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My Review of the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat

The Dunsborough Ridge Retreat (Former Glass Lodge), a luxury homestay

On my first solo road trip, I have been touring the Margaret River Region in South West Australia from bottom to top. After spending four days touring the Margaret River wineries, I went to the northern part of the region to see Cape Naturaliste and explore the beautiful Geographe Bay.

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The Glass Lodge is the former name of the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat

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For two nights I had the pleasure to stay at the Glass Lodge, a luxury accommodation nestled in the heart of the forest. The Glass Lodge is a privately-owned luxury accommodation located in the Dunsborough Hills, only 10minutes drive from Dunsborough town and 15 minutes from famous surf beaches like Smiths Beach and Yallingup.

I drove from Margaret River through the Caves Road, the main road linking Margaret River to Dunsborough, and through the secluded side, roads meandering through large stretches of forest, up to the highest hills among tall ancient trees, in the Ocean View Drive.

How to get to the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat (former Glass Lodge)

When I got there I was welcomed by the former hosts, Lauraine and Noel, who showed me around the property and the 4 units, tucked away in the bush. 3 units are suitable for couples and 1 can host a family. Each unit is individually furnished with style and attention to details and is named after birds and flowers. The special feature of the units is the wooden furniture and the large glass windows covering 2 sides which make you experience the bush in a very unique way, as the units are surrounded by tall trees and rich vegetation.

Birds are inhabitants of this secluded place and the main protagonists in this naturalistic scenery. Spotting kangaroos and other animals, early in the morning, is not uncommon too. I was not lucky to spot animals though. The lovely singing of native birds was a constant presence. A real treat.

The reception is beautifully built wooden house with large glass windows on 3 sides that deserve a mention too. I was so impressed when I entered this place.

The staircase’s steps made with natural massive limestone blocks looked majestic inside the house coupled with the huge wooden table which is something rare to see these days. The owners told me the house was entirely built out of natural materials so as to bring the natural environment inside the house. Indeed a very special place.

My stay at the Blue Wren Unit

At the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat, I stayed in the Blue Wren Unit. The units are the same as with the previous ownership. As I love the blue colour it could have not been a better match. The unit was appointed with wooden furniture, with blue and yellow to light orange decorations, plus the paintings hanging on the pastel-painted walls made the colour symphony perfect. I love colours and know of its beneficial influence on your health and on your mood.

The unit was equipped with a comfortable bathroom and kitchen. A table and sofa in the open space, the colourful bedroom that can be shut by a sliding door for more privacy. The place was extremely peaceful. The only sound around me was the birds singing and the wind whispering through the tall trees. The first evening I had set 3 alarm clocks for fear of not waking up in the following morning. But you will not need any alarm clock there! As birds get active early in the morning, I indeed woke up by the singing of laughing kookaburras.!

Things to do around the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat

You are completely immersed in the deep forest and you need a car to get there and explore the area. There are no shops, no restaurants, so you have to bring your own food and everything you need for your stay. In a few minutes drive you can reach the Goanna Cafe where you can have brunch or a good cuppa and browse through the lovely arts and crafts shop.

On your way to this place, there is a winery too. To go to the Yallingup Beaches and explore the Geographe Bay it takes about 15min drive and on your way, you can make a pit stop at the gorgeous Yallingup Galleries.

Next to a stunning landscape, you can enjoy the Dunsborough Hills Wines and its excellent local produce. So if you want to indulge yourself to excellent food and wine tasting this is a great spot.

Conclusion about my Stay at the Dunsborough Ridge Retreat

My overall stay the Blue Wren was very relaxing. The perfect place for a nature escape that will offer the opportunity to enjoy the peacefulness of the deep bush in the Dunsborough Hills.

If you love a secluded place to unwind and get away from the urbanized life this is the place for you. While I enjoyed my stay very much I thought it was a pity to be there completely on my own.

I would highly recommend this place to female solo travellers or couples as a wonderful place for a romantic escape in beautiful South Western Australia. And the perfect getaway from Perth.

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