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New Zealand Tours

New Zealand Tours for first-time travellers

New Zealand Tours or Self-Driving? If you are planning your [do action=”bold-blue”]Trip to New Zealand[/do] in the last months of 2013 or for early 2014 and are still debating on how to do it, this page may help you in your choice. Whether you shall prefer self-driving to go on Tours, there are a few things that you shall consider before taking a final decision.

Visiting New Zealand as first-time travellers

Being New Zealand a faraway destination it can be a challenge to many first time travellers visiting New Zealand. Everyone raves about going to New Zealand and see as much as possible, however, most travellers are facing the problem of not having enough time to do so. 3 weeks is the average time most people can put together. Therefore it is vital to maximizing time and money.

On my last Solo Trip around Australia, I only had 8 days to see New Zealand. Obviously I was not expecting to see all of New Zealand in 8 days but I was very happy to see the highlights of the Northern Island. I went on my first discovery tour of New Zealand with a small group. As you know I am not a tour person and I prefer a self-driving trip to group Tours. I must say that this tour was of excellent quality. It allowed seeing so much of the Northern Island without hassle.  Moreover, the activities we did were top-notch and we could see and do much more than what expected.

The benefits of going on New Zealand Tours

Another aspect that you shall consider is that New Zealand is a very expensive destination especially as far as daily-activities and local tours are concerned. Entry tickets to museums, cultural centres, shows and exhibitions are very expensive. That’s why going on Tours will save you a lot of money as group tours get discounts on a variety of activities. So before you make your choice, think about what you are going to do and what you want to do in New Zealand.

If you are interested in learning about the history of New Zealand the local cultural traditions, you are bound to visit quite a few interesting places like TePuia or Moari ceremonies, Rainbow Springs for the famous Kiwi. These are all located in Rotorua but to access them you’d better off going on tours, as they get better prices. During our 8days tour, we spent 2 days in Rotorua. On this post, you can get an idea of all the things to do in Rotorua.

But there are more reasons why New Zealand Tours finally can save energy, time and effort. Here you can read my interview with LTT and learn more about why going on New Zealand Tours may be the ideal choice for first-time travellers.

Starting from September till March every year LTT offers an excellent range of family-operated New Zealand Tours.

Click on the link to download the attached file to view the full program of the NewZealandTours18days. This is the best value tour among their great offer of New Zealand Tours. I can highly recommend it to you if you can identify yourself with this profile

  • A first Time Traveller to New Zealand
  • Want to see as much as you can of New Zealand in a relaxed way
  • Are interested in discovering the natural treasures as well as  learning about the huge cultural heritage
  • Are looking for high-end good value New Zealand Tours
  • Love to splurge on quality food and good quality accommodation
  • Want to get to know the New Zealand cultural traditions
  • Like caring and professional people to help you make the best out of your time in New Zealand
  • Love to be in the good company of friendly New Zealanders who can show you the real New Zealand

If you can answer with yes to all of the above, then the New Zealand Tour I am suggesting to you is a great choice.

I have a sweet surprise for you

Because I do believe that this Tour is a great value Tour I have teamed up with the provider and they are willing to offer 5 vouchers of 200NZD each. From now till 15th December there will be available and they are delivered on a first in the first served base. The 200NZD voucher is only valid for the 18days New Zealand Tour, the booking must be made within 15th December and can be redeemed within April 2014.

Get your 200NZD voucher for the 18days New Zealand Tour

If you are interested in this LTT-Tour please send me a message through the contact form and I will send you the relevant form. Once you have to fill in the form I will forward this to them and they will take off 200NZD/person when you proceed with the booking.

The voucher is individual, if you are travelling with your partner you will get one voucher per person and this is simply fantastic!

But beware, there are only 5 vouchers available and they can go very fast. So if you want to make sure you reserve your 200NZD voucher please send in your message and we will send you the relevant booking form.

For more information on New Zealand click this link here.

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