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Guidelines for Guest Posting on Rocky Travel

If you would like to contribute to Rocky Travel with a guest post submission, please go through the following guidelines so that you know if you qualify a guest author for our Rocky Travel Contributors.

What kind of Content Contributions we are looking for

Rocky Travel is a leading web guide for Australia, Italy and Female Solo Travel. The site is filled with a travel guide and offers travel tips, inspiration and help. From planning and organizing your trip on how to travel on your own as a woman.

It mainly focusses on the solo traveller and everything that revolves around how to travel independently.

We value the work and experience of travel bloggers and we love to create synergy while offering a guest posting platform, where other people can share their voice through their adventures, travel stories, experiences, advice with our readers.

What types of guest posting can you aim to submit?

They must be based on your personal travel experience only. We are currently looking for posts that focus on these topics/travel-related aspects:

    1. Female solo travel adventures with a focus on hiking, walking, trekking, etc.
      Europe (preferred Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.
      Australia and New Zealand, (more of Outback, Cairns, Northern Australia).
    2. Road Trips Adventures (open to all*) in Australia and New Zealand.
      Europe across countries or within a country with a specific theme/topic.
    3. Day Trip Adventures from European Cities (open to all*)
      (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia)
    4. Solo Travel Tours with a focus on day-trips or speciality tours: Australia, NZ and Europe.
    5. Special Travel Tips about Safety, Travel Accidents, travel scams travel lessons learnt while travelling.

* it can be with a friend, a couple and any other type of travel, but not a group tour.

What types of guest posting we don’t we accept on Rocky Travel

Any guest posts that are aimed at self-promoting services or products, or promoting third parties’ services or products will not qualify for a guest post on the Rocky Travel Blog. Please do not send in general inquiries with a guest post about travel, we will not reply to this kind of inquiry.

How do you qualify for submitting your guest posting inquiry?

Anyone who has been travel blogging for at least 6 months and is actively blogging about a lifestyle or travel niche or a few travel destinations on his/her own travel blog or on other travel websites as well as being active on social media platforms like Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Guidelines for your Guest Post Submission

These are important guest posting guidelines if you want to send in your inquiry:

  • Guest Post must be original and unique to our site.
  • The article must be well written in good English. Please check for grammar and syntax before sending in your post. An article that is not well-written or contains lots of grammar and syntax errors will be sent back for improvement/correction.
  • About 1000 words with a catching title, a few subheadings and at least 3-4 paragraphs.
  • Contain 1-2 backlinks to authoritative sites, no backlinks to commercial sites, nor affiliate links.
  • 4-5 photos in landscape format 640×480, with photo credit details, (if you don’t own the images).
    1 photo must be in 735 x 1100 Pinterest Format.
  • A short bio about yourself (20 words) with links to your travel blog and 2 social media pages.

What do you get from for guest posting on Rocky Travel

In exchange for your free guest post, we will place a few strong do-follow backlinks pointing to your travel blog or travel-related site, to your FB page and to your twitter account.

We will share your post on our accounts on Social Media Platforms like Twitter, FB, Google+ etc.

Please note that you also have to share your guest post written for Rocky Travel on all your Social Media accounts and add a link to your media page.

What if you want to send in your guest post inquiry

If you have read this page through and now think your guest post could be a good match with our Rocky Travel Blog. Then please send fill in the form here below with this information:

  1. A brief introduction about yourself and your blog
  2. The URL of your blog and website, along with Twitter, FB, Pinterest Handle and link.
  3. The topic you have in mind for your guest post.
  4. The deadline, when you can deliver your guest post.

Thank you.

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