5 Unique Australian Beaches that you will love

What unique Australian beaches have in common

Do you know that there are over ten thousands Australian beaches set in the most varied environment? From the tropical scenario of Australia’s Top End,  the harsh contrasts of the Outback in Western Australia to the white sand beaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

For sure in Australia, the saying “seen one beach, seen them all” doesn’t really fit with the  Australian beaches, on the contrary, everywhere you will find a unique Australian beach with its distinctive character.

Cable Beach 4WD
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Cable Beach, Broome, W.A. – 4WD on the beach

From little secluded beaches and bays for the perfect relaxing break to long stretches of sandy beach for a 4W driving adventure and hang-gliding. While it will be impossible to visit all 10 thousand Australian beaches, it is always an exciting experience to discover new spots of the Australian coastline and capture the special feature that makes the Australian beaches stay in our memories forever.

On this post I have compiled a list with 5 unique Australian beaches I visited during my travels in Australia and found the special feature that makes these beaches unique.

If you are a beach lover you can check out our Australian beach guide here.

Tallow Beach in Byron Bay – A unique perspective

Tallow Beach is located in Byron Bay. It is a special beach in Eastern Australia, that you can enjoy from different perspectives. I first saw it during the coastal walk in Byron Bay.

From afar, standing up on the hill, close to the Byron Bay lighthouse the view was stunning and made me stand for a while in awe. There are different ways to enjoy Tallow beach. If you love adventure, this is the perfect spot for a hang-gliding experience over this majestic long beach. Or if you prefer seeing it from the ground, the hiking trail takes you to the beach for a walk along its fine sand shore. For dog owners, it is a popular beach. And expert surfers can also enjoy its rough waters and huge waves.

Stunning Tallow Beach
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Guvvo’s Beach on the Great Ocean Road – Energized walk

This is a lovely beach located along the Great Ocean Road. I had a stop here while driving along the great ocean road and it was much fun! We had a walk and a lovely encounter too! 🙂 Guvvo’s beach is the ideal spot for a driving break, for stretching your legs and filling your lungs with the fresh ocean breeze while marvelling at the stunning beach contours.

Guvvo's Beach on the Great Ocean Road
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Balding Bay Beach – Peacefulness at its best

This is one of my favourite beaches on Magnetic Island in Tropical Queensland. I spent 3 days on Magnetic Island hiking and this was the first beach I discovered. A real paradise if you are looking for a peaceful time and spend some time on your own.

Balding Bay is located on the north side of Magnetic Island and you can reach it only through a hiking trail. If you love to relax, swim and have the beach for yourself, Balding Bay is the place on Magnetic Island.

Balding Bay on Magnetic Island
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Turquoise Bay – The Light

The special thing about Turquoise beach in Western Australia is the intensive light that reflects on the deep turquoise water. I remember the light was so strong I could not swim without my glasses. The water is so clear and smooth, it feels like velvet on your skin.

I would recommend avoiding swimming around midday because the heat and the light are so intense, you can easily get sunburnt and/or a sunstroke too. It happened to me after a short swim, so be careful with sunbathing at peak hours. Read more about the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

Turquoise Bay Ningaloo Reef
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Bay of Fires – Perfect natural sand peeling

This is a lovely place with nice boulders of a silver, reddish colour. While I was visiting Tasmania 5 years ago I went on a tour that took us to Bay of Fires. Unfortunately, the stop at this wonderful beach was too short. Time was limited to allow only a short walk to the main boulders but enough to snap a few pics. I was lucky to get myself a feet massage with the special rough white sand: the peculiar thing of this beach, really fantastic for a natural sand peeling and body scrub.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania
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Cable Beach 4WD
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