Why You Will Love Noosa On The Sunshine Coast

Discover Noosa on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Noosa is a tiny little town on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. It is known mostly for its surf beaches and its wild turkeys and koalas. It has two main parts; Noosaville and Noosa Heads.

During my time in Australia, I was able to visit a lot of great cities. One city that often falls from the backpackers’ radar is Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. I could not take the typical backpacker trip up the coast, and Noosa was one of the three main cities I visited; maybe this is why it stood out a bit more for me.

There are four areas of Noosa; Noosa Heads, Noosa Junction, Noosaville and Noosa River. However, there are mainly two sections; Noosaville (including the river) and Noosa Heads (including the Junction).

Noosaville is situated along the river and full of lazy-looking condos and boat rental shacks. Here there are many great restaurants to choose from. Noosaville gives off a bit more of that hometown feeling, a plus if you are looking to see how the locals live.

Noosa Heads harbours the major surf beaches, the beach shops and the massive Noosa National Park. There are bars along the beach as well as pizza places and swim shops. You can never get away from nature here, and there is a bundle of walking paths along the coast and through the National Park.

Where to stay in Noosa

I didn’t stay in a hostel while I was here, but most hostels are in this area, around the Junction and main supermarkets and shops. Don’t be fooled, though, and there are also hostels available in Noosaville if that’s more your style.

Since it is such a small town, choose where you want to stay based on which appeals to you and the price and vicinity to what you want to see. In the end, you can walk just about anywhere.

What to do in Noosa

As I mentioned before, Noosa is a small town; one of those one-stoplight kinds of towns. Depending on what kind of vacation you want to take, I recommend three days to one week there.

You can do many activities in Noosa that is fairly easy on the wallet and several excursions that use Noosa as a starting point. Hiking in the National Park is a must. It’s about a forty-minute hike to Hall’s Gates. The walk is filled with beautiful scenery and coastline views, and there is a likely chance you will be able to snap some shots of wild koalas along the way.

Noosa Beach

Noosa is also known for its major surf beaches along the coast, and including the main Noosa beach would be a great place to learn to surf. If surfing isn’t your thing, then sit back and enjoy the sun with a great view.

The river ferry offers its very own “sunset cruise” for just under 20 dollars. It was a beautiful cruise. We bought a bottle of wine and some snacks and were welcomed on board by a captain who had seen this a few times.

He joked and laughed and invited us to sit back and enjoy the view. It cost only the price of the bottle and a return ticket on the ferry, and you get a private view of all of Noosa, as well as some humorous commentary,  courtesy of the ferry captain. If you go outside of the summer season, however, bring a jacket. It can get quite breezy along the river.

You can take several outside excursions as well, and we opted for the Fraser Island Day Tour.

Suppose you have the time and money, I would suggest making Fraser Island a separate camping excursion, as it is popular among backpackers.

However, it was enjoyable, and all booked through our accommodation, we even got a deal. Skydiving in Rainbow Beach is a prevalent activity as well.

No matter where you are in Australia, there is a wide selection of excursions you can take. Please do some research beforehand about what you want to see and then ask your hostel or hotel staff about it.

Some beaches and cities are known for certain activities, so it’s always an experience to do those things in the suggested places, like skydiving in Cairns. So get out there and explore the options. While you enjoy Australia, give the little guys a chance too.

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