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Review of Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel

My Stay at Seafront Hotel on Kangaroo Island

This year I had the pleasure of re-discovering Kangaroo Island On the last day of my So

lo Road Trip I headed back to Penneshaw, after visiting Kingscote and stayed at Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel for the night. Penneshaw is a little village on the north east coast of the island known because of the ferry terminal that connects Kangaroo Island to the mainland.

Sunset and Sunrise vantage points

I was fortunate to get to Penneshaw before sunset as the place offers great vantage points with stunning views over the ocean. From the balcony of my hotel room I could witness both sunset in the evening and sunrise in the morning.

When I arrived at Kangaroo Island Seafront the golden sunset light peering through the curtains welcomed me to beautiful sunset colours.

I dropped my luggage and  off I was 🙂 Walked along the road facing the ocean with spectacular views. I could not stop taking photos with the beautiful scenery!

Staying solo at Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel

At Kangaroo Island Seafront I stayed on the first floor in a very spacious and comfortable room with ensuite bathroom. This is the largest hotel room I stayed on my Solo Trips in Australia. As I got to know the hotel building was the former heritage Sorrento Guest House which had been completely renovated.

The Seafront Hotel – a gorgeous beachfront location

You can tell it was an old building from the steep and narrow staircases as they used to be built in the past. 

Another thing that stroke my attention is the beautiful tropical garden, you do not really expect to see this on Kangaroo Island. In the backyard of the building lush green plants and tall palms adorn the lovely swimming pool. It’s a little green oasis that offers great relaxation after a day out touring Kangaroo Island.

On the ground floor there are more hotel rooms and 4 villas, next to the garden. These villas are fully self-contained apartments, ideal for families and long stays.

Where to dine at Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel

In the Kangaroo Island Seafront there is no restaurant service onsite, but you can walk 200 meters to the Penneshaw Hotel, known as Penny’s Restaurant. This is a great place for food and wine. The Penny’s Restaurant belongs to the Seafront Hotel. Either in the outdoor area or inside the hotel you can enjoy a great panoramic view over the ocean. Renovation works of this 100 years old building was completed lately, offering a blend of modern and casual design. If you want to taste the great Kangaroo Island wines, this is the place!

In the morning it was a treat to wake to a gorgeous sunrise view from the balcony of my hotel room. Afterwards I rushed to the ground floor where I had a scrumptious breakfast in the dining. While I could keep enjoying the sunligh of the early day, before leaving with the ferry back to the mainland.

I was very pleased to stay at this hotel and can recommend it to anyone going on a road trip to Kangarro Island.

What to do in Penneshaw when staying at Seafront Hotel

Penneshaw is where you start your visit of Kangaroo Island, if you are coming by ferry from the mainland. If you are getting there in the evening  you can stay at Seafront Hotel for the night. It gives you the opportunity to relax and start your Kangaroo Island Tour, the following day.

Alternatively you can tour the area around Penneshaw, visit the Dudley Peninsula, American River and plan a couple of nights at Seafront hotel.

As Kangaroo Island is large, with over 150km in the length you will need at least 3-4days to take a good look at it as well as different accommodation places on Kangaroo Island.

How to book Seafront Hotel

For more information about the Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel

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