Australia Working Visa: How to get professional help

As said in the previous page you can either apply for an Australia working Visa yourself through the official government website or you can get professional help from a visa agency.

There are many Australian work visa agencies a.k.a. as migration agents that can provide help and assistance. But not all of them are good, so make sure you choose a reputable and registered visa agency.

I recommend getting a free consultation from visafirst, an agency I have known for years, so that you can see whether they suit your needs.


What kind of help to expect from a work visa agency

Let's have a look at what kind of assistance you can get through a work visa agency.

A working visa agency ca check whether you are eligible for the Australia Working Visa, can look after the whole administrative work and the legal aspects such as:

  • Get all necessary documents

    Not rarely people make mistakes in their application form or fail in providing information. If your visa application is declined you have wasted precious time, you have to apply again and may also have to pay extra money on top. A visa agency makes sure your docs are complete and correctly filled in.

  • Guarantee you to get a working holiday visa

    If you ask for a visa agency to help you and to lodge your visa application for you, it is 100% sure that you will get your visa granted. They can process your application in a couple of days, without you doing literally anything.

  • Help with your Arrival in Australia

    They look after you immediately after your arrival in OZ: the pick up at the airport, the arrangement of the first nights in the hostel, the organization of a few drinks out with other fellow backpackers, in a few words they make sure you are not alone and you can settle in smoothly.

  • Help with opening an Australian Bank Account

    You need one to get paid by your employer. And the visa agency can request it one for you. You can also transfer money over to the australian bank account from home and you can also do it before you leave your country.

  • Provide you with an Australian Tax File Number

    you need one otherwise you have to pay 50% tax. Moreover you can get your tax refund after your 1 year working holiday. To save money you can get a tax saver pack which includes also the refund scheme application.

If you decide to delegate the above administrative work to a work visa agency, then choose a professional and reputable working visa agency.

I would recommend seeking the advice of a professional work visa agency, who are certified and have a proved experience; this is a guarantee that they can take care of all the above important steps in a reliable way.

Here below you can click to learn more about the services from visafirst.

Usually all visa agencies offer various packages from the very basic working visa applications and a basic kickstart arrival pack to the most complete packages including a choice of several courses. Of course you must take your time to go through them and which ones most suit your needs and your current situation.

A work visa agency will answer, for free, all questions and doubts you have, to do so you just need to find the contact details for your country.

What else can an Australia working visa agency do for you?

One thing most young travellers seeking work worry about it, is how to look for a job and how quickly they will find work in Australia.

A Working Holiday Visa Agency can help you with this too and can provide:

  1. Assistance and advice with finding jobs

    Visafirst can provide you with list of job recruitment agencies and give you any assistance with job application matters, like how to write your CV, and consultation on what you need to do when applying for a job in Australia.

  2. Work Courses and English Courses

    If you will be looking for a job in the hospitality branch you will need a RSA certificate. Jobs in the hospitality branch are the most requested and it's pretty easy to find a job as a waiter in a pub, in a restaurant, or in a hotel. But there are other courses that you might need to attend if you for instance will want to work at construction sites or in mines. They can give you all information about what you need and also book these courses for you. Furthermore if your native language is not english you will definitely need to improve your english language skills so as to increase the chances of getting a job. Some of their packages also include an english course.

  3. Internet access and email box

    Looking for a job implies using internet, browsing through the offers and applying whenever you see something suitable. A working visa agency offer free internet access and a permanent email address for the duration of your stay. This is also and advantage.

  4. Assistance with a second working holiday year

    A second working year only applies if you have done some farm work and especially if you have done fruit picking you for a few months, you are entitled to ask for an extension of your working holiday in Australia. There are some conditons that apply though. You can sort out this aspect for you and can organise your second working holiday year for you.

How much will the service from a work visa agency cost

If you are now asking yourself how much will this cost you? It much depends on what kind of services you request. Consider that if you apply yourself for your australia working visa the cost is approx 400 AUD, just for the visa itself. There is some work involved like downloadind and filling in the docs and sending your application in.

Obviously if you ask a work visa agent to do this work for you it will cost you more than the fee for the visa. If you feel you can benefit from these services you can add any extra single service that suits you or you can take advantage of what they offer, some offers may include a free working visa too.

First and foremost you should evaluate what is more important to you.

If you want to save precious time and start enjoying your working holiday soon after your arrival in Australia without spending much time on the administrative aspects, worrying and figuring out how to look for a job, then an Australian working Visa agency can really help you out with all this.

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