the phone. With a couple of clicks it was done.  Then I dialled the number as a normal international phone number, the outgoing call stopped, and within a few seconds my phone was ringing. So to say, to make a phone call, you have to digit the desired number and in a couple of secs you receive a call back.

I cannot recall to hear a voice with my credit balance, as said on the booklet though. The reason may be that I did not install any Travel Sim App onto my phone, which is advisable to do. This is probably the easiest way to install this Travel Sim Card and use it.

My experience with Travel Sim Card

I personally find the process to activate the card easy but I would recommend installing the app, as this provides more services, like the credit balance displaying before making phone calls, and it allows you to have better control over your expenses. As for the quality of the calls, the first call I made it was outdoor, the voice was quite clear, but the quality of the second call, I made from inside the house, was much better, with very clear voice and excellent sound.

As for the rates, I think they are competitive and in average about 50 cents AUD per minute. The same applies for text messages. Rates vary from country to country, from your app interface or from your account you can always check them. You can use the card in 190 countries all over the world, so if  you are travelling abroad frequently, this card will definitely help reduce costs on mobile phones calls. You can use the Travel Sim to make phone calls from overseas to Australia as well as from Australia to foreign countries.

Disclaimer: For this review I have received a free Travel Sim Card. Opinions are my own.


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