5 Scenic and Artistic Toilets of Australia

A Loo with a View: 5 Artistic Toilets of Australia

If you always thought that public toilets are the most boring places on earth, then think again! Australia has got the most scenic and artistic toilets in the world. By travelling around Australia, you will be pleasantly surprised to encounter many artistic toilets throughout the country.

Artistic Toilets Australia
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In isolated outback areas, it’s not unusual to come across new high-tech public artistic toilets standing alone on the road. You will see old public conveniences turned into artistic toilets with stunning decorative murals in the Tropical areas.

The impressive thing is that scenic public toilets in Australia are often built on lookouts so that while you are doing your business, you still will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the landscape! And some of these scenic public toilets have turned into an attraction of their own!

During my travels in Australia, I have come across a few fun, scenic toilets. Here below, you can see the ones that most impressed me.

Loo With a View
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Mooloolaba: The Loo with a View Meeting Point for Locals

Mooloolaba is located on the Sunshine Coast. It is a lively and touristy coastal village popular among the locals for its safe swimming beach and great walks with a beautiful view of the bay. Mooloolaba also offers great facilities for BBQ and beach parties.

Just off the busy Esplanade, there is the Loo with a View Public Toilets. I was surprised to see that this big toilet complex, offering showers, toilets, phone facilities, have developed into a real meeting point for locals.

People arrange to meet at the Loo with a View with friends and family, hang out there, use the BBQ facilities, have a picnic, sit on the benches, play on the illuminated beach, and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Loo With a View Mooloolaba
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Here below a picture of the Loo with the View Public Toilet at night overlooking the beach.

Mooloolaba Beach View
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The Windy Loo: where modernity meets nature

This was a great surprise. The Living Desert is a wonderful desert park near Broken Hill. Here you can get the real feeling of what the Outback isolation is all about. You hardly will see a human being there, not even at the entrance (there is a do it yourself ticket entrance). It’s amazing to see the Windy Loo, a modern public toilet located off the parking place.

The Windy Loo in the Living Desert
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The Daintree River Cruise “the Ladies Dunny” the most artistic toilet

The Ladies Dunny in Daintree is the nicest artistic public toilet I came across in Australia. It is located at the Daintree River Cruise. You can access this place if you book your cruise on the Daintree River.

The Ladies Dunny is in the backyard of a large beautiful garden with lovely tropical flowers and plants. As you can see, the artistic mural work is absolutely brilliant. Its colours mingle and resonate with the deep green of the surrounding landscape. And yes, it may be a bit scary if you see this at night, though.

Ladies Dunny at Daintree River
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Sofitel’s Toilets: Melbourne’s best loo with a view

If you want to have a great view of Melbourne, you can have it at the Sofitel Hotel at the Collins Place Twin Towers. Located on the 35th floor, it offers a spectacular view over Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. There are huge glass windows in the ladies and men’s toilets that will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous panorama while you are “doing your business”.

Melbourne' best view from Sofitel Toilets
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So now you know why I love Australia is never dull. Be prepared to take pictures of all the fancy and fun, scenic toilets you will see while travelling around Australia. If you have already seen some and have one you particularly like and want to share with us, please leave your comment here below.