When is Australia Day celebrated in the world

Australia Day is with no doubt the most beloved and celebrated public holiday throughout Australia. And it is more than just a public holiday. Thousands of Australia day pictures on the internet show the Aussie spirit and the Australian Pride.

What is the meaning of Australia Day, and why do we celebrate it?

AustraliaDay.com.au  is the website for the Australia Day celebrations that span 228 years of Australian national heritage with parades, like the 21 Gun Salute, the aerial flyover of the Raaf jets and more. The rich calendar is filled with various events from traditional to musical, fun and entertaining live performances.

January 26 is for sure the day that hits all Australians in their heart and makes them contemplate the meaning of Australia Day.

While Australia Day is a way to aggregate and share a common sentiment of love for Australia, everyone has a special reason to reflect on why they feel proud. Like this Croatian woman who showed off her patriotic pride and said:

I came here 44 years ago and it’s given me more opportunities than I could have ever had, Australia Day is more important to me than Christmas!

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When is Australia Day celebrated in the world?

Most Australians in Oz will celebrate with family and friends, at the beach, in a pub, at a BBQ party, or by simply waving the Australian Flag on a street parade. But you will also find Australian pride on display all over the world in all different ways. No matter where you physically are, there are always Australians travelling, Aussie Expats and Aussie at heart alike who will celebrate Australia Day in the world.

How Aussies Fans celebrate Australia Day around the world?

As an Aussie Fan back in 2008, I spent January 26 in Oz while touring Tasmania. Since then there haven’t been more occasions of celebrating in Australia. Last year I attended my first Australia Day 2015 in Italy.

This year the 10° edition of the Australia Day in Italy will take place on January 23 (on a Saturday) and see hundreds of Australians and Australian Fans from all over Italy celebrate a festive, fun day together. An occasion that will make the cultural bonding between Italy and Australia grow stronger.

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Update: This is how we celebrated Australia Day 2016 in Italy!

We celebrated the 10th Italian edition of Australia Day 2016 on Saturday 23rd. Over 200 guests gathered at the gorgeous location in Veneto’s hills, Castelbrando. This year the theme was “Not for need but for will”, which showcased educational, professional and trade exchange training programs between Australia and Italy.

This is a photo gallery of the Australia Day celebrations in Castelbrando, which saw the Australian Embassy and Consul’s participation in Italy, artists, professionals, and many Australian fans.
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Celebrating Australia Day 2016 in Italy with a special Italian Cake…

The Italian edition of Australia Day is proudly organised by Valentina, Gianni and Fulvio in North-East Italy, who are members of the Italia-Australia Association. Thanks to their strong passion for Australia, dedication and hard work, they have been organising Australia Day in Italy for a decade.

This year to spice up the event, Florio Pozza, a talented Italo-Australian musician, entertained the guests with his Australian music and brilliant didgeridoo performance.

What does Australia Day mean to Aussie Travel Bloggers and friends!

As you know, I am an Aussie at heart, born and raised in Italy, my love affair with Australia has grown over the years to make me want to become an ex-pat, but this is another story 🙂

Today I have interviewed my Aussie friends and fellow travel bloggers. Here is their contribution on what it means to them and how they will celebrate Australia Day 2016.

Jenny Freedman of ATasteof Travel

As well as celebrating the day the first fleet arrived on our shores in 1788, Australia Day for me is the day we celebrate our national heritage, our love for our country and how lucky we are to live here. It is a national holiday, allowing us to celebrate with friends and family either at home or at concerts, festivals or the fireworks displays that mark the day’s end.  We are usually at Rottnest, an island about 12 km from the coast where the day starts the same as any other…..checking the crayfish pots. Hopefully, there’ll be a lunch of fresh crayfish and a glass of chilled West Australian white wine to follow a morning of fun and games for the children that are organised on the beach….our own Australia Day games!  This year will again be at Rottnest following the same routine….nothing changes, thankfully. Happy Australia Day!

Marion Halliday (a.k.a. Red Nomad OZ) of RedzAustralia

If you’re NOT an Aussie on Australia Day, then it sucks to be you! But OZ Day is more than just a long weekend and an excuse for a beer and a barbecue. For me, Australia day is all about showing Aussie pride in our beautiful country, enjoying what’s good about being an Australian and reflecting on how lucky we are to live Downunder. It’s moved on from being about the anniversary of colonial Australia, so I look forward to a change of date to show respect to Indigenous Australians. I explore Australia’s amazing natural attractions and fantastic experiences and write about them on my blog all year round. Still, on Australia Day, I look for a new Aussie adventure that’ll make the day memorable. This year I’ll be helping my new sister-in-law celebrate her very first Australia Day – that’ll REALLY make it special!

Now over to you: Where and how will you celebrate Australia Day this year? Share your thoughts by leaving a message here below. Thanks!

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